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  1. ROL I can almost feel the impact of this being released as her second single in 1998
  2. That one was filmed in a location in France
  3. Very interesting. Solid Gold is well known but to me feels more like a promo performance. The one I posted earlier has a pretty nice production and some "extras" besides her, Christopher and the other dancer... Fantástico is a big TV show in Brazil and they used to produce some kind of "music videos" weekly in the 80s for some artists... I think that's the case with Holiday in that French TV show.
  4. I think this is the closest thing we have of a music video for Holiday: <3
  5. Gui


    I love it too. This song reminds me a bit of Britney's "In The Zone" album sound but the lyrics are very Madonna in "IGTTYAS" phase with the "a better version of myself" quote. Bloodshy & Avant worked in Britney's album and produced "How High" and "Like It Or Not" on Confessions. Such a fantastic Era for M!
  6. https://x.com/JuliooGrcx2/status/1784134421483798558
  7. 1 Celebration Tour 2 Blond Ambition Tour 3 Re-Invention Tour 4 Drowned World Tour 5 Confessions Tour 6 Girlie Show 7 MDNA Tour 8 Sticky & Sweet Tour 9 Who's That Girl Tour 10 Madame X Tour 11 Rebel Heart Tour 12 The Virgin Tour
  8. which backdrop was used during Rain tonight?
  9. Interesting, I never thought about that. Looks so cool in the Re-Edition magazine too.
  10. I'm so excited for the following shows Do you guys think shes gonna dye her hair for Rio? I guess these pics are from Atlanta... I think she looks cool and I love her hair anyway, just being curious
  11. She seems to be in a very good mood, beautiful and ready for the final shows 😍
  12. https://x.com/MadonnaParadise/status/1781933380101091427 https://x.com/MadonnaParadise/status/1781936234098463054 I saw that she sang Die Another Day with braids and Express Yourself with no braids... what about her hair in Dont Tell Me and M&F? Anyone knows? LoL https://x.com/MadonnaUltimate/status/1781947397242777746 I love tonights wig for the 90s section ❤
  13. I think she could play in bigger places and do less shows, Re-Invention Tour had 56 dates and it seems an ideal number. She seems pissed in several moments recently and said she's feeling tired wich is totally comprehensive, lots of younger singers have like 50 shows at the most.
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