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  1. The opposite I would imagine. LA Is the last place she'd go to retire! I don't think she has lived there full-time since she was married to Guy in her workaholic years. She's lived in London / NYC / Lisbon since then until last year when she moved back to LA. It's where she goes to do some serious work. With a big movie project coming up and probably bunch of music plans we don't know about yet, she probably has the next 3 years mapped out work wise. Plus the kids will enjoy the weather more. Great garden for a bbq.
  2. These eyerolling articles taking the 90s "quote" out of the letter's context of what was clearly a tongue-in-cheek comment just continue to pit women against each other. On the surface it's all "women in harmony" but buried in the article is the subtext of further misogyny and and finger pointing. Sharon gets it but she can't contol the way it's written. "Secretly champions"?? makes it sound like she's not confident enough to boldly champion her in public. Ughh. If there's a book coming out, then we'll be seeing the "horribly mediocre" comment again and again as she promotes it. Madonna's
  3. She has never had a GH with a focus on streaming though, so a compilation to highlight all of the best versions/single mixes of her catalogue is surely something which would be beneficial. Celebration was sloppy and didn't really do that. Also, whilst she may not be having massive hits these days, there are still new generations of pop fans to be dragged up. I'm sure we'll get something in the not too distanced future, either a series of complilations like Bowie did such as 82-89, 90-99, 2000-2019, or a one volume album of just the mega hits.
  4. The prospect of her doing a show with a full band again is so exciting to me. For this task, I'm feeling 8 bangers that showcase both her ability to write brilliant, feelgood, empowering pop songs as well as keep true to her dancefloor roots. Sonically, this is a non-stop-bop, combining elements of Quincy Jones MJ-era production, Miami Sound Machine and Chic/ Nile Rogers vibes with just her and a mic living her best carefree-life on stage whilst the band make us transcend. Music Express Yourself Brass In Pocket (Pretenders cover) 4 Minutes (using a different male voca
  5. Oh wow, I had never heard the On The Fly mix before. The kick drum and baseline are really pumping in it. Much clubbier. Hope it gets a release at some stage...
  6. Stop promoting clickbait trash, jesus.... 'Team Madonna' my ass.
  7. Well she was in a studio for 3 days with a film crew and photographers!
  8. It's the Easter holidays, school's out. She'll be headed to the Hamptons to hang out with the horses.
  9. 700,000 likes in 4 hours is pretty good going. She'll be at a million before the night is out. Very high for her posts which average around 200k likes. And so, as it was in the beginning and ever shall be, world without end, Sex Sells.
  10. Holiday for the sheer joy it brings at the end of such a dark show (which I loved). Also for its Music Sounds Better With You mashup (a fuller version of this like the Holiday/MSBWY bootleg mashup that was doing the rounds would have been even better).
  11. Material Girl: The Farewell Tour 2042-2048
  12. Poor Orbital were robbed, they deserved the boost from being listed moreso than Junior having delivered (possibly) the best remix of her career!
  13. The poorly veiled hatred of her in some quarters of the press is never ending. All this based on what Rosie said or is there somethiing else going on?
  14. Indeed. But even Madonna herself was well aware she needed an image makeover leading up to it filming. That's what 'Something To Remember' was designed to do after she got finally the part in Spring '95 (she mentioned just getting it in the Pyjama Party interview).
  15. Getting wires crossed here, nobody involved in the movie would have had any say in LDLHA remixes which is what someone suggested.
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