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  1. I'm not very sure which version that is. I've only upscaled this and the rage edit
  2. I'd much rather M seek out new producers rather than working with the ones she's already worked with. She doesn't need to release another ROL or Confessions (at least I hope she doesn't). She needs to release a new, fresh-sounding album like she did with Madame X.
  3. There is. Not every pop star produces "art". A lot of the time it's producers and songwriters doing the magic. I don't think Madonna is just that, she's clearly very artistic and creative
  4. I think Beat Goes On would've been an amazing 2nd single. It was catchy and it featured Kanye
  5. I sometimes think she isn't doing what she truly feels like doing, and just wants to cling to relevancy or her label demands (i.e. MDNA, Bitch I'm Loca, etc.). In my opinion, Madame X feels like a breath of fresh air from her previous two albums. Except for that one song.
  6. Smooth r&b from the mid 90s. One of them unfortunately co-produced by R. Kelly
  7. 480 to 2160p upscales usually don't look that great. Most people still have 720/1080p monitors, and most TV channels still are transmitted through (badly interlaced) 1080i.
  8. I really wish they kept the original aspect ratio on her videos. It looks weird on youtube's light mode
  9. She's been wearing blue contacts for a while. Her eyes are pretty green, we just don't really see them as much.
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