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  1. SP infinitely most profound but both derved to be immortalized on her videography, on DVD releases, extras, a collection of artistic experimental works or something
  2. the idea of a spirituality brought by magic, feminine and sacred, witch, is very interesting for me
  3. well she could be Beyondonna and that other girl could be Madonné. and she would be the queen of pop with some more issues to defy
  4. this era was what we was expecting for years. now we don't know what to expect ( a next tour to end contract in 2018 or a Tears of a Clown Tour) but we we know we can expect anything since she is opened to improvisations and changes, small places, work in progress comedy, sing forgotten songs (even by herself)....
  5. I tottaly hear ABBA in this song since the first listen.
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