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  1. There was literally no difference between Quavo and one of those stone pillars. He was dead on the stage and the interview was insulting. 'favorite Madonna song?' "Champagne Rosé'. COMMON. Funny thing fans attacked Maluma so much, but their chemistry together is a thousand times better and he is very respectful and grateful towards her. As for the performance it was ok. Nothing special, but I did like the backdrops. She is 60 years old, her voice is not the same (obviously), but she is still trying hard. People should acknowledge that.
  2. Simple video, but actually very nice. She looks gorgeous.
  3. Indominus

    Supposedly I don't search I Find and God Control are the disco tracks.
  4. Medellin and I Rise are great. Crave just sucks. I'm disappointed.
  5. Indominus

    Loved the song!
  6. Indominus

    So is 'Back Up To The Beat' the RH leftover? I did like that demo, but I hope it was completely redone by Mirwais.
  7. Indominus

    In the end it's all about the music. We'll have t o wait and see. It can be way better than what we're expecting. Don't forget M.I.A and B-day Song haha
  8. Indominus

    All of you complaining about Maluma when she has collabs with Kanye West and Quavo lol
  9. Indominus

    Not only it does sound very Ryan Tedder-ish, I'm pretty sure you can hear his backing vocals in some parts, but who knows...
  10. Indominus

    Across the Sky, Animal, Cool Song, Heaven, Liquid Love, Love Hurts, Nothing Lasts Forever, Revenge, Run, Shame are some of the best.
  11. yesss Hard candy w/ Across the Sky and Animal too
  12. Oh yeah! I just love "Heaven" so much.
  13. Indominus

    So there's no Madonna on Nicki's album. So unless they're planning something else together, we'll be getting another feat on M14.
  14. Same. Hopefully one day we'll get to hear it and it's not disappointing.
  15. Is there any reliable place where we can download this? I lost all my Rebel Heart files