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  1. ring the alarm y'all she posted pics from the recording studio, and she's gotten clever about our sleuthing, she covered any possible lyrics we could snoop from notebooks.
  2. I'm excited for the video, I just wish the remix was longer. Reducing a six minute song to two is criminal. I like this remix, but I need at least four or more minutes of it. Here's hoping that on the remix collection it's a longer cut #soon
  3. "Good things come in threes"...I thought that comment might be a hint at a March release.
  4. I don't know who any of these jokers are but it's another name for the gay mafia
  5. Am I crazy or do her breasts look huge in these pics? Has she had them done?
  6. What an interesting topic idea! I think that she wants to exert as much control as possible over career, and will even in death. To which end, releasing an album posthumously only allows the artist so much control over how it is perceived. However unlikely, I think it would be brilliant if she left us something that added a bit of mystery to her; so if something was released and there wasn't any background information, all we had was the music to go off of, it could be really interesting.
  7. I recently watched this video on YouTube not expecting to learn about 360 deals, but when he brought it up I instantly remembered that that's what Madonna got into back in 2007, and I started to wonder if that deal is what has led to some of the things that many of us on the forum have complained about over the last decade. For instance, this article on NPR mentions that as part of her 10 year, $120 million deal with Live Nation they would receive a share of her touring revenue but NOT revenue from recorded music. Could this be why promotion for albums has been so poor? They have no stakes in album sales, so why promote it? Based on the video it seems like promotion would have had to come out of her own pocket and be arranged by her team. There is also this article, referenced in the video which mentions the percentages labels take from different aspects of an artists revenue (e.g. touring, merch, et cetera), and lots of other information some of you might be curious to read about it. She has wrapped her end of this deal, and we know that she has her own recording studio built at her Hamptons home, so maybe she is now taking the more indie approach to recording and releasing music. Having your own studio means not having to pay for studio time. No label means she might not be forced to work with certain writers or go to writing camps as she put it. There is a lot of potential for her to do things we haven't seen her do.
  8. I only got Madame X on cassette for the novelty of it, since I know I'll never play a CD; that is to say that what's in my iTunes library is the digital version of the album. Some of the tracks the bass seems to be overblown no matter if I'm listening on headphones or a speaker. Is this the case for all formats of the album, particularly vinyl?
  9. In the age of streaming greatest hits collections don't seem very relevant anymore imo. Unless of course the songs are re-recorded (like what Blondie did in 2014 for their 40th), reworked (like Kylie's Abbey Road Sessions), or there are new and/or previously unreleased tracks included. I would prefer we got something much like what Kylie did for her first four albums; sets that were completely remastered, included all the b-sides and remixes from the singles, and a dvd of the music videos. That's a pipe dream to expect from Madonna though.
  10. I can't wait to see this at the 50th anniversary of Madame X—June 14, 2069
  11. I am very curious to hear all of these remixes. The Go Home Productions website is a mess to navigate. Any of them you would be willing to share? That Hollywood Express sounds especially interesting to me.
  12. Feel free to add me on insta!! @alexartxdesign
  13. I would have guessed she liked Take A Bow, she used the video after all as a bid to get her part in Evita. I recall reading about her dislike of Cherish. Is it possible she doesn't like I'll Remember because it's attached to that film soundtrack?
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