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  1. Marcello77

    For me , the biggest surprises are: "Killers": "Um caminho...é solitário" "Crazy": M singing English-Portuguese is Heaven
  2. Marcello77

    M singing in Potuguese is hypnotic....a dream....
  3. Marcello77

    Killers is perfection with M singing in portuguese : "Um caminho ....é solitário..."
  4. Marcello77

    Fas Gostoso is Fire! "Safado....."
  5. Marcello77

    "Faz Gostoso" starts similar to the original song by Blaya but then it changes into a different rhythm and Blows Your Mind! "Safado...."
  6. Marcello77

    "Bitch I´m Loca" Ft. Maluma reminds me "Con Calma" by Daddy Yankee & Snow
  7. Marcello77

    "Faz Gostoso" is superior than the original version by Blaya. M cant miss this oportunity and make a hot video dancig together with Anitta
  8. Marcello77

    I cant see it on Youtube. Only a Rebel Heart Demo
  9. Marcello77

    I cant stop dancing to "Faz Gostoso" and do the choreography
  10. Marcello77

    "Colombia"? So small theaters in Latin America?
  11. Marcello77

    But that stage design is for those small theaters this year? or a bigger Arenas Tour next year?¿
  12. Marcello77

    Any others places in Latin America?
  13. Marcello77

    No Stadiums please! (bad weather, uncomfortable places) and Yes to Arenas!
  14. Marcello77

    Elegance. Modernity. Beauty. Tour Interlude
  15. Marcello77

    Did someone save her Instagram Live of the MTV Interview??