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  1. I thought it was very well done on the whole, and Keeley Hawes in Episode 5 was phenomenal and so was the direction -- those close, long tracking shots of her going up and down the hospital, my eyes were GLUED to the screen. All very manic. I really thought it conveyed, through Colin and Ollie especially, how gay men were convinced that it was because they were gay that they had AIDS and were dying. Oh it's too sad for words, ugh. Hugs to everyone xx.
  2. Please, please, no cartoonish effects like the last two...I want this to have been filmed and edited like a proper theatre show.
  3. Excuse the resting bitch face, it's boring in quarantine, lol. Sorry I'll spoiler lol.
  4. When they shot Can You Feel the Love Tonight? in broad daylight, thus rendering the song meaningless.
  5. Probably yes, but that's still a very high standard. And the reason is that she's essentially doing an arena show inside a theatre. I would have loved to see something uniquely theatrical...not just smaller screens and the same skinny breakdancers. Like Frozen, which is masterful. Lourdes literally enveloping Madonna. You couldn't do that in an arena. More of that.
  6. vespertine


    The 2018 one is fantastic though.
  7. vespertine


    I had no idea there was more than one. The default (Clouds).
  8. Yes. The girl has the worst diction.
  9. Living for that David Bowie clip she posted. 100% on the money.
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