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  1. Thank you everyone
  2. Hey guys! Apologies in advance if this goes against the rules; could anyone share the new SMFF remixes? Stop Me From Falling (Joe Stone Remix) Stop Me From Falling (PBR Streetgang Remix) Stop Me From Falling (Cerrone Remix) Huge Kylie fan (bought the deluxe box set for Golden), but the single isn't being released physically. Thanks :D
  3. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but exactly 4 years ago, M posted fan made artwork for Unapologetic Bitch and everyone thought she was about to drop something.
  4. SpencerCSR

    Kylie Minogue

    I ordered the deluxe version on amazon back in January and it's only going to be sent to me in 2 weeks. *Illegally downloads in the mean time*
  5. i'm really feeling the African/folk stuff on her insta recently. That would be awesome.
  6. I honestly don't care if Cardi B and M collab, I just don't want it on M's album.
  7. SpencerCSR

    Britney Spears

    I was a huge fan up until Femme Fatale. That was her last good album. In The Zone and Blackout are both amazing albums, and by far her best. Britney Jean was extremely underwhelming for me (Alien and Perfume were probably the only good songs). And I find Glory extremely overrated: the promo for the album was all over the place and terribly managed (especially the crappy video for Make Me and lacklustre VMA performance). That being said, she looks much happier now.