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  1. I don't know the guy or if this is someone who's disliked, but he's simply adjusting his glasses on his face. and then bites his nails/finger.
  2. Last night the show started around 10:05ish, the Tuesday before around 9:50ish. As long as you're in your seat by 9:20 you'll be good and able to relax for a moment before it kicks in. After the DJ finishes, usually at 9:30, though last night they played till about 9:45, you'll have a little bit of calm as they break down the DJ setup on stage. But the show officially starts when MJ's "Wanna Be Startin Something" kicks off - you get about 2+ mins of that before Bob starts the show.
  3. The whole bit was hilarious, having seen how many of these go, 10's for everyone, but the dancer in pink. Terri was chopping EVERYBODY (except Estere), acting horrified when the dancers tried to rub up on her, and I watched some of the dancers lose their shit cackling when she started holding up the bible instead of the cards.
  4. I'm 5'10", about 165, slim-to average, but with relatively broad shoulders. The medium BAT bomber jacket fits me - but is MAYBE a little big? But I've also never owned a proper bomber jacket, and they are poofy, but the sleeve length is good? I didn't ask to try on a small as I felt rushed and didn't want to take up time. But the WTG jacket Large fits me well/snug as well. Again - both jackets have elastic on the bottom & end of the sleeves which aren't a fit I'm used to or typically wear.
  5. It's a lighter jacket, most definitely, white satin, but it does have a surprisingly warm/thick fleece-ish inner lining? When I tried it on I was surprised, and now I kind of want it for myself :X I would have ordered the BAT jacket online, but i wanted to try the size first as I was worried about it and didn't want to drop that much. i got a medium in that, and a large WTG jacket for my friend, and it feels a snug, but I think it's supposed to.
  6. I was able to get it (for a friend) no problem, and was at the venue around 8:45. Also broke down and got the BAT bomber jacket for myself, I had been trying to talk myself out of it for weeks. I'm terrible tho, trying to figure out what the cost was after the fact. The BAT jacket actually didn't have a labeled price. I believe WTG was $195? and BAT is now $280 at the venue? Can anyone confirm.
  7. One can hope! As long as he can keep her out of the edit bay so she doesn't wreck another concert film.
  8. Dumb question - is there a running list of all the guests that have appeared so far? I tried googling and I saw some, but not updated in months. And I know people are doing it here, but haven't seen it condensed into a running single post.
  9. Was in Seattle last night. Great show. We lucked out - a projector/speaker had been placed where our seats were and we got bumped up to front row all the way to the left side of the stage, a little behind the main hanging screen so we couldn’t really see it - but because the stage otherwise is so open, was an amazing time and view. I had similar things happen two nights in a row during Confessions in LA. Nothing Really Matters seemed like a bit of a bizarre choice to start, even from the clips I watched, but the vibe and feeling was incredible and perfect in person. She had great energy, she’s clearly kept getting stronger and stronger as the tour has continued. I think most of my early feelings about seeing her as weak or slowing down is actually just a self-realization of “oh shit, I’m old too…” at its core. Take A Bow was nice, but I really wanted Rain. Hated the AI-generated background for it. Almost an insult to all the great artists who have worked so hard on every other visual component of the tour. Glad she replaced I Will Survive with Express Yourself, the simplicity of it with everyone’s phone lights on really made it feel like a moment. The criticism of the abruptness of the closing is completely warranted. Could tell people weren’t sure if it was over or not. It just didn’t feel like that was fully realized, but I love whenever she has a bunch of Madonna clones wearing her iconic looks.
  10. Probably an annoying post, but has anyone documented a running list of her start times? Seeing her Saturday night in Seattle, and wondering how long I'll be sitting in my seat before the show starts.
  11. The only criticism I have from what I've seen is I hope the stylists find a way to keep that short curly wig in better shape through it's numbers. It gets so frizzy & crazy by the end of the segment.
  12. Anyone going soon - would be interested if they offered anything in 3XL? Have a friend that gets that size, and then alters them for herself, but currently the biggest size on any shirts on the site are 2XL
  13. Question for anyone who's gone through the merch locations - what's the largest size they have in T's? Curious if they have anything bigger than what's on the site - a friend usually gets 3XL and cuts them up for herself, but so far the site only has 2xl. Thanks!
  14. Just to echo this sentiment. I'd already been thinking she's needed to stop trying to "keep up with the kids" and overexert herself for the past... 3-4 tours? Because it's been at the expense of her vocals. I'm thrilled that she's taking it easier physically because in all the clips I've heard tonight that sound like live vocals - she sounds better than she has in over a decade. I feel Confessions was the last time she was vocally strong throughout a show, and this has made me much more excited for the show and spectacle of it all.
  15. Currently going to the Saturday night Seattle show with a friend who asked me to go with. But also going to LA 3/11 - GA Pit 2. I wanted to try and get a 3rd ticket today with the general sale to take someone else (could only buy 2 in the presale), but none available, wah wah! So I bought 3 tickets to the March 5th show as well. I may peruse here and Tribe to see if anyone ends up selling that pit ticket, and then offload by March 5th tickets.
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