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  1. I'm afraid you're confused, the 4m57 is the lp cut, the Everybody edit is a 3m58 chopped up edit from the extended mix. https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Everybody/release/2731237 I've listened to them so many times, I can assure you that the version featured on the cd singles collection is the LP version fading early, no Prince guitar on it... On the contrary, the 3''cd single in snap pack contains the 7'' version with guitars and all... I've read somewhere that there were two different editions of this snap pack, one containing the 7'' version with Prince guitar parts, the other the LP cut fade, which may explain with the Japanese cd singles collection features the LP fade... Can someone with better knowledge can clarify this???...
  2. It's the same as the album cut, only fading...
  3. I heard about the Tina guy but cannot believe they fell out just over some cheating guy matter, such a lame reason... What a waste, Tina was one of her best choreographers, EVER!! Thanks for the answer, and a million thanks for the amazing files you share!!!
  4. Do we actually know why she had a falling out with fantastic Tina???? Cannot be only cause of this cheating guy, was it??
  5. The quality's not great (192 mp3)!! better off with the laserdisc audio rip...
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