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  1. Got rid of my collection about a decade ago to make room for the puppy who was about to come live with us, but held on to the cd albums. Like A Prayer Bedtime Stories Ray of Light Erotica Music
  2. Absolutely agree, an actual band playing those songs would have made a huge difference. The production, as it stands, cheapens the entire aesthetic of the album. As a musician, it pains me to hear those tracks sometimes. The little bits featured in Bloodhounds of Broadway came out much better, even though what's featured in the film had to be rerecorded during post production, it's a more natural sound that fits the era with I Surrender Dear compared to the Breathless tracks. I'm Breathless could've been a real masterpiece if it wasn't marred by this production and included a couple more tracks without tacking on Vogue which really should have been an exclusive for The Immaculate Collection with JML and RM.
  3. These are the 10 I can't stand. Vulgar Dark Ballet Come Alive God Control Crazy Medellin Sex Bitch I'm Madonna Turn Off the Radio Dance 2 Nite
  4. She said "screw those fans, they ain't getting shit this year" 😁😂
  5. Here's a good tip - stop expecting and imagining 😁 it's just not worth the heartbreak and disappointment I see here every day, page after page. Live your life, Madonna is living hers. I'm glad she's still with us, she's still standing and I appreciate that more than reissues or demos or remixes. If she chooses to records more new stuff, cool I'll check it out, if not she's already done so much and accomplished more than we could have wished for.
  6. And that Madonna was unhappy with the work on her debut album and got Jellybean to produce different mixes for the album than what Reggie Lucas had done. So remixing was important to her right from the start, although at first she didn't always like other people changing her songs, she came to embrace it, even bootleg mixes (Stardust for DWT and Dens54 for RHT).
  7. Let's also not forget that You Can Dance was a remix album which was, at one point, the best selling remix album ever until Michael Jackson broke that record. Really wished it had included something new of La Isla Bonita though since the artwork played so much with the Spanish theme and there was nothing of that on the record.
  8. It's a record scratch sound effect. It really adds something to the mix doesn't it? Love it as well. A slightly different record scratch effect is used on Now I'm Following You Part II.
  9. At the end of the day, if you don't like what the assigned producer delivered from the sessions, your problem essentially lies with Madonna's choice of whom she selected as a conduit for her artist expression. An artist has a goal in mind when selecting a producer and Madonna is no different. She succeeded in crafting the record she envisioned with those she handpicked for the job.
  10. So fucking gorgeous 😍 That gift I can imagine means a lot to her. Very thoughtful.
  11. Cool to know it's in the UK top 10, listened to it once, but it's so generic and uninspired it's the equivalent to licking sawdust and people thinking it's caviar 🤐 why this resonates and not one of her better efforts off her own recent albums?
  12. I trust that Madonna will release what she wants to release in due time. Rather her do it on her own terms than feeling forced into it and not giving it her whole commitment, like GHV2 for example.
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