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  1. Indominus

    Of course she wasn't feeling it. The song is called 'Rescue Me', not 'Candy Shop' LOL She did the exact same with Hold Tight for the RH Tour. There are MANY WAYS she could make it work, but she simply doesn't want to. That's Madonna. That's how she feels about many of her old songs. If she wasn't into it from the beginning it probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

  3. She tried working with hot artists for the last 3 albums. That didn't really work (sans 4M, which was a hit). It won't work now, radio will not support her. We should be thankful she did what she wanted this time and the album is a success. You can tell she is much happier this time. We're getting quality not only in music form, but with many good videos.
  4. The leaks have nothing to do with it. Bruce's album was also leaked before release, Katy Perry's ET was leaked months and months before the album had a name or release date (and it still was a 1#) and I could give you lots of other examples. We should be very thankful she is getting raving reviews and people seem to like the songs more this time around.
  5. Back That Up To Beat changed so much. Love the new instrumental. - Ciao Bella is the best of the 3 bonus IMO.
  6. Indominus

    The album is much better than expected. Future is one my least favs by far (weak production - don't know what happened to Diplo here and Quavo adds nothing to it).
  7. Indominus

    Funana, Back That Up and Ciao Bella aren't part of the leak. Only the full deluxe edition leaked.
  8. Indominus

    It has. All the songs. I just finished listening to it.
  9. Indominus

    Come Alive is nothing special. Looking for Mercy though is amazing.
  10. Indominus

    The full deluxe edition leaked. You can easily find links everywhere now.
  11. Please send link! I've been sending links to everybody this afternoon to tracks that leaked:sad:

  12. Indominus

    The whole album leaked guys.
  13. Indominus

    God Control is amazing! "this is your wake up call...."
  14. Indominus

    The songs are being spread through whatsapp it seems. At least that's what I could gather from reading some tweets.
  15. Indominus

    I Don't Search I Find also leaked.