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  1. Beyoncé fans are busy supporting her because they’re aligned in taste with what she’s putting out. Meanwhile Madonna has done an album that most of her fans didn’t enjoy and all these side projects that are catered to an audience outside her fan base. Also her fans are older and have specific expectations. While Beyoncé also caters to a younger audience that’s more open to embrace experimentation.
  2. And also this not 2003 anymore. People don’t have to illegally download or buy a product. Generally people stream legally and only buy what they only truly care about. I’m pretty sure 95% of the people here gave Madonna a very generous revenue overall regardless of what they downloaded
  3. That’s not a correct analogy. If I buy a truck full of apples and also take a free bag for myself yea I think I’m supporting that farmer lol
  4. Definitely BREAK MY VOGUE. I’m 25 years too old to like to the other one
  5. There’s more ways to support an artist than paying for digital files. For example I spent hundreds of dollars on FEL records and merch. Are you telling me I’m not supporting the artist if I illegally download the digital high res album? Also you forget that with streaming anytime you play a song you’re supporting the artist
  6. It looks like this is gaining some steam on social media. Hopefully it will make Madonna realize that she has more to gain by collaborating with artists of her caliber rather than TikTok celebrities
  7. Oh it looks like they lifted the filters from the MDNA film for it 😂 Im happy with that video though. Certainly makes the song more enjoyable
  8. It was vague. Last year we got the reissues announcement on her birthday and I’m assuming they’ll drop something around that time as well
  9. I don’t know why they didn’t edit a quick video like this. I’m not a professional editor and I can do it in a couple days…
  10. She answered that already in those NFT videos 😂
  11. Lol it’s funny how people praise this Aldo Diaz cover when she chose a different designer. If she used this cover everyone would bitch about Aldo’s work and would praise the other designs There’s no winning whatever they do
  12. It’s because it was released through Viacom.
  13. Thats for sure. I was referring to this specific release. I wish instead of working with fans on the artwork they’d work with the fans on the actual content
  14. Is it though? And even so, Madonna is still a force on the physical releases market. And a GH has more appeal for the general public than new material in her case. I’m sure this will at least match Madame X and surpass it by a considerable margin. I just hope enough to make a dent after the first week.
  15. With how many variants and editions are out there I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be number 1 in the first week. My only concern is for it to not follow on the footsteps of MadameX and after the first week to fall into the abyss.
  16. Well that’s a remix not a remaster. I think they did a good job with holiday on FEL
  17. Yes. Personally I love the music on LAV but not the flat metallic overall sound of the album. It’s the only one that I’d rebuild from scratch. That STR remix is gorgeous. They could release the original album remastered and a re-mixed version
  18. My main problem with the remastering on FEL is that they didn’t go back to the original flat transfers. They’re applying remastering on top of the original mastering. Which is very unprofessional. Luckily, except for Deeper, they all seem to sound good so far. But audiophile quality they are not lol
  19. Yes but when you tweak with the multitracks it changes the original song instead of just improving which some people will love but others want the original but better sounding. An example of this is Love Don’t Live Here Anymore on STR. Personally I’d love for that entire album to be reworked like that. But many fans don’t like that updated version
  20. Well yeah but still there are some veteran sound engineers like Bernie Grundman which create amazing audiophile remastering without ever going into the multitracks. Which are universally praised as superior to the original mastering. It’s too bad Madonna doesn’t take this kind of interest in her back catalogue.
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