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  1. You can only be sure of the first songs that are recorded for the press. Recording the whole show is just pointless but who knows.
  2. -Hire a fucking community manager for your social media accounts. You are not doing it well, sweetie. -Keep your fans happy. In the end, they're the ones who buy your records nowadays. -Live in the fucking real world, 400€ for a concert ticket won't get your "real" fans to the concerts, only the rich ones. -You're a living legend, care about your legacy.
  3. G House

    Well, that would mean "working" and Kevin Antunes is not known for that.
  4. This is just a myth.
  5. G House

    Yeah, no wonder you weren't there
  6. G House

    Yeah, I don't think it's a matter of being a die-hard fand, it's just that it is more subtle and gives the song a different meaning, which is why it really stands out.
  7. G House

    Not totally on topic but this has to be the most boring intro she's ever done.
  8. Hi! Could you please like my last post on instagram? @oscarssoundtrack <- That's the account. It's for a contest! Thanks in advance :)

  9. G House

    Wait, didn't she say that Best Friend was for Guy Oseary?
  10. G House

    Well idk if you attended the show in Paris but the venue was amazing, she even noticed and talked about the shining stars on the ceiling when she was speaking in my concert. I mean:
  11. Hey, First of all I wanted to say that if this post doesn't belong here, please feel free to move it to wherever it should be. I wanted to show you a project I made last year, in light of what I saw posted here by other user showing his Immaculate Collection 30th anniversary box (which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G). I wanted to make something especial and never before seen from her, so I chose the vinyl format and added som personal touches to the artwork. I know vinyl is not the perfect choice for some, but I really like the big covers hahahaha In the extras, I put some studio demos and rehearsals, and something I'd love to happen: a conversation between Madonna and Stuart over the creative process, the selection of songs and everything else. Lemme know your thoughts https://imgur.com/4zPtlyS
  12. G House

    It's definitely been a nerve-wrecking era. First trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible being my concert one of the last ones of the tour (thank God for the no-phones policy), then worrying my concert might get re-scheduled, then worrying it might get cancelled and, finally, worrying for my own safety alone in Paris at 3 AM
  13. G House

    She's probably sad and relieved at the same time now with these forced cancellations. However, for those who think she's gonna retire: she is not, and definitely not like this. If she's ever retiring she will do it with a grand finale, not with a forced cancellation.
  14. G House

    The audacity of saying this really makes me sick. It's not even my show and I'm mad because of this answer.