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  1. and what was she doing in the studio with Max Martin then ? she just proved that she can surprise everyone with this video so... dreaming is good
  2. she is to die for My god, I now imagine an album co-produced by the weeknd and Max Martin
  3. 100% agree. So sublime. Sober & sexy with this iconic pic
  4. oh yes so much agree with you. I am so happy about this. I'm a huge fan of extended singles
  5. exactly. What a song. Really catchy and fresh. I loooove it
  6. Fan since: 85/86 Favorite Album: Madonna Favorite Single: Vogue Favorite Video: Hung up Favorite Tour: Celebrartion tour (for now) Favorite Movie: Susan
  7. me too since my Parisian date. I can't get over it. I think about this incredible concert all the time. I haven't felt this excitement since the girlie show. I'm sad to see her return to the USA and I really hope that we will have a nice surprise soon (leg2 or the Max Martin single).
  8. Back after my Parisian concert this monday. I am still in shock and I lack words to express what I felt during this concert. It's one of her best tours for me (but I didn't attend the MX and RHT). Everything is here. So worked. And really surprised by her physical form because she moves a lot. After reading the reviews and some videos I had watched (I wanted to keep surprises), I thought it would be more static. But it's incredible at her age and after what she's been through to see her in such good shape. Everything is well thought out so that she doesn't get too exhausted. Stuart did a wonderful job. The versions are so good. Her voice is excellent (and good effects). It’s technically, visually and vocally stunning. My testimony is probably boring but I loved everything about it. My level of enthusiasm reminds me the one I had leaving the Grilie Show at the same venue 30 years ago
  9. yes ! I was 11. First concert ever and I can remember a lot of things
  10. Blond ambition Girlie Show Confessions Who's that girl Sticky and sweet MDNA
  11. These films are equally boring for me But I choose Shanghai. I saw it again not long ago and I'm still completely captivated by her incredible beauty. It's fascinating to me to be so photogenic. You can pause on any image in this film, she's to die for
  12. I love this album. This is one of my favorites. Hervoice is to die for on every track
  13. First contact (1985): Medley holiday - lucky star - like a virgin - material girl - into the groove at my sister's annual dance gala After hearing that, I begged my mother to go to the record store where i bought the first album and Like a virgin my heart stopped beating when i saw the cover of like a virgin. I had never seen anything so beautiful and attractive I became a fan within a minute The song/video that made me a fan forever (1985): Material girl
  14. Well these photos are a huge relief. What a pleasure to see her walking and in good shape. I'm so happy right now
  15. this thread is the first thing i watch in the morning when i wake up to see if there is any news. Please don't close it. This is the worst moment of her career. We have to show support and patience
  16. huge shock this morning on discovering the news I can't even describe how I felt. like many here, she's a ray of light in my life since I was a teenager. And it's way too early for that light to go out. We still need her so much. I'm sure she'll recover quickly. it is a force of nature. Don't care about the tour. Care about her !
  17. Received this past week-end (from Amazon ES) really good. I'm so happy to see it again with this quality for 10 euros ! thanks @Frank
  18. we can only hope that Max Martin is used to dealing with oversized egos given the large list of artists he has worked with. Madonna can be docile with some too (ex. Pharell Williams)
  19. madonna and max martin it's like a dream come true. Whether it's a summer single kicking off the tour or any other project I'm even more excited than her collaboration with Stuart.
  20. Yes she can but she is much older. She will have to hurry up a bit
  21. Exactly and Miley is so talented. I love her Madonna was largely inspired by other artists throughout her career and particularly by Marilyn for a long time. I don't see the problem that today's artists are inspired by her work. Miley is inspired by Sex released 30 years ago ? Cool, Madonna was inspired in 1984 by a film released 30 years earlier for the Material Girl video. What Marilyn's fans could think at the time! + all the rest she has copying As Troubadour said, she aped Marilyn Monroe to a very high level
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