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  1. I don't know If I'm just being stupid, I previously searched the forum and I didn't see anyone actually talking about this... But I'm really sorry if I'm bringing old news here. Anyway, I just discovered Shanghai Surprise is available on Apple TV. Here's the US link: Anyone has watched it? The quality is good? Can anyone rip it and post here or is it against the rules?
  2. rog

    thanks god
  3. rog

  4. rog

    gosh i had to look it up your saying, and I just discovered what Poundland is. shock of culture. Loved it
  5. rog

    I believe in your information and I thank you for that. After the movie is released, come back and share with us all those extra info about the editing that you can't share right now! It'll be amazing!
  6. rog

    Honestly, I think the long gaps of nothing are kinda interesting. She lasted more than 30 years using these lol. I feel so tired with all of this new artists releasing new stuff all the time. It gets to a point that I don't even care anymore, it's like "Oh, another single/album/whatever"... cool. Definitely it's not like when Adele drops a new album... for instance. She use this "long gaps of nothing" strategy too and I like it because it make me miss her, you know? I'm not even a fan, but I miss listening to her songs... I miss her releasing new songs... This is not something that I usually feel with others artists... I mean, did you listened to Folklore? I baddly had time to listen to Lover, watch the show and that doc, and then - BANG - another album? Like... Girl. I gotta work you know, I can't survive on consuming new TS content. You get my point? But, anyway, I believe you're very accurate with everything else, and super agreed.
  7. rog

    that, in my opinion, the MDNA Tour version is better than RHT version. MDNA > RHT.
  8. rog

    MDNA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RHT though
  9. rog

  10. rog

    I don't know... I don't like him... But I don't really have reasons to it, so... But he really looks like M brothers, that's for sure. Nice to see he's healthy and well.