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    How exciting! She has a nearly infallible track record when it comes to LP artwork. I predict something romantic, stripped-down and Lisbon-inspired, think Vogue Italia 2018. Musically, another drastic reinvention on the horizon, perhaps influenced by latin sounds and regional portuguese artists. If they're going with "Magic" as the album title, I'd love a photoshoot with mystical themes a la Max Factor 1999. The purple aesthetic would fit the rumored "Magic" theme. Also, I'd love multiple albums covers like "Rebel Heart". She gets additional sales and hardcore fans love to collect that kind of stuff (bonus tracks!).
  2. Karma

    If you want to get into the Madonna groove, i'd recommend these 1. Essentials: Hits: The Immaculate Collection (1980s), GHV2 (1990s), Celebration (2000s), Something To Remember (ballads) Films: Truth Or Dare (classic rockumentary), Desperately Seeking Susan (peak of teen Madonnamania), Evita (role of a lifetime) Tours: Blond Ambition (iconic), Confessions (acclaimed), Rebel Heart (most recent) Misc: Her official videography 2. The Next Best Thing Discography: 13 studio albums + 3 soundtracks, for starters Good Movies: A League Of Their Own, Dick Tracy, I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret Tours: At this point, there's 7 more you can watch. Personal favorites? The Girlie Show, Drowned World and Sticky & Sweet Misc: the Sex Book + the iconic VMA perfomances (1984, 1989, 1990 & 2003) 3. Deeper And Deeper Misc: Unreleased songs + Remixes + Interviews + Books (I would recommend Madonna: Album by Album by Caroline Sullivan)
  3. Karma

    ExclusiveMagic is 100% fake. Their previous snippets were debunked, so take that Barry Gibb tracklist with a pinch of salt. Robster from PopJustice & MNation is our only credible "insider" as of now (MET Gala & Stonewall). And of course Lady M herself threw us a bone by posting the song titles on her Instagram story, hehe. Brazilian popstar Anitta pretty much confirmed a collaboration, not a word said about Cardi.
  4. Karma

    Jesus (Luz) take the wheel. The woman survived relentless media scrutiny, misogynistic comments, outraged parents during Like A Virgin, pro-choice and feminist groups fuming during Papa Don't Preach, the Vatican and religious extremists openly boycotting her concerts, the police threatening to arrest her during BAT, MTV censoring her music videos, the SEX book backlash, peronist rallies against "Evita", U.S radio ban for American Life, ageism from ignorant social media trolls, etc. The fake silicone butt pads, the grillz, the unflattering Instagram posts, the beauty rollers, etc. you name it, are literally HARMLESS, a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of her illustrious professional career and shouldn't warrant so much viciousness from her own fanbase, as if the Daily Mail isn't enough. As for the music, yes, she's our creamy smooth pop icon goddess but also an accomplished 60 year old single mother of six, she cannot reinvent the wheel with every release. Still, we can't deny that M's still ambitious as ever - over 40+ different songs were written and recorded for "Rebel Heart" with a plethora of diverse producers and sounds in mind. I agree that discussion should always be encouraged but no offense, if you truly expect Madonna to stop being a polarizing nonconformist rebel to become an endearing MOR legacy act or a #relatable Ariana Grande-lite pop princess to be accepted by the masses, please don't be a masochist and move on.
  5. Karma

    Congratulations, wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness .
  6. Karma

    Interesting lists. I'll be checking out your favorite remixes .