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  1. I had some pics from a long time ago showing sheet music auctioned on ebay with the chords for Warning Signs, not sure if they can be made out from these..
  2. Think thats part of the lyric to the Head over heels song from the way he described it ie "Head over heels and crushed to bits..."
  3. It was a particularly brilliant episode, thank you so much. Caught me off guard too as, rather unexpectedly, I got quite emotional remembering the scale of the impact she had and what she had to deal with.... just so well put together, balancing the excitement of the time, the focus on the music and also the glimpses into how it all impacted on M. Thanks again, this series is the best set of docs on M, by far.
  4. So... is the title for this project Remix Revolution? If so... I like it!
  5. Fabulous... good luck finding things "not shit" to focus on. I find it healthier just to move on from things I dont like. But different strokes an' all that...
  6. For goodness sake, please let it go with the "deluded fake fans" narrative around Inside the Groove, its insulting and silly. And a viewpoint of Like a Virgin underperforming is simply not the case ... which anyone who lived through the era as it unfolded could tell you. It basically brought her name to the masses! I don't normally respond to posts in this way, but seeing sh*t constantly flung at someone who is doing such an honest and respectful podcast (rather than just saying you dont like it, which is fine) is beyond tiresome and feels like a personal vendetta against the guy. Please. Let it go.
  7. For the recent Queen at the BBC compilation, they used music videos too, including out takes, and footage from documentaries, so we may find a similar approach...
  8. Plus the Wogan interview 1991.. wouldnt that be bbc?
  9. You can dance would be cool, the artwork and photoshoots are stunning and it could include all the dubs, edits and unmixed versions...
  10. Nice cover but LOL at the numbering error for cd 1
  11. Brilliant news... hope they include all the mixes, including 7 inch single versions!
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