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  1. Thank you so much for the info I totally believe they gonna release in DVD/Bluray (my dream would be a 4k release, but that's unlikely), they might include Crave and Sodade... I remember Give It 2 Me being trimmed when S&S was on TV and later available in full for the DVD.
  2. It is beautiful <3 The final result is too different from what you saw earlier?
  3. GUYS, the video edit looks AMAZING! 😍 Im so happy caralho Not fast like MDNA or RH
  4. I'M SO EXCITED, this is great news! ❤ And I like the cover can't wait for friday!
  5. HAHAHAHAHA same! I love the "simplicity" of S&S, it's all about the music and having a good time. It's modern but also reminds me of the 80s. The video edit for the dvd/bluray it's so good!
  6. Thank u for sharing with us <3 that must be a night to never forget. I love your energy here, this gift couldnt be more well deserved =)
  7. So excited to read the reviews tomorrow <3 I found love, I found something new, I found you, yeah I found you
  8. Maybe these are for MXT promo campaign in October? We might get some new magazine covers and interviews. I hope it's something exciting!
  9. OMG LOOOOL that's so true! I would say she also listen to her five year old children for career advice
  10. The only people buying her blurays are the diehard loyal fans anyway. Although we have some bad dvd covers, I'm hopeful for a beautiful release. RHT cover was a step in the right direction and I love the Madame X artwork.
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