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  1. oh! that's a piece of history ! Thank you so much !!!! does page 2 available somewhere ?
  2. MDNA! ok, the film editing itself is her choice and I respect that! but the sound editing is... i have no word! she said herself that the audio editing had a problem... but we never get something good then...
  3. omg!!! erotica sounds so good
  4. on Bob's part and the first speech after ITG
  5. Stuart did an amazing job on the Celebration Tour!!! he is a genius
  6. finally, the real sound in my ears!!! sooooo goooooooooood
  7. my screen freezed a bit... my heart stopped at the same time!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My TOP 5: Nothing Really Matters (And the Intro that i dislike first but finally, i enjoy it a lot) Mother & Father ( I got so emotionnal) Crazy For You (It was a good surprise for me and the simple version is perfect) Open Your Heart Erotica!! And a special mention to the intro of Vogue! amazing Up Down Suite in a arena was so coooool... but the song itself is really too long and boring. The ballroom part is fun but in the central pit, we just see all dancers waiting to dance... but those who were dancing was behing those who were waiting... anyway... it was a big mess when you see this from the pit.
  9. The Orchestral Version

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      where is the Madonna instrumental ?

    2. dens54


      the original instrumental of the LP version is still not available...

    3. A. A. Aardvark
  10. You can download it from my soundcloud if you want it thank you sooo much for your comment
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