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  1. Does someone has a link to the standart version on Spotify?
  2. RayofPrayers

    Gosh... definitely worth the wait. I'm already on my fifth listen and still not tired. Her best album since American Life tbh.
  3. RayofPrayers

    I'm regretting this because Looking for Mercy is growing on me
  4. RayofPrayers

    Top 5: #1 Extreme Occident #2 God Control #3 I Don't Search I Find #4 Dark Ballet #5 Faz Gostoso
  5. RayofPrayers

    This album is going to be on repeat all day
  6. RayofPrayers

    People think that I’m insane The only gun is in my brain Each new birth, it gives me hope That’s why I don’t smoke that dope
  7. RayofPrayers

    It's great... Faz Gostoso remains superior
  8. RayofPrayers

    Y'all are being overdramatic. At this point of her career, it doesn't really matter if it leaks or not. It's not going to be a bestseller, she's doing the music she wants for the fans.
  9. RayofPrayers

    he probably ripped it and put the tags himself
  10. RayofPrayers

    Tidal streams count the most out of streaming services.
  11. RayofPrayers

    Spotify of these three but the best streaming service atm is TIDAL.
  12. RayofPrayers

    I breathed... WAV and FLAC files are high quality and it takes an hour to rip it
  13. RayofPrayers

    oh puh lease it's easy to rip it on audacity but ok...