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  1. First of all, thank you. Second of all, that's it. Information. loved the lyrics.
  2. Maria, mãe de Jesus, Maria, nossa mãe (Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary, our mother). The rest of it is incomprehensible. Would love to find the song too, especially it's lyrics.
  3. i love how someone who present a controversial opinion here fatally will end up hearing "you're not a fan" or some of its variation lol anyway, i think she's voice is amazing, but she definitely should work a little bit more on her live vocals. I mean, sometimes she's bad live even when standing still...
  4. I don't know about blu-ray, but if some streaming service get interested in it, maybe we will be seeing it in HD someday... It kinda already happened with TCT, but instead of a streaming service it was a TV channel. So... Hope is a dangerous thing for a boy like me to have but i have it.
  5. Well... I agree some fans exaggerate a little bit, but I prefer the critical sense instead of licking her ass and believing everything she does is flawless. I mean... It not even coadunate with her teachings. She never sayed "Well I did this or that simply because I'm right and my point of view it's the right one", instead, she always says she do things because she wanna wake people up. You know... Just my opinion.
  6. On the RHT Blu-ray disc metadata this image is there: This one really went close. We were lucky.
  7. I don't know If I'm just being stupid, I previously searched the forum and I didn't see anyone actually talking about this... But I'm really sorry if I'm bringing old news here. Anyway, I just discovered Shanghai Surprise is available on Apple TV. Here's the US link: https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/shanghai-surprise/umc.cmc.4f3fzx9z8bmtyhsozxpsbygpa Anyone has watched it? The quality is good? Can anyone rip it and post here or is it against the rules?
  9. gosh i had to look it up your saying, and I just discovered what Poundland is. shock of culture. Loved it
  10. I believe in your information and I thank you for that. After the movie is released, come back and share with us all those extra info about the editing that you can't share right now! It'll be amazing!
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