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  1. It's like riding on the wind and it never goes away


    1. MattyMads


      She's got the moves baby she's got the motion :confused:

  2. You're so handsome!!! I can tell, even with the mask. Keep those guns out. ?

  3. I did read the blurb but I really fail to see the over-Photoshopping as deliberate or the artistic direction of the shoot -- indeed, I would have loved that. But it's simply consistent with, well, how Madonna presents herself to the world these days, whether it be her entire Instagram, telling the VMAs not to shoot her close up, oversaturating the Madame X films, etc. I also don't see the connection with Marilyn, it's more like Mae West.
  4. Gotta love the "PLEASEEE" in Papa Don't Preach as well!
  5. Was It Natasha Bedingfield who said that Ray of Light was basically impossible to sing? And gave her a respect for Madonna as a singer...
  6. I would just love for her to work with a different photographer again. Steven Klein has become just point and shoot and fix it all in post-production. Some of these shots it looks as if anyone could have taken...
  7. For me it's: - The second chorus of "Open Your Heart" when she goes higher - "open your heart TO ME! Darling..." - The final "should I wait for you" in DW/SFL - The last bit of "Burning Up" after the groans: "you know you got me burnin' up, baby! You know you got me burnin' up, baby" - which incidentally is where she unleashes all her sexual energy in the video. Share yours.
  8. The interview was a lot more interesting to read than the Maluma one a couple weeks back. She feels so committed right now, even more than usual, to what she's trying to express. I sense that the visual autobiography will certainly come from the angle of overcoming more and more things.
  9. Not for me sorry, they're one step behind Jackson and Gaga in terms of being servile. I like Madonna's fan base, I like that we have our heads on our shoulders (not deluded) and don't blindly praise everything. At the same time, she's given us such a remarkable career that we stay by her side.
  10. 21st but let me tell you I'd be pissed not having ROL on hand.
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