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  1. If anything, it should be merged with the version which currently sits incorrectly on the debut album as it's the same remix but with a slightly different length. The Celebration version sits by itself as the only full original version available online.
  2. I saw the show in Lisbon last night. She was absolutely incredible. None of the video footage or clips I've seen before did the show justice at all, not even close. Her vocals sounded on-point throughout, choreography was fantastic, her energy levels were through the roof and she was in really great form. She seemed very emotional to be back in Lisbon and mentioned meeting her favourite artists before the show. She arrived on stage at 22:00, finished at 00:15. I really couldn't fault the show up until the last segment which I felt was really not well thought out. Everybody I was with thought the MJ-LAV interlude was awkward and ruined the flow and the BIM and Celebration finale was way too scrappy for a show that had been so meticulous thus far. It's almost like she didn't want to sing at that point and just half-arse lip synched. Kind of weird tbh. I felt she crammed a lot in, I was never bored or lost interest in what was going on. So many highlights, but most memorable performances for me were Open Your Heart, Holiday. Live To Tell, Bad Girl, The Beast Within, Die Another Day (!!!), Mother & Father and Ray of Light. I had been looking forward to Rain but it felt a bit undercooked without the middle 8 which was a shame. So good to see her again and beaming throughout. Also, I didn't miss the band like I feared I might, so much going on. 9.5/10 (that ending is limp).
  3. The first re-issue is going to be MDNA isn't it...
  4. The "rumours" are just fan-dreams circulating around forums such as this one, that's all he's referring to. There is nothing of any substance to suggest she's doing stadiums next year.
  5. I love the album as a collection of songs, just a great listen on an Autumn evening. One More Chance makes me ill though, she went a step too far into 90s balladering schmalz with that one. One thing I never really got to the bottom of though, what was the deal with the different artworks for the back cover? Was there a reason? Which is the "real" version?
  6. The reporting of her being at the concert = "Madonna to headline Glastonbury" is what is tenuous. Like I said, Emily has been to see her in concert before, so this in itself means nothing other than 'concert booker attends gig'. Groundbreaking.
  7. I imagine they'll add on a few NKM remixes onto it, maybe Love Profusion as well? Let's not believe they'll deliver what they should. They have form...
  8. The entire article sounds made up by some underpaid gossip columnist. Emily Eavis has been to see her before so it's a tenuous connection. And no doubt they've probably had a conversation with GuyO at some point about the possibility. But the real clue that they've just taken speculation from forums is the line "And fans are convinced it was a sign that Madonna is top of the organiser's list." We'll See.
  9. I can't see it in her spotify anywhere and I've closed it down and refreshed. Have they been on the wine for lunch and hit the 'send' button early?
  10. As much and all as I would love for her to do a headline slot at Glastonbury, I can't see this particular show working at it. She'd be crucified for not having a band on stage for starters, and I can't go through another savaging for mutha. Also, Glasto is on around midsummer, so it will be bright until 11pm! I think there's a reason this show has only been booked into indoor arenas unlike most other previous tours which had a mix of indoor/outdoor depending on the city. The technology wouldn't work well in an outside setting. For that reason, I'm sceptical about rumours of European outdoor shows for next summer. She'd be better off doing a lap of South American, Asian and Ozzie territories and wrapping it all up before her birthday.
  11. Can we please discuss Reinvention elsewhere. This thread is about the current tour. Y'all are tying yourselves up in knots for no reason and it's exhausting. It was 19 years ago. Nobody gives a shit. Have a wank or something instead.
  12. I just noticed she doesn't have 50 chains around her neck. When did this stop? Drove me up the walls.
  13. I tend to agree here. I have no doubt that the show will be thrilling as a visual spectacle, but it's live music I'm flying abroad to see. There's nothing like the thrill of an incredible drummer bashing out a dance rhythm with their own bare hands. TBH I was hoping she'd go down the route of a full 10 piece band this time around. Lovely and all as Mercy and David showing us how well they did their music lessons, it's not what I'm paying €1000 for a night out in Lisbon for. I'll live with it, but at the same time, sigh.
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