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  1. yeah you're right I think! I just made an amazon uk account and bought it there, ended up being $19 w shipping so not terrible I guess. Do you know if the Vinyl is being sold in stores in the US?
  2. damn, I wonder why. Well I'm currently in Mexico, I wonder if it's available here before I leave?
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know what stores in US are selling the 2CD version of the album? I can't seem to find it or the box set online, plus I'd rather buy it in person. Thank you!
  4. Adam X

    Glad she didn't. I don't know why she continues to be so supportive of him after he had shown her absolutely none of the same respect when he was alive, hopefully this is a step in the right direction
  5. Could someone please tell me if the Vinyl edition includes all 15 tracks? I can't seem to find info on amazon or on her store
  6. does anyone know the best place to buy the deluxe 2 CD version? it seems weird that it's not really available on US Amazon from an official seller
  7. Adam X

    that's your prerogative I guess!
  8. Adam X

    you're superior for not supporting her new singles?
  9. Adam X

    I hope not/don't think so
  10. Adam X

    same! can't wait to hear it. hope it sounds similar to how it did at the Met Gala
  11. Adam X

    no need to be rude about it, we were just having a civilized discussion but since you want to be rude, maybe you should get your ears cleaned out because you clearly have hearing issues need a Q-tip?
  12. Adam X

    interesting! i'm jealous hahaha I'm only 20 so maybe my ears are extra sensitive
  13. Adam X

    there's like a pop or a small crackle every time she says the word "my" in "ooooooh my cravings get dangerous". Idk, I wish i didn't hear it but it's very clear to me.
  14. Adam X

    I hear the cracks too! I don't know why more people aren't discussing them (the most obvious one is at 1:24-1:25). I love the song so much but they honestly put a significant damper on the listening experience considering it's supposed to be a chill song but my ears brace for the cracks because of how uncomfortable they sound, it sucks. I hope they fix it on the streaming services and iTunes versions at least if it's too late for the vinyl and CD pressings