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  1. Papa Don't Preach album version has been fixed on Spotify. A True Blue miracle. Alas, they didn't have the foresight to combine its plays with the Celebration version, so numbers are split. Sigh.
  2. Emily must have been laying into the whiskey and hit 'go' by accident that day...
  3. Have you seen the tour receipts from their last 2 tours (2017 & 2018)? I would say that sums up how well their recent campaigns have gone. Even if they passed you by. Madonna is the one calling the shots, as you said. Guy implements her vision. She decides that she wants to spend a year of her time editing a concert. She decides she wants to look like a doll. She decides to do a dud performance in front of an entire continent. He has no power over any of these choices it seems. Gaga is in her 30s still, she'll get away with doing shit for a while yet. Madonna is more creative but also more contrary than most people in the pop game. My point is, blaming Guy for decisions that are beyond him is unfair. As someone who works with artists myself, sometimes there is only so much you can do. As the saying goes "When things are going great, the artist is a legend. When things are going badly, blame the manager".
  4. Guy orchestrated several remaster campaigns for his other clients U2 so bashing him is misdirected. He's well capable.
  5. The iHeart Radio interview is great in full, thanks for reminding me about it. As @ITG mentioned, I don't think she ever really intends to mis-represent her past. Expecting her to recount every minuscule detail of her life to perfection is (A) Unrealistic and (B) Not how the majority of us describe our pasts. I see people around me recount things from last week inaccurately, so I'm willing to cut her some slack. She has been one of the busiest people in showbiz for decades, details are bound to be blurry (or fuzzy) once the dust settles in the rearview mirror. Also, there's no doubt Martin was with her that day and was probably involved in the performance in some way at some point. All her mates were closely involved in those early days. Whether we witnessed him walking down the stairs or not, it's how she remembers him. That said, I'm not suggesting we shouldn't correct her errors by reminding her of the evidence-based detail available to us which might then open her memory box to further nuances and information which sometimes can't be expressed in soundbites or in the flow of a short interview. But labelling it as a "bogus story" makes it sound like she's malicious. There's enough Dai*y M*il journos in the world already painting her like that without fans doing the same. I look forward to a time when the nitty-gritty is explored in full by way of her ten part biography.
  6. I can def see them doing a thorough compilation like this with the correct remastered single versions. I think I posted one before called Queen of Pop but broken into 3 volumes as follows: 1. 82-89 2. 90-99 3. 00-20 Bowie did something similar in the noughties with his back catalogue.
  7. Y'all have the shortest memories! Before everyone goes down fantasy rabbit holes again, a reminder on the situation with Diablo in the article below... https://ew.com/movies/madonna-biopic-diablo-cody-didnt-quit/ Also, isn't the whole point of the biopic thread to.... nevermind...
  8. Considering she hasn't been in London since March 2020, it was more likely during the making of Madame X than anything recent.
  9. Got a link you can share with us? I'd say they were in the running for some of the Madame X stuff...
  10. Truly shocking how quickly time goes by... I remember refreshing Madonnalicious every second for the updates... sigh....
  11. Not sure about the Malik rumour tbh, he was with her at David's football game on May 11th. She doesn't post that much about him on her socials anyway so it doesn't feel that strange to me. Like, he's a grown man with his own life and work. I think it's just carzies making assumtions because he wasn't in Michigan. But who knows (or cares, really).... I think the "don't get in my way" comment was directed at the photographer in the airport who papped her. The word heart is on her shirt so....from other pics in that series he looked like he got quite close to her.
  12. I didn't even know that "city" version existed! Gross. Get Together is one of my all time faves from her so I'm glad it's getting more attention. However, the pang of bitterness is real too, it would have been a monster hit if it had been given a decent video and the song treated with love by her and warners instead of the limp push at radio, uninspired cover art and general "focus on the tour" attitude. Sigh.
  13. In the 10 months that it has been available on digital services, you...never once thought of listening to it??? Huge!
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