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  1. Marcello77

    "Colombia"? So small theaters in Latin America?
  2. Marcello77

    But that stage design is for those small theaters this year? or a bigger Arenas Tour next year?¿
  3. Marcello77

    Any others places in Latin America?
  4. Marcello77

    No Stadiums please! (bad weather, uncomfortable places) and Yes to Arenas!
  5. Marcello77

    Elegance. Modernity. Beauty. Tour Interlude
  6. Marcello77

    Did someone save her Instagram Live of the MTV Interview??
  7. MTV dice que se estrena a las 3 PM hora México y acá en Santiago. Chile estamos una hora sobre México; entonces entiendo que será a las 16:00 hrs
  8. And this is just for the audio video! Let´s wait for the Official Video plus Maluma-effect...
  9. I think it´s her catchiest and general public oriented single debut since "4 minutes". 4M was mainstream and even was used in phones ads. She´s very smart teaming up with Maluma ´cause he is Huge here in Latin America and the duet is bringing them exposure in different markets.
  10. Marcello77
  11. Marcello77

    I think the PR Team is working ´cause her Spotify Women´s Day Playlist appears in my InstaSories among other publicity
  12. A Bop is coming................
  13. Marcello77

    Well I know M-Dolla´s body is not coming back but I wish her body looks circa 2015 or 2016....