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  1. Ain't nobody spending 18 months filming a movie! Nobody has the budget or the patience for that. It'll be a tightly scheduled 3 months of principal filming. Beyond that, they'd just be haemorrhaging money.
  2. What a conservative view of the world you have. It's surprising that you would be a fan of an artist as unconforming as Madonna.
  3. Movies go through many working titles along the way. What I find more strange is how people on the internet do cartwheels trying to explain what hidden messages may be in the post whilst ignoring the fact that she's pretending to write the script on a typewriter! In full drag makeup! As with most things we get to see from her these days, it's all make-believe for the 'Gram. You only see what your eyes want to see. Etc.
  4. My first impressions after seeing that image was - 1) she would never wear a pink wooly jumper in an arty type of photo shoot and 2) those are not her fingers/nails!
  5. If you have to explain when you're being facetious, it didn't work... words are black and white.
  6. Far from a nobody, you really are showing your age and how out of touch you are. She has 2 songs in the Billboard Top 4 this week... and also holds the top 1+2 positions in the UK this week...
  7. The pink cover is definitely new for Europe. Maybe it existed in other territories. There was only ever the grey & red cover previously.
  8. I wonder why she didn't get her roots done throughout the last few months of the tour... I assumed she was going to go for an image change... evidently not...
  9. Even her so-called fans are full of prejudice towards her judging by this thread. As we all know, she doesn't care. She will do what she want to do as she always has. People will bitch and moan no matter what she does, so she's dead right.
  10. Indeed. A revival of some deep cuts would be most satisfying. Which Madonna song deserves to be the next Tiny Dancer or Moonage Daydream?
  11. I can't believe this was 25 years ago. Holy shit. The year I moved to NYC. No smartphone. Just me, my dreams and a pager.
  12. Interesting that the price point is €6.61. Sounds more like a single than an album re-issue.
  13. Whatever Mama has been doing since she came off tour, she looks phenomenal. I assume it's more than just sleeping...
  14. I love her version of Imagine... she sounds like she means it....
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