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  1. Karma

    Not a huge fan of this concept for M - I prefer grandiose shows instead of intimate settings for The Queen Of Pop - but I'd like to hear the hits that she never performed on tour before. "Dear Jessie" (UK #5) "Rescue Me" (US #9, UK #3) "Bad Girl" (UK #10) "This Used To Be My Playground" (US #1, UK #3) "I'll Remember" (US #2, UK #7) "Bedtime Story" (UK #4) "Don't Cry For Me Argentina [Miami Mix]" (US #8, UK #3) "The Power Of Good-Bye" (US #11, UK #6) "Nothing Really Matters" (UK #7) "American Pie" (UK #1) "What It Feels Like For A Girl" [Original Version] (UK #7) "Hollywood" (UK #2) Maybe throw in "You'll See", "Take A Bow", "I Want You" and "Ghosttown" for good measure.
  2. Karma

    Look, Rotten Candy is also my least favorite M album but let's play devil's advocate 1. Musical revisionism aside, it's simply a continuation of her 1983 debut - a straight-forward dance record to make you sweat and work out. There's no pretense and Madonna never claimed it was some kind of conceptual masterpiece. The album really comes to life when you watch the Sticky & Sweet Tour. 2. Yeah, it might be COADF's less attractive sibling but please remember it was conceived in the middle of a rocky divorce and a milestone birthday. She wanted to have FUN and feel sexy again and it's um cathartic in that sense. 3. Strong stats all-around during this era: Induction to the R&RHOF, 3 global hits, her biggest tour + digital single to date, strong album sales (nearly 6 million CSPC), etc. It's not a stain in her discography like some fans imply. That being said, I enjoy some sweet candy but Like A Prayer is a full course meal and boy, its substantial lol. It takes time to digest but LAP is such a magnificent concept album about her conflicted views on patriarchy and religion. Ahead of her time as always, Madonna adresses catholicism (Like A Prayer, Pray For Spanish Eyes, Act Of Contrition), feminism (Express Yourself), toxic relationships (Love Song, Til' Death Us Apart), family affairs (Promise To Try, Oh Father, Keep It Together) and the eternal quest for lost innocence (Dear Jessie, Cherish). I like the fan theory that lyrically "Oh Father" could very well apply to any male authority figure (dad, husband or even God). Everything about this era was on point, the artistic growth, the classic album cover, the thought-provoking music videos, The Facts About Aids leaflet, the iconic Blond Ambition World Tour, the ever-changing looks, ugh. If it weren't for my broken English, I could write an entire book about Madonna's art, lol.
  3. Karma

    I dunno about opening number but there's so much you can do with this wonderful song. I always visualize it in a dramatic Titanic-inspired setting with the dancers appropiately dressed as sailors and water elements but one could also forsee a 'political' remix interlude a la Don't Talk Don't Speak or Nobody Knows Me. It's the closing track of her biggest -selling album and a fan favorite, so why not?.
  4. Karma

    This album will never die, truly the most flawless hits collection by a pop act, only rivaled by ABBA Gold - all killer, no filler!.
  5. Karma

    Impressive Instant - "Universe is full of stars, nothing out there looks the same" Devil Wouldn't Recognize You - "Waiting underneath the stars, there's something you should know"
  6. Karma

    Guy Guido did a wonderful job, this is a must see for every fan. They paid great attention to detail, cool interviews and you could sense that everyone involved has the utmost respect for Madonna. The camera loves Jamie Auld (Madonna) and Calvine Knie (Dan) is such a cutie. Wishing this film the best of success!.
  7. Karma

    Cardi B did the same thing with her 2x platinum debut Invasion Of Privacy. Streaming = April 5, 2018 Vinyl = December 7, 2018 CD = February 22, 2019 Hopefully another made-up rumor from a deluded fan who wants to play insider because physical sales are her bread and butter. Rebel Heart debuted at #1 WW with 315,000 copies thanks to her loyal fanbase.
  8. Karma

    I really don't understand the distaste for Eurovision, I've never seen it but how is it a singing competition with nearly 190 million viewers 'below' Madonna's level? Who cares about the campiness, Madonna is the biggest gay icon in the world for Gods sake, this giant promo slot could only be beneficial from a commercial standpoint, me thinks. Don't know much about the political implications but I support this as long as she's safe and the music gets that global exposure.
  9. Karma

