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  1. We were really spoiled by the rebel heart book, it’s still the best thing to be a gift. This gift is especially basic and cheap, very poor. Surely they could have just thrown together a book with just photos of her through the years
  2. Mel C was there last night, along with Rosie and Stella Tonight U.K. daytime legend Alison Hammond was there, she got swamped
  3. I have now seen Bad Girl in full, I can die happy. The show was fabulous, so many surprises and the catsuit look during bedtime story. Amazing
  4. So glad I got in quickly and got the picture disc at original price on U.K. site. Also, they have put the price up for black vinyl too, by £3
  5. I don’t think we are going to get this are we
  6. Wow sounds like it’s actually got some good stuff on it then
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