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  1. vespertine

    Whoops! Filth & Wisdom edit.
  2. vespertine

    The 2018 one is fantastic though.
  3. vespertine

    I had no idea there was more than one. The default (Clouds).
  4. vespertine

    Living for that David Bowie clip she posted. 100% on the money.
  5. Candy Perfume Girl is so brilliant.
  6. vespertine

    Just having a bit of fun now.
  7. vespertine

    Awesome get-up!
  8. vespertine

    Yeah it's a fair point and I enjoy that interview a lot, but I would have loved to see her respond with the benefit of reflection.
  9. vespertine

    No, I think her intention was to depict violence and as the year became more and more riddled with mass shootings (culminating in Sandy Hook), she didn't let it alter her show, in true M fashion.
  10. vespertine

    Were you in 2012? LOL Being from Toronto I'm well aware of the arrest incident, but MDNA had at least 10 sizable controversies during its run. It went on and on. I wish it'd had a behind-the-scenes documentary.
  11. vespertine

    MDNA is her most epic and actually her most controversial tour ever, even moreso than BA, but I prefer Sticky.
  12. vespertine

    21st but let me tell you I'd be pissed not having ROL on hand.
  13. vespertine

    Hi guys, Garrett here from Canada. I've been a fan since I was 9 and "Music" came out but my first Madonna memory is ROL being played on the radio in the late 90s. Still my favourite M song. Have seen her live every tour since the Confessions Tour. Thanks for having me!
  14. vespertine

    I really dug his last album.