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  1. Our first mix of D&D on digital services that is not the original album version or the album edit. Hurrah!
  2. Well spotted! At least they have shown now that they are willing to correct mistakes as they happen. Bodes well for things getting tidied up across the board...
  3. A preference for blobs of colour smudged over a lump of wax does not equate to "taste".
  4. Anything over €25 I've received by mail in the last 2 years which has come from the UK, I've had to pay additional charges before receiving it, be that VAT or customs duties. Either way, things cost me more coming from London than they do coming from Paris of Frankfurt. Which is why some online traders such as ASOS opened new depots in mainland Europe instead of dispatching from England for their EU customers, so as not to put them off. My point was that Warners should consider doing the same.
  5. Not economically which is what we're talking about here. Import charges and import duties now get added to anything coming from UK to EU over €25. The label should dispatch from a more central location if they want higher sales.
  6. Possibly a role in the biopic? Niki Harris or Erica Belle? We know she can dance...
  7. Oh dear, hun, you've come to the wrong side of the tracks with derogatory insults like those.... scurry along now.
  8. Great to see her wearing bright colours. They really suit her. She wears too much black. I wonder if she's gonna do an Erotica remix with Mykki for later in the year?
  9. Yeah, the MJ re-releases over the years have been tragic. I'm only a casual MJ fan but there has never been anything they've put out that made me want to spend money. That new Thriller logo is beyond gross.
  10. I hadn't even thought of that. As someone who has never seen a copy in real life, it's kind of maddening that they've never done another run of it. I would love a re-print as part of a 30th anniversary boxset.
  11. She said "I hope he's in jail when I get there..."
  12. Have to agree, I was so relieved to hear the Madonna I've always known is still there. Smart, funny and empathetic, emotional and very much in control of what she wants to achieve artistically. A 180 degrees away from the way people like to describe her in some circles. We don't see enough of this woman in this way unfortunately. It seems clear to me that the caricature she presents on Instagram is just that, a cartoon version of herself for people to get fired up and rage about.
  13. Well spotted. Now I'm even more devastated my fave has been treated so poorly. It's like she was invited to go to the ball and then told she couldn't go as she was all dressed up and in the car on her way....
  14. They better put the full CAC digital single online this summer. I'm genuinely heartbroken the Silverscreen 7" mix is not on this compilation. It's the song that cemented my fandom.
  15. Yes, I noticed that they've sort of picked one song from every era except True Blue (no tracks) and Madame X (2 tracks).
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