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  1. That's very nice, better than MXT background pic. Unfortunely I don't have it in HQ =(
  2. Bad Girl Thief of Hearts or She's Not Me?
  3. Love your pic @geert =) Vogue Back In Business or Sooner or Later?
  4. OH MY. If only she allowed herself to put a whole show like this. M has the best catalog in the industry and could do wonders with it. I'm here for acousticdonna 😍
  5. Sorry Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories) or Forbidden Love (Confessions on a Dance Floor)?
  6. She was out of breath the whole time, totally out of shape, insecure, rigid =( Doesn't seem like the show girl we used to know 😓
  7. It's probably just Medellin, but I can image so clearly the intro of Soltera live Maluma? Ese soy yo It’s, Madonna Mamacitaaaa That’s right
  8. Im actually really excited about that, a real live performance! Can't wait for her to surprise us <3
  9. Last time she did a tour live broadcast was with Blond Ambition?
  10. Have you guys ever imagined a Madonna tour with a 360° stage like Maluma, U2, Britney's Circus, Adele? It would work?
  11. Medellín Bitch I'm Loca or Soltera?
  12. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Crazy For You or Love Don't Leave Here Anymore?
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