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  1. Nice to see Rocco not pretending to be a Peaky Blinders character for a change.
  2. Warner might have been planning to release it at one point, maybe to tie in with the MTV awards. However, when Juliet Hohnen interviewed her in Paris a few weeks later she asked her if she had planned to release it as the next single and M said no. Who knows, maybe radio didn't like any of the mixes and they decided not to bother or something...
  3. I think it was just a pic of him in Miami captioned 'back to music' which I thought was unusual because all his recent posts have been about the new book he recently released. But I'm not 100% certain...
  4. Yeah, I know, but he had a different post in his actual feed that has now been deleted. This music one came after... I edited my previous post to make it clearer but too late...
  5. Did you see what he wrote on his own Insta feed before deleting all his photos? Something like 'back to music' and then deleted everything. Then he put this post in his stories... It's fucking hilarious that she posed with people in front of the pic of her giving a rim-job! I LOVE HER! EDIT: Also I just noticed that thing we all thought was a tattoo on her foot is not visible on this pic... hmmmm
  6. I don't think it's coz fans had moved on, more to do with the fact that it was quite a nostalgic and mournful 5 minute ballad released at the peak of summer and had 3 similar versions of itself on the cd! The other songs around her in the UK chart that month were Sexy MF by Prince, Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap!, Ain't No Doubt by Jimmy Nail, Shake Your Head by Was Not Was, Love Sex Intelligence by The Shamen etc... All BOPS! Like, it spent 3 weeks in the Top 5. It did pretty well.
  7. Why should she give in to bullying though??? She has said on many occasions that it's her body and she will do what she pleases with it, both in interviews and on Instagram posts. I don't believe she needs to address it any more than this. Fuck that, that's just giving in to harassment. Saying I've had a facelift or a butt lift will not deter the world's tabloids. They've been at her from Day 1. Nothing will stop them.
  8. I've given them all a few spins as well. Gonna take the short 'house mix' and be on my way... fits nicely after Up Down Suite on my remix playlist. I'll hold out for the Daniel Abrahams mix showing up somewhere down the line (assuming that's the version they used for the MTV awards performance...which I digged?)... Also, this does feel complete... at last! Another full pre-2005 singles era on streaming.
  9. According to someone over on Popjustice, this is the track listing we're getting on Friday: "Bye Bye Baby" expected December 2. Tracklisting: Bye Bye Baby - 3:56 Bye Bye Baby (NY Hip Hop Mix) - 3:51 Bye Bye Baby (California Hip Hop Jazzy) - 3:43 Bye Bye Baby (Madonna's Night On The Club) - 5:16 Bye Bye Baby (Rick Does Madonna's Dub) - 6:20 Bye Bye Baby (House Mix) - 3:50 Bye Bye Baby (Madonna Gets Hardcore) - 4:24 Bye Bye Baby (Tallahassee Pop) - 3:48
  10. In fairness, it was Warners who purposely misled people with the fake Danceteria release. Even Tower Records in Dublin are still using the below fake Black Friday release info on their site. "Limited edition 12" vinyl reissue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Lisa's debut single, originally released in October 1982. Features brand new sleeve artwork, exclusive to this anniversary release. Both tracks are newly remastered. Tracklist: Side A: Danceteria (12" Version - 2022 Remaster) - 5:56 Side B: Danceteria (Dub Version - 2022 Remaster) - 9:23" https://www.towerrecords.ie/product/MADONNA_EVERYBODY12"[BLACKFRIDAY2022]/913011
  11. I don't think it was you I was referring to, the original poster of the next wave of releases specifically referred to 'Everybody (Remixes)', but good to know BBB is definitely coming next week!
  12. Which means whoever said that 'Everybody (remixes)' were coming were also bullshitting about Bye Bye Baby and Gambler.
  13. There are probably a lot of artists who have a few strong Christmas singles in their catalogues which give them a bump in streaming at the moment (beyond their usual fanbase) and give them an advantage over her. Also, just in general, streaming is very competitive at this time of year.... I agree though, not sure how long the single re-releases can maintain her upward momentum in the new year. A new viral hit would be a good jolt in the ass...
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