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  1. I just got to the red rooster lol. I’m just sitting inside eating waiting.
  2. Interesting! Do we know why? And will it be open?
  3. Where is it gonna be? The Apollo still? It’s weird they’ve been so silent.
  4. If we commented on the FB post when do you think we’ll be messaged by?
  5. It’s midnight on the east coast! When will it be released on paramount +?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/100043943868342/posts/425551495586309/?d=n Madonna has announced a special performance in Harlem the night of Friday October 8th as part of her promotion for the release of the Madame X Tour. Anyone have tickets yet? Any more details out?
  7. When do y’all think we would get a message by?
  8. https://www.facebook.com/100043943868342/posts/425551495586309/?d=n For those of us who have commented on her post, how exactly does this work?? Do they Facebook dm us with tickets if we got them? Or contact us some other way? and what do you think is the likelihood of getting selected?
  9. Not people on here saying that this monotonous and generic club remix is better than anything on Madame X, one of her most creative and meaningful albums ever... the lack of flavor.. the lack of taste...
  10. twitter isn't the only place it's being dragged on tho. YouTube comments are pretty reflective of the GP and the reception is not positive.
  11. i saw that, hopefully it doesn't get more traction. luckily cupcakke hasn't been relevant since 2015. alright tho what do we do as Madonna fans if this blows up, we need to prepare
  12. i mean i thought it was kind of cringey when i first saw it (like i think about a lot of her insta posts) but some people on twitter are acting reallyyyyy pissed about this, jesus. it's definitely just outrage for the sake of being outraged honestly. a lot of people hate madonna and will take any opportunity to drag her. something that kind of concerns me tho are people taking this opportunity to pull up that 2013 post where she calls Rocco the n-word. it already caused a controversy but I think the general public forgot about it and we as Madonna fans reallyyy don't need people to start talking about that again. That's something that could really hurt her legacy and image in the eyes of the public. Scared i'm gonna wake up to a #MadonnaIsOverParty
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