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  1. unfortunatly, sound quality is really bad...
  2. Express Yourself - Paris 4 Septembre 2004 https://mega.nz/file/ro8RQJDZ#ZRmRkU8hhWUU9LZ4g7B-lx6vGEx_XLTTTLGuwLfXKCg
  3. reinvention tour in paris and madame X tour in paris too!
  4. @Roland Barthesexplains the releases of Fever/Rain/Bye Bye Baby very well. In France, it was a big mess... And the same with Express Yourself. Videos on TV and nothing in stores for EY... if it's not a mess, what is it? lol
  5. oh!! you're right!! i've only seen his father's side in his face! but here, it's obvious.
  6. for sure, it's MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL for me
  7. i feel so sad... he was a real kind and sweet guy !!! yes, so sad...
  8. https://soundcloud.com/denszabee/madonna-like-a-virgin-dens54-ab-fab-and-sweet-zack-remix-256kbps here it is! ;) they reworked a bit my version... but it's mine, for real! :p
  9. weird... lol i don't know! i don't really realized! it's so... unreal lol
  10. i have to admit: i'm totally satisfied with the show i saw on the streaming!! :p
  11. thank you very much @stefo !!! i love that kind of support!
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