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  1. Like A Prayer should definitely have been nominated and as for The Weeknd, if he wanted Grammy so much why did he choose the halftime show instead and seems perfectly happy to never submit his albums for nominations in the future? He never called out the Grammy Awards for not nominating him, he called them out saying they "owed him, his fans and the music industry transparency" he was mad that they tried to dangle the carrot of an award in infront of him just to prevent him performing the Halftime Show. He refused to play along and so they did not nominate him and he called them out for corruption, this was more than a snub, this was trying to use the Grammy Awards to gasslight an artist into doing what you want and that is messed up. Anyways, lets not hijack this thread with Weeknd talk and get back to Madonna.
  2. He literally had the biggest album of 2020 and got rave reviews. The fact that After Hours was not nominated was a crime and everybody agrees. Its not like the awards were ignoring some obscure album, wrap your head around the fact that Yummy by Justin Bieber was nominated but not Blinding Lights😂😂 There was clearly stuff going on behind the scenes and it was a deliberate snub which he justifiably called out. The Grammy Awards essentially threatened to not nominate him if he performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show because they wanted him all to themselves, he was pissed off because they tried to use awards to gasslight him, if he was desperate to win Grammy's, its interesting how ever since then he has refused to submit his albums for nominations, essentially blacklisting the Grammy Awards for their greed and corruption. He was mad as a matter of princible, not because he was desperate for a trophy. Except isolated incidents like this where he calls people out for one reason or another, The Weeknd basically minds his own business. If calling out blatant corruption makes him arrogant, we need more people like that.
  3. How is he obnoxious? for the most part he just seems to mind his own business and work on his projects. He never does interviews and he never drags other artists, I have legit never heard of a celebrity who has interacted or collaborated with The Weeknd who has negative things to say about him. Behind his mysterious persona The Weeknd has always struck me as a chill guy. I am wondering why he would be randomly posting Madonna on his Instagram though.
  4. Go join activism forum or a start a thread yourself on this site if you feel so strongly about the issue. I like Madonna 's music, I would prefer if we stopped bringing so much negativity into this place, people get enough of that on social media. My comment about pseudo intellectuals was not aimed specifically at you. Parroting the media and politicians means a slew of word salad that changes nothing. I have been a fan since the start of her career, I have heard all of it and more, its just noise at this point. Me not wanting to talk about the same topic over and over again does mean I would not love to see positive change. Not all of us are out on political crusades, some of us just like Madonna and her music believe it or not.
  5. If real change occurs in the world regarding racism, homophobia, sexism or ageism, it wont be because I choose to dismiss or listen to a random post on a site dedicated to a musical artist. In regards to your words on screaming opinions on social media, you are not telling me anything I have not known forever, there is a reason I don't use the cancerous stuff anymore. If I wanted to have a meaningful discussion about these topics, this is the last place I would choose. Forums are full of pretentious, pseudo intellectuals masking themselves as experts on issues like racism, ageism and homophobia when in reality they are simply coughing up the same dumb talking points as mainstream politicians and media.
  6. Seriously get off social media for your own sanity and well being, I had to make that life change myself. Social media is pure poison that eats away at happiness and gives us a false reality, its all an illusion. No matter how many trolls you argue with and get to delete their posts, therenwill always be thousands more, arguing about Madonna on social media is a complete waste of time.
  7. I see what you are saying but the jokes that sound ageist on places like Twitter or Facebook are mostly just people being toxic trolls, social media does not really reflect why the wider public seems to despise Madonna so much. One of the worst aspects of all is that Madonna has always been an advocate for women's rights and some of the most offensive and vicious comments she receives on her social media are from women.
  8. I think that trying to explain away all the criticism Madonna receives by claiming its just sexism and ageism is extremely lazy, sure those things exist in the world but they don't play as big of a factor as people seem to think in this situation. Like @Blue Jeansaid, Michael Jackson was ruthlessly mocked for his appearance, same thing with Simon Cowell who honestly looked like he was a melting wax figure at one point. I understand that womens appearance tends to be scrutinized more then men in general but that does not mean its exclusively an issue women face, nor can I honestly think of another woman who gets so much hate and backlash for her appearance, its more that people have a massive issue with Madonna herself than some instinct to criticize any woman who had had work done or is getting older. The real reason she is facing such widespread attention for this is because whatever she had done to her face looks pretty awful and since she is Madonna, its bound to make headlines.
  9. Mods remove this thread please.
  10. I actually agree with some of the things you say but stop acting like you are a teacher educating the rest of use with your longwinded posts, your opinion is just an opinion like everyone else has an opinion. Just because you live in France and got educated by a feminist does not make you special.
