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  1. She's been wearing blue contacts for a while. Her eyes are pretty green, we just don't really see them as much.
  2. She looks amazing, in real life... there's truly no need to look for plastic, picture-perfect-perfection. I wonder what happened to her confident, natural looks-rocking self... I miss that side of her.
  3. Um, and Madonna's team uploaded Celebration in 240p in that same year
  4. I don't care about them not going through the original masters. All they could do is go through discogs. Why does it take so much time for them to research her career and make a good anniversary edition?
  5. Is it me or her face kind of glitches at around 2:24? Just a small detail haha
  6. Listening to Beat Goes On demo, my guess is that she did feel inspired at first to explore new routes, but as her marriage with Guy Ritchie became strained as the year where she started recording the album went by, my guess is that she just ended up burned out, became insecure about putting new ideas in the table and nothing's been the same ever since. Or maybe, that's what she wanted all along. To make a fun, simple album and go back touring. And yes, she was late to the trend, but the earliest leaked demos are from Feb-Apr 2007, and during that time I imagine producers like Timbaland and Pharrell were booked and busy, so that might've slown down the recording process.
  7. Am I the only one who isn't that crazy over Human Nature? The music video is iconic and the song itself is just fine, but the beat and the repetitive buzzing gets a little annoying after some time. I might even say I prefer the remixes
  8. It’s kind of sad that she worked so hard for that tour and that she’s going to profit very little off of it after spending lots of money on producing the footage but that’s what you get when you premiere something on a streaming platform no one’s looking up to
  9. I'm inclined to say it's about spirituality, the DWT backdrop pretty much confirms it to me. (Although I do know certain songs can be reinterpreted sometimes)
  10. All these new streaming platforms surging and what not...
  11. I think I'm just going to get over this if this week passes and there's nothing
  12. I would honestly be happy if they simply released another LAP 30th anniversary with her other albums. I hope Warner hasn't abandoned this campaign so far...
  13. Madame X unreleased songs and demos (If there's any unreleased songs)
  14. It's her sense of humor, but not everyone understands it and it may come across as disrespectful to some who don't really know her or as I said understand her personality... I also see everyone calling her "heterosexual" when she's bisexual herself.
  15. That's a nice list, I'd change YCD's WTP for WTP Shep's Route 88 remix and add Ain't No Big Deal's '97 remix (although that one was done without M's permission...)
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