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  1. The way this comment has aged like milk
  2. I love both pics! They would have made a cool deluxe artwork for FEL <3
  3. Wait, my bad, this was James Morrison Still, Rufus seems kinda obsessed anyway.
  4. It's not the first time he's talked about her. I remember that back in the day when he was "famous" (2008 or so) he said that they met and she was mean to him so... Idk, he sounds kind of obsessed to me.
  5. Take a video, watch it slow mo-mo-mo-mo

  6. Thanks for the heads up but I was working and I'm seeing it now. It's sold out :(
  7. It's such a big "no, thank you" from me.
  8. Yeah, I'm weak and I secured a copy too I will probably cancel it if some UK or (hopefully) European store gets stock.
  9. The thing is Celebration was not really that expensive back then. I mean, in general, I don't know the specifics of your case. I remember thinking "4LP for 40€, that's 10€ per disc" when I bought it (I was 16 and for me it was kind of a fortune so I had to justify it hahaha). But now it's different. Vinyl prices are getting higher and higher and I can't understand how they charge so much for so little. The 6LP thing is hella expensive even without the shipping and taxes.
  10. Fnac? I use paypal and they don't charge you right away (or they shouldn't at least). It's a preorder, they may lower the price and if that happens they will charge you the lowest one.
  11. Yeah, they don't ship to Spain (I tried). I'm not happy I missed out on this, but at the same time I kinda think that I didn't want to spend about 200€ (price + shipping + fucking taxes) because there is no european store. Plus that artwork... I guess I'll settle for the 3CD thing unless there are more copies available at some point.
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