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  1. Like the way she sings “fucking” in that verse.
  2. Don’t worry! I bet The Weeknd has more fans who stream songs than she does! 😜
  3. She wants to give us a good reason to still keep and play the original physical copies.
  4. I think they just used a wrong/bad edit of The SoulPower Remix for the video. If you play the CD version of SoulPower remix, it matches her lipsyncing as the Album remix does.
  5. What version of Burning Up is on the Celebration 2CD compilation release? It sounds strangely less polished than the 2001 remastered album version or the just released EP version.
  6. Ok. Let’s hope she includes it on the Celebration setlist!
  7. This is a thread where people should be free to discuss their personal experiences, negative feelings & dislikes in particular. Just show some respect because: One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
  8. Hard Candy used to be my least favorite Madonna album. It sounds so NOT Madonna to me, perhaps because it was the first time since Like A Virgin that Madonna had stepped back and simply let other artists produce her songs. But in recent years it’s started to grow on me. It’s a great companion record for aerobics, which makes me wonder if this album was made and designed for her fitness franchise, a project that she launched later.
  9. I have the same feeling about her vocals on Madame X. Some of them sound too nasal to me. Maybe it’s creatively intentional sound effects? I really dunno. 🤷🏻‍♂️ However, the vocals at the very beginning of God Control are very interestingly done with the sound effect. They sound like muffled, echoing the album cover where her lips are sewn.
  10. I hope the AI Mariah sings Vogue with some whistle register.
  11. Not sure if anybody has shared or mentioned, but here is Time’s take on Madonna at the Grammys: Madonna's Face and the Myth of Aging Gracefully https://time.com/6253977/madonna-face-grammys-2023/
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