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  1. If it was something major regarding Madonna, why on earth would they let *him* announce it?
  2. *Only* 5... Not to mention all the other pages. It's really tedious and time consuming to keep scrolling through.
  3. Love. Don't. Live. Here. Anymore. What I've always felt held Madonna back was the production on her albums. The sound just isn't as epic as could be to carry her voice. The vocals on ldlha could've made it a monster hit alongside classics by Foreigner, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Ultravox and Bruce Springsteen. But Nile Rogers as a producer just didn't have that kind of vision to elevate the record beyond the teenybopper draw of bubblegum pop, or to at least convince Madonna to take the album in that direction. True Blue suffers from the same malady; despite its surface brilliance, there's still that bubblegum pop flavour in there instead of that mature adult orientated rock feel that would have given her more of an equal footing amongst her peers, and thus the respect. Jimmy Jimmy? Love Makes The World Go Round? Scheherazade with Peter Cetera has great backing vocals on it by Madonna that demonstrates she can hold a note and a tune. Patrick Leonard as producer with a lot of same session musicians Madonna worked with, so why is it a better record than half the stuff on True Blue? But I digress... The evidence was there all along that she has got a voice and she can use it.
  4. We worked with Warner and Madonna's publicist to screen the Confessions tour at a cinema for the home release, back in the day. Although not a music video, it was actually pretty cool to see it that way. Can't remember if we also screened Desperately Seeking Susan or anything else. Just too long ago.
  5. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what they have in the archives. Yes, a long time ago when I was interviewing and researching for a book I heard about things like David Fincher's footage for BA, the unused material for Bloodhounds of Broadway, the magazine cover Madonna hated, and multiple Pepsi Like A Prayer clips. So I have no doubt the BA footage exists, they just don't want you to see it, yet. You'll know the truth about JFK, the moon landing, 9/11, Hoffa and Monroe before you know what Madonna has in her vast archives 😮 bitch is holding out for a rainy day it seems!
  6. My favourite music video of all time. It's beautiful to see these. Hope some more might come out.
  7. She looks amazing 🤩
  8. Bitch has referenced Keep it Together twice on two songs (the dreadful Hey You, and the demo of The Beat Goes On), but refuses to do it live 🤣 Oh Father on Intervention? ("Oh mother, oh father") Like A Virgin referenced on the remix of Waiting in the rap (or was it Did You Do It?). Each Time You Break My Heart was referenced on Waiting ("you break my heart"/"you broke my heart").
  9. "Don't cry for me" in Hung Up "Erotic" in GGW?
  10. Thanks Bertrand. If I said Zap Mama would that mean anything to you? A long time ago I came across some articles regarding tracks that were recorded, but those articles no longer exist and nothing was ever mentioned again. Thought maybe you came across them? Often thought it was either a dream, alternate reality or mandela effect. And the Layo & Bushwhacker remixes for American Life, remember those articles back then? I don't get excited about remixes, but I do love unsolved mysteries 🙂
  11. Maybe @bertrandmight know? Usually a good authority on such matters.
  12. Love those raw vocals - she was really giving it her all during BA - no wonder her chords got shredded.
  13. She can re-use her Deeper and Deeper wig as a Bob Ross wig.
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