  11. Madonna has always had naturally gorgeous facial bone structure, her face looks so strange to people these days because it sometimes looks bloated even though the media does deliberately find the worst photos to spin a narrative it looks worse than it actually does. Part of the issue is the truly awful styling as well, we have seen that she can still look very good when she wants to such as the most recent pride appearance. The structure of her face is not all that different now than it ever was, if she started doing better styling, reduced the bloated look and ditched the grills she would hear less complaints from the public about her appearance. On a positive note, she looked like she was physically fit and had slimmed down at this grammy appearance, she has been working out for her tour I assume.
  12. I never said that women do not face more scrutiny over their bodies, nor do I deny the existence of a patriarchy, I 100% agree with you about those things. I was simply correcting your claim that its not acceptable to criticize a mans body which is utter hogwash, you never framed your argument as women receiving more backlash, you made it sound like mens bodies are never scrutinized in the public eye which is false as I pointed out by highlighting Simon Cowell.
  13. You are right, we all know its not possible to tell that a persons posts are photoshopped unless we know them personally and examine them with a magnifying glass in careful detail. I submit to the brilliance of your logic, look out everyone, I think we have the next Einstein among us in this forum. Thank you for blessing me with your overflowing fountain of knowledge.
  14. If she wanted to fight a battle about the phobia concerning plastic surgery deforming your own face is not exactly a brilliant battle plan to remove the stigma. I try not to comment about this stuff usually because I don't like the criticism she receives but its the sad truth, I just wish people would move on and stop talking about it.
  15. With all due respect, this part of your post reeks of blissful ignorance. Simon Cowell went crazy on botox and remember how much attention and hate he got for it, guess what! HE WAS A WHITE MALE! Even more laughable that you claim its not acceptable to discuss the size of a penis, seriously what universe do you live in? its sexualized and discussed with a frequency that makes me want to throw up. You don't need to lie and make yourself blind to facts in order to make a point. Ughhh my head hurts sometimes after scrolling through these threads.
  16. You do realize those pictures on her social media are photoshopped and edited to hell and back right? I agree that the constant stream of hatred over the way she looks now is cruel and the media exploits this but please don't take any of us for fools and try to say that Madonna's Instagram is how she looks in person.
  17. Shhhhhh you cannot express that opinion because according to our benevolent and all knowing dictator @Roland Barthesthat is being dramatic and reeks of Trump like rhetoric. @Roland Bartheswould do well to keep in mind that not all of us are cursed with having Donald Trump live inside our heads rent free twenty four seven.
  18. I never said that I am 100% sure she cant handle the tour physically, I hope you are right that she is aware of her limits and will produce a tour to reflect this, I have been saying that forever.
  19. THIS IS A DISCUSSION and I expressed an opinion that Madonna MIGHT not be physically able to handle a massive tour. If I went on a rant about how this was going to be her greatest tour since Blond Ambition we all know that you would not tell me to stop being so dramatic. Again, I am hoping that she will do great during this tour, I just have concerns and I have expressed in the past that she needs to cut out some of the dance routines. People like you are so tired and bitter about wasting their lives debating twitter trolls in the past that now a user can't even express genuine concern. What about her live performances since 2019 makes you so confident this tour will go off without a hitch?
  20. Paul Mccartney, Cher, Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, 90 plus year old Tony Bennett with dementia, need I go on😂🤣 One does not need to try and dance like they are 25 in order to be a great performer, something Madonna should learn from, less dancing that nobody cares about which ruins vocals and wears her out and more emphasis on singing that does not sound like it came from a program. PS, imagine talking about lip syncing of other artists while being a Madonna fan🙄
  21. There are plenty of older artists who are still fantastic performers, Madonna has not been up to her usual standards in recent years. That is a fact not ageism. I am not saying she wont be able to do it, I just have fears it will be way too much based on how I have seen her perform since 2019.
  22. Drama queen or realistic? I don't actually mean literally kill herself, I mean she might injure herself worse than she did on Madame X. I would prefer her to use her creativity in the studio rather than putting herself into an early grave by embarking on tours she is no longer able to physically handle. I am always going to support her and attend her shows regardless but its just a thought. Unlike many of the users in here, I seem to be in the minority not dumb enough to assume she is going to be able to pull off a massive tour based on what I have seen in recent years. I would love to be proven wrong obviously and I already purchased my tickets.
  23. Nailed it? you only say that because she did not look like a total train wreck that time around. She was still out of breath and tired pretty fast. I think that people in this forum have been so blinded by their excitement of the fact she is going on tour again that they dont even realize she might kill herself.
  24. I know that, anything in particular? I can't imagine she would just randomly be deleting posts because its fun.
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