    Not sure how this turned into a MJ discussion thread but lemme point out the big elephant in the room: they're revered because they are gone, the kind of nostalgic newfound appreciation from the public you don't want to experience as an artist. Instead of lamenting that M doesn't get enough attention from the youngins, let's rejoice that she's still a badass female rebel, actively working, creating and experimenting with her sound and image for her 14th album. Friendly reminder that Jackson only released six studio albums during his adult lifetime, shall we be grateful. On-Topic: Greatest hits albums have been replaced by playlists in the streaming generation, so don't hold your breath trying to find a perfect tracklist to encapsulate four decades of hits. Even with all its flaws, Celebration is a solid effort for the casual fan that doesn't care about geeky stuff like radio single edits or chart peaks. About the tracklist: 1. I think it's 80s-heavy in an attempt to replace The Immaculate Collection as the go-to compilation for the casual listener. ~They failed.~ 2. Mastering errors aside, I like the fact that it's not chronological, with the modern sounding megahits on the front line (Hung Up, Music, 4 Minutes), so you know this isn't a nostalgia ride. The accompanying artwork is sublime and iconic, by the way. 3. Warner's strategic decision to leave out some big hits makes sense to increase back catalogue sales. Just think about it, only the singles from The First Album were fully represented. Like A Virgin - Angel True Blue - True Blue Like A Prayer - Oh Father, Keep It Together Erotica - Deeper And Deeper, Rain Bedtime Stories - Human Nature Something To Remember - You'll See Evita - Don't Cry For Me Argentina Ray Of Light - The Power Of Good-Bye Music (Int. Edition) - American Pie American Life - American Life COADF - Get Together, Jump Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me
  10. New unreleased songs are always welcomed but some of those titles simply indicate early demo versions (Something's Coming Over Me = Secret; I Will Always Have You = Inside Of Me).
  11. Karma

    1. Ray Of Light - Ethereal and mystical. This is what an accomplished legend looks like. 2. True Blue - Christoper Flynn said it best "A face like an ancient Roman statue". 3. Like A Virgin - Eye-poppingly sexy and arguably her most "iconic" in the true sense of the word. 4. Like A Prayer - Provocative. Artistic. Instant-classic. 5. Confessions On A Dancefloor - Very well-executed concept, visually enthralling. 6. Madonna - Effortlessly cool. 7. Rebel Heart (Deluxe) - Distinguishable and a nice nod to her debut. Love the other versions, as well. 8. Music - Aesthetically pleasing, love the colours. 9. Erotica - Very cheap and sophisticated at the same time. Couldn't pick a better cover. 10. Bedtime Stories - Timeless, elegant and gorgeous photograph, both upside down and up. 11. American Life - Ironic, defiant and very memorable, for better or worse. 12. MDNA (Deluxe) - "Um, I think this will do", basically but I'll take it, the standard edition is my favorite. 13. Hard Candy - Graphic design is my passion. It looks like a tacky fanmade from Coverlandia but I do appreciate her sense of humor.
  12. Karma

    Can't believe we got a whole lot of NOTHING even Erotica got tacky officially licensed boxer briefs
  13. Karma

    1. Living For Love. 2. Joan Of Arc. 3. Rebel Heart. 4. Iconic. 5. Devil Pray. 6. Unapologetic Bitch. 7. Bitch I'm Madonna. 8. Holy Water. 9. Wash All Over Me. 10. Ghosttown. 11. S.E.X 12. Inside Out. 13. Body Shop. 14. Veni Vidi Vici. 15. Best Night. 16. Grafitti Heart. 16. Hold Tight. 18. Illuminati. 19. Messiah. 20. HeartBreakCity. 21. Addicted. 22. Beautiful Scars. 23. Borrowed Time. 24. Autotune Baby. I enjoyed ranking the tracks, thank you @anel_
  14. Karma

  15. DROWNED WORLD TOUR 1. Drowned World / Substitute For Love. 2. Impressive Instant [Promotional Single]. 3. Beautiful Stranger. 4. Ray Of Light. 5. Frozen. 6. I Deserve It. 7. Don't Tell Me. 8. Secret. 9. Gone (although i'd very much rather You'll Seee). 10. Lo Que Siente La Mujer. 11. La Isla Bonita. 12. Music. 13. Holiday. THE MDNA WORLD TOUR 1. Girl Gone Wild. 2. Revolver. 3. Gang Bang. 4. I Don't Give A. 5. Express Yourself. 6. Give Me All Your Luvin'. 7. Masterpiece [Promotional Single]. 8. Vogue. 9. Erotic Candy Shop. 10. Like A Virgin Waltz. 11. I'm Addicted. 12. Like A Prayer. 13. Celebration. REBEL HEART TOUR 1. Iconic. 2. Bitch I'm Madonna. 3. Burning Up. 4. Holy Water / Vogue. 5. True Blue. 6. Deeper And Deeper. 7. Like A Virgin. 8. La Isla Bonita. 9. Rebel Heart. 10. Like A Prayer (This classic doesn't deserve to be a bonus track...). 11. Music. 12. Material Girl. 13. Holiday. Basically, removing the pointless intros and interludes. The Rebel Heart Tour setlist had almost no skips, so that was hard.