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  1. I know right? I mean I don't like Steven Klein's recent work. But That boy is just... All I can remember what he was doing is trying not to record her fake ass. LMAO
  2. Grandma calm down. its just my opinion. Don't be overreact. LOL
  3. I'm glad she proudly showed the nipples to the public this time. Those pictures I'm going to show you now are outtake pictures. These photos were leaked more than a decade ago, so you all know them. We didn't see these photos through official channels, but only after they were leaked onto the internet. What I couldn't understand from these leaked photos was why Madonna took them and didn't use them officially. We don't know exactly whether it was her own decision or her team's advice not to use officially. But I strongly felt something was holding back Madonna. Is it ugly to expose nipples because she is now the mother of six children? Or is it now ugly to expose her nipples because she's old? Whatever the reason, something has been stifling Madonna's freedom of expression as an artist for the past 20 years. But finally yesterday she shook off those repressions and proudly showing off her nipples. So I'm glad she danced with her nipples exposed yesterday. That's Madonna, the queen of pop I used to know. A strong, independent woman who does what she wants to do regardless of people's eyes and thoughts. That is my girl Madonna. And I don't think she did boob job. She just gained a little weight now. Now if she starts exercising again and loses about 7kg she will be perfect again.
  4. polaroid auction stuff. you know that stuffffffffffff
  5. it seems like Madame X auction+tears of crown. LOL
  6. I truly believe that fans would have reacted this badly if Madonna had just literally made a surprise announcement a few hours ago it happening instead of post those teasing instagaram and playing with people for weeks. I'm laughing right now because I had zero expectation to her and I knew that it's gonna be sucked from the very beginning. But those fans which very excited... I feel very sorry for them. how can we blame them? Those hashtags.. sigh.. Well, at least it's not Madame X beauty roller. I hope you guys are comforted by that. LOL
  7. well well well my impression of that video is it looks like green wig version of this video plus this words. That's all.
  8. I think that they gonna turn cam to people when Madonna's video start.
  9. it feels like they gonna turn cam to street when video begin. LOL
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