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  1. Oh god I hope not. People already have a field day with Malik who is 27. If she's with Alton then she's going lower. He's younger than Lola. I know some fans may not want to admit it but M 's fetish for younger guys is creepy at times. I'll never forget reading one of her early interviews from the Record Mirror in 1983. She point blank says "I prefer effeminate looking men and young boys." She also says "15 and 16 year old boys are the best." Mind you she was 24 years old at the time.
  2. Hopefully this is a business trip for the film. It's been quite on that front lately. She hasn't given any update since January. I'm curious about the casting.
  3. The guy she's hugging looks like her ex-lover Bobby Martinez, who Sean Penn stalked with a gun. Bobby used to hang with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.
  4. I'm assuming that they've been making adjustments to the script for the last few months. M was already making a storyboard in January, so I don't think the changes will be excessive since she is so involved. I can see them possibly trimming some scenes since the script was 133 pages when it was still being written in October, but I can also see M fighting that since she's very particular on how she wants her life story told. I think a series would be better, but a film is more glamorous and profitable, so I can see the lure. Now that Cher has announced her biopic, M certainly won't settle for
  5. If that's really him singing he sounds good! I like the song.
  6. It seems like every day she's almost done editing Madame X. I hope she doesn't overedit it... at this point I'm more interested in updates on the film. She handed in the script a few months ago now. It's been quiet recently, so we should be hearing about casting soon. Hopefully they start shooting this summer.
  7. Madame X has been almost finished for 6 months now LOL I think any new art she creates in the near future will be for her biopic, a soundtrack album with a new song or two if we're lucky.
  8. I get what you're saying, but I look at it more as a marketing move as you said than a nice gesture. He has an album to sell and although he may not care about chasing hits all artists still want to do numbers and have success with their projects. Janet, Missy or any female artist from the 80s, 90s or 00s won't generate press like M. Maybe Beyonce but she is more recluse. Snoop mentions M's name in the song so she was the ideal person for a cameo. Also, Janet never fit a rap music's "hood imagery," she's a Jackson and grew up privileged. M has more street credibility than her, she has dated mo
  9. I'm sure Snoop feels honored that Madonna agreed to be in his video. He didn't do her any favors. Snoop turns 50 this year and hasn't had a hit in years, so he isn't exactly what's hot now. I like Snoop's music, well his old stuff, but he is also misogynistic like most rappers. Snoop is a rap legend, but Madonna is an iconic legend. I guarantee that most artists no matter the genre would love to have 62-year-old Madonna appear in their video for clout.
  10. Entertainment Weekly is more reliable than The Sun and The Daily Mail. M and Diablo finished the script months ago. It doesn't make sense that she would quit now. If M was so unbearable she would have quit long before they finished. Some fans (not directed at you) always expect the worst and believe everything negative about M. It makes sense that Diablo would begin other projects since they turned in the script to Universal. They might bring on another writer to edit it. M's recent Instagram post with the long hair said "Why do I have to Explain Everything." I think it was directed at the rum
  11. Just Be Good to Me by the S.O.S. Band, a timeless bop.
  12. Yes, I mentioned in my previous post that there is a sex scene with Basquiat in M's script. The part I wrote about him not being mentioned was in reference to the Blonde Ambition script that was written by Elyse Hollander. That's the movie Universal wanted to make but M shut that down years ago. I was making a point that people who were important in her life aren't mentioned in that script, so it's good that she is telling her own story. You can read the Blonde Ambition script here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99OA3s2AACON0I4aUQwYko2RkU/view
  13. Michael was strange, but was his a criminal? He went to trial and was acquitted. I hope the recent allegations aren't true, but I have to admit that where there's smoke there's fire. If any other middle-aged man was accused multiple times like he was an admitted to having sleepovers with children people probably wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt. At the same time, Michael was and still is an easy target, which was due to his actions. After the first accusation, why continue to hang around children who aren't related to you and go on TV saying you share your bed with children? He was s
  14. In October, she said the script was 133 pages. I think a series would be ideal. She has lived an eventful life and wants to cover a lot a lot of moments. After seeing these Post-it notes and hearing her talk about the film, I can see why she didn't want someone else telling her story. I skimmed the script that was written for the Universal biopic Blonde Ambition, and it was mainly a melodrama between her and Jellybean that ended with her telling him she had an abortion after her 1984 VMA performance. There is no mention of her friendships with Martin Burgoyne and Keith Haring. Jellybean's sist
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