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  1. Someone posted a photo or thread of the supposed inspiration behind the stage/light setup for Nothing Really Matters. It was like an old painting/ religious reference that was pretty great if true. Made a lot of sense. Can't find it now.
  2. Deeper and Deeper. I was just listening to a Frankie Knuckles dj set from '94 where he went from Robin S. "Show Me Love" into David Morales' remix of D&D. What a time to be alive.
  3. I mean....I think Madonna's mean and I'm still a huge fan of her work. Must be the drugs.
  4. I haven't heard that one in a while. Just listened and it's another great dub.
  5. One of her best videos ever. I was always obsessed with the Bottom Heavy Dub. But thought the rest of the remixes were cheesy. The only time I've enjoyed a live performance of it was Drowned World Tour. This mashup is my favorite.
  6. It's taken me many years to come around to his Get Together remix from the maxi single thats featured here. And I love all of his other mixes for her. I like it now, but it doesnt come close to his other versions. The album version is basically a Thin White Duke mix of the demo. And the greatest Thin White Duke mix ever for me. I still can't believe there was no proper extended mix done for the maxi single. Of all her single releases, that one truly deserved to be a 12 minute suite. I only really liked the Tiefshwarz mix. And the unreleased Roger Sanchez mix. Get Together deserved better, mixes and video wise.
  7. I love the title The Whore of Babylon but not for that particular damage control moment in time. I remember at the time thinking "Oh my..." lol GHV2 over "The Second Coming" was a choice though. Although a cd full of radio edits and no new songs probably didn't need a groundbreaking title.
  8. It sounds like Daft Punk to me too but I can't put my finger on it.
  9. Celebration and FEL cuz I have every official and non official version of those songs from the last 80 years. I'll be fine. It's kind of fun and jarring to listen to songs that I never really got into when I was younger. Like stuff from I'm Breathless. It feels like the perfect companion to Prince's Batman stuff. Except for Vogue, everything is kind of weird and one of her most gorgeous ballads ever. Pretender and White Heat are currently letting me have it. Never watched the official Madame X show in full. I've never seen anything she directed and have no desire to.
  10. I.... Put them in a studio. Lock the door. I'm only up to Human Nature and "Fly Life" just came pumping through... Here comes Impressive Instant. I surrender, lord. OMG. RESCUE ME on top of Marshall Jefferson "Move Your Body"?!?!?! BITCH... This is the best Madonna release since Confessions. Argue with your eyebrows. OMG Just listened to it twice. He just captures that old school Madonna magic in such an amazing way. All the references to the underground. So good.
  11. I loved the way this was filmed. The Rio corset/ suit for Vogue was gorgeous. Still giving the girls immediately recognizable drag looks well into her 60's. Whew. I got a little emotional thinking how many people who love her but can't afford to see her or just never had the chance got THAT show on a beach with Madonna! And for her, too. Going from nearly dying to this in a few months. I'm so curious to see what she does next. I selfishly want something new. Not another tour leg.
  12. That's wild that it exists. That's holy grail to me. I wonder what quality it is and if it's the whole performance. I know that crowd and energy in that room must have been crazy. If I ever wake up to that or Bedtime Story B Roll leaking, I'm done.
  13. I guess it doesn't count but I can't believe we have video for her first performance of Everybody but there's still no video of her at The Roxy or Rain Forest events in '98 NYC. There is audio where she sounds great for the RF event but still no video, only little clips of her dancing with Elton John I think. I'm convinced some collector or someone who worked at the Roxy has some kind of video somewhere. I want a documentary on the Madonna Collector/ Trading Dark Web.
  14. Yes! Love that one. It's probably my second fave. Especially the wig. This is my favorite though
  15. I hope she does because we'll get a LOOK. I love her Met Gala looks. Some more than others of course...
  16. BIG ANG 💖 Gif legend. She started on the second season of the VH1 reality show, Mob Wives. Passed away a few years ago. Miss her.
  17. I don't remember that one. But you just triggerd a memory. I can't believe this was 23 years ago. It was the thing that got me into making mashups. https://idobi.com/news/acidplanetcom-to-host-madonna-remix-contest/
  18. It would have been cool to have them at least remix tracks from HC. For me that was the last great era of her maxi singles. There's been a handful of good official remixes since, but the unofficial/ fan made one's mostly take the cake now.
  19. As far as music goes, yes 4 Minutes was a worldwide hit. And I heard it on the radio a lot. It's held up well even though I wish it was a duet with anyone else besides Justin. Hung Up was the last time a new Madonna song release was an EVENT. The way every club I went to would scream and carry on as soon as "Time goes by..." and the ticking started. And these were mixed clubs with lots of straight people. Now yes, there were some people who thought it was cheap damage control that relied too heavily on the Abba sample. But they were the minority. I have not seen that kind of reaction to new Madonna music since by the gp. And please remember I'm talking about new releases. Of course a million people will show up to the free Rio show. That's not what I'm talking about here.
  20. This is silly. But so are the "She can show up at 2am, take a dump while miming Autotune Baby! Take my money, Queen!" crowd.
  21. Her fans are like any other fanbase. Some cool people and a whole lotta macadamias.
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