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  1. Do you believe in life after love? 


    1. fuck ducker

      fuck ducker

      Love Is a Lonely Place Without You

  2. It's fine. It might be your opinion but not hers. Some people like to bond this way.
  3. Yet she felt confident enough on her Soltera feature..
  4. Why pay any mind to that Twitter stan bullshit. They'll hate on everybody just because they can. The remix is good
  5. It's called throwing shade, plus she didn't attack Mariah. She said she'd rather kill herself than be Mariah because she's always so busy and has a certain level of sympathy for her. The media tried to twist her words to make it look like she said something plainly rude which she didn't. None of those incidents were as vicious and desperate as what 50 Cent does to other people.
  6. Oh I know. My statement still applies, in fact I wrote it with that in mind despite some users trying to paint me as a transphobic person. Madonna internationalized it and majorly helped cementing it into popular culture. Vogue, the single, came out months before Paris is Burning did.
  7. No. The 'girls' were not vogueing 'pre-madonna', only a small percentage of american gay boys were if we're being honest. Also, Todrick Hall? the same person who filmed himself fucking with a homeless man and later making fun of him? People like him are a waste of oxygen.
  8. I don’t get why some of you are having meltdowns over this. NFTs are digital images that are auctioned. She has done this with polaroids before. It’s a business opportunity more than anything, and it has a nice concept. It’s about giving birth, it’s not just about “wanting to show her pussy on IG once again”.
  9. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean “it’s weird”. Both of these remixes got their own remix videos and the BS one was performed at the Brit Awards. She wouldn’t let them release something she’s not in charge of.
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