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  1. I hope they upload the HD version of Celebration for the single anniversary... It easily could've been uploaded in 480p back then but for some reason they decided to upload it in 240p
  2. Nothing new, again!

  3. Going to pray so hopefully my DVD will be completely glitch free...
  4. I like whenever she experiments. This is going to be a very unpopular opinion but I would be more pleased if her next album was more about weird/psychedelic sounds rather than disco. I’m not really hyped about it and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to repeat herself either. At the same time I hope she doesn’t stop releasing new single EPs and remixes, which are some of the reasons why I’m a big fan haha
  5. I don’t know, but when I recognized it it was the first time I was actually happy about their mess ups
  6. I’m hoping ROL will be next! I really want the “Calderone Drum Mix” on spotify
  7. Best official remix of all times do we agree? :silly:


    1. MadonnaLove
    2. RayofPrayers


      Yup, included in the TPOG maxi-single

    3. aleex123


      Sounds like Bjork

  8. I wish they would've done this chronologically, also the way they release them weeks apart from each other is... frustrating. They've been doing this since 2019. I'd be more content if they just released them all at once, it's not like there's anything new in those singles anyway.
  9. Different times. Now that the editing possibilities are infinite she's gone absolutely mad and she's probably rewatched the entire film 100 times to check if everything was in place
  10. 1. What is your favorite TV shows from the past?: Skins 2. Your favorite color(s) to wear is: Any earthy colors and red 3. If you had pets when you were young, what were their names?: never had one 4. My favorite lunch item(s) to make myself at home is: instant noodles lol 5. From 1-10, how do you rate Madonna's "Take A Bow"?: 7 6. And a serious question: What is the root of all evil at this time in history?: I would say misunderstanding, ignorance, fear, chaos.
  11. Mine is pretty expensive and I mostly use the BT option (which compromises the original audio quality), I also have a turntable that sounds pretty great but I'm that kind of person that prefers listening to playlists and remixes so I compile them on my USB and it ends up being much more convenient. The official remixes saved on my laptop are on average 256 kbps AAC btw
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