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  1. I'm not a big fan of Funko Pops but now I suddenly need all the ones you just mentioned.
  2. A concert? Not long. A documentary? A while. A Madonna-edited concert with blurry filters, shitty audio and unwatchable sequences? Infinity.
  3. This sounds so much like the Reinvention Tour that I'm trembling with fear.
  4. Could you all report this tweet/account? She's judging Madonna by the men she's slept with and also implying she's had sex with Rocco! :angryaf:


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    2. Fighter


      @me1981that narrative already exists sadly so i dont think this particular one will matter

    3. me1981


      @FighterThat she might have slept with her son? I had no idea that was a thing people were putting out there. Unbelievable, I guess it must be going along with the illuminati garbage

    4. Fighter


      well not her son that ive seen thats new but it doesnt surprise me people are vile

  5. Who cares about the streaming source? I want a physical copy, I'm a collector!
  6. I'm not a moderator here but did you really need to open a new topic for the DVD when we don't even know if the video shared by Madonna means that it is *actually* finished?
  7. G House

    The Weeknd

    Kylie would be awesome, but it's never happening. She's nobody in the US.
  8. The moment I noticed... It ruined the number for me. I just can't understand such an amateurish edition.
  9. I am never camping again hahaha I'll pay whatever I have to pay, but I won't do it again
  10. I was there too and I kinda wanted to kill her hahahaha I hadn't seen any of the videos from previous concerts, so she was spoiling the whole audio for me. Thank God nobody recorded me with my fingers in my ears screaming "me cago en su p*ta madre" outside the venue
  11. Lucky Star was also part of the medley on the Rebel Heart Tour
  12. Like a Prayer was a highlight in Paris too. My concert was great because she had her full energy. The problem was us, the fans. It was midnight and we were really tired from waiting in the cold. If she had started it sooner, it would have been way better.
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