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  1. I love listening to this album when I go to bed, in the bath and even making love! My favourite song is 'Inside Of Me', absolutely gorgeous, love her vocal on it, "I can't stop thinking of you" ? I never listened to it back in the day but it's my 2nd favourite Madonna album now as I'm older. 1. Madonna. 2. Bedtime Stories. 3. Confessions
  2. Go sit down and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, you about to bust a blood vessel ?
  3. You are so right. I also admire Taylor for speaking out on artists owning the rights to their masters. How the industry is so unfair when it comes to artists writes and control over their work. I also think she is pretty ballsy to think f**k it and re-record her whole back catalogue, I think that takes courage and strength, she is very intelligent and has a lot of strength. I absolutely adore 'Folklore' and 'Evermore'. I was never a fan of her music or her until I heard those albums and I'm so glad I woke up to how incredibly talented and good she is as a musician and lyricist.
  4. Right?! Also why was my Urban Outfitters Vinyls thread deleted? ?
  5. @DitoI tried to message you but there is no option on your profile, please message me! I need a copy of this for my board game collection! ?
  6. Definitely not fact, she has an amazing voice, you just haven't listened closely. If we are being serious about vocal strength, she has a better voice than Madonna lol
  7. She definitely isn't voiceless or talentless. I'm not a huge fan but some of her live performances have really blew me away. She has a great voice, there is no question about it. She might not be to your style but she can definitely sang!
  8. Guys are we really that bored?? Who cares what bloody way her face is supposed to be? It looks great either way, just enjoy the album! It's one of my favourite Madonna albums and I love the photoshoot. These photos and the ones from the Human Nature single are my favourite images of her. She looks absolutely gorgeous! How anyone can say she looks ugly is beyond me, can we see your gorgeous face on your own album cover? THOUGHT NOT! ?
  9. How do I upload a mega link that is hidden, so people have to like the post to view the link? I'm stuck and need help, can someone message me how to do it? :)

    1. Fighter


      You gotta use the button that is a lock with a ? in it :) and put the link in there

    2. artlover


      There's a button with a question mark inside a padlock. Click there then paste the link you'd like to be hidden. 

    3. Can-We-Get-Together


      Thanks guys, omg it's so easy now I know ?

  10. They should have made the bottle in the shape of an X, with 2 bottles and 2 different unisex scents!
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