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  1. I've gave a spin to the 7''s I bought. The glitch is present on the German and UK pressing but not on the French and US promo. Guess there are 2 different masters for the remix edit, the dutch comp cd benefitted from the best one. Mystery solved!!
  2. I don't know, all I know is that it's not on the dutch compilation... Is it on the 7''s too?? On the US pressing?? UK, German ones?? So exciting!!!
  3. Am I the only one who noticed the error in sound @ 3m25 mark (this is where...)?? Same left channel drop than the file on the 1987 compilation (https://www.discogs.com/master/11667-Various-The-Hits-Album-6). Glitch that is not heard on the dutch compilation https://www.discogs.com/release/649582-Various-Hits-Album-6. I cannot accept that warner would use old ass hits comps files to sell as digital releases... Anyone else noticed???
  4. Slightly faster indeed and it fades earlier too.. Maybe to match with the Extended which run faster than the album version. It's a tad bit way too noisy during the ''oh noooooo'' in the ''You can't stop me now"" section, a bit dissapointing cause the sounds is pretty decent throughout... Just my opinion with my old eardrums...
  5. Maybe the same as having some 'Thrill Me'' vocals on some of the Erotica remixes... They musta received the whole studio sessions vocals and decided to use them... What a treat it was for the fans!!... Twas such a creative era and one of the most underground and fabulous set of remixes!!
  6. I'm afraid you're confused, the 4m57 is the lp cut, the Everybody edit is a 3m58 chopped up edit from the extended mix. https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Everybody/release/2731237 I've listened to them so many times, I can assure you that the version featured on the cd singles collection is the LP version fading early, no Prince guitar on it... On the contrary, the 3''cd single in snap pack contains the 7'' version with guitars and all... I've read somewhere that there were two different editions of this snap pack, one containing the 7'' version with Prince guitar parts, the other the LP cut fade, which may explain with the Japanese cd singles collection features the LP fade... Can someone with better knowledge can clarify this???...
  7. It's the same as the album cut, only fading...
  8. I heard about the Tina guy but cannot believe they fell out just over some cheating guy matter, such a lame reason... What a waste, Tina was one of her best choreographers, EVER!! Thanks for the answer, and a million thanks for the amazing files you share!!!
  9. Do we actually know why she had a falling out with fantastic Tina???? Cannot be only cause of this cheating guy, was it??
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