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  1. Yasssssssssssss! I got Animal from her website a couple of weeks ago :D
  2. Kylie got another #1 with her greatest hits album and she had previously released one in 2012, without "many hits" between them. It's just a matter of what your fanbase consists of, which in this case is mostly collectors and people who like to buy physical albums. This would totally work.
  3. I think we're probably getting something like this next year... but as the OST for her biopic, just like Bohemian Rhapsody.
  4. I fell in love, I fell in love
    I gave my heart to el diablo, el diablo

  5. Madders? I thought we were called motherf*ckers! I mean, she's always calling us that.
  6. TOTALLY. I hate the twins at this point. I'm here for more shirtless Rocco though.
  7. I'm a big fan of this game (not the new season though), and I'd kill for skins from her videos and so on, but I agree that the target audience is totally not interested in her. We're a rare exception. HOWEVER, if they made a dance for Rick Astley, this could happen too hahahaha
  8. *clears throat* *Chicago OST starts playing* HE HAD IT COMING!
  9. We'll get a shitty selfie done with her phone or Aldo Diaz doing it.
  10. I told her myself seven years ago (no kidding). I hope she wrote it on a post-it or something so maybe once she finds it she'll know about our needs
  11. SInce the topic is closed for further discussion, I'll tell you my opinion right here: Madonna doesn't know how to use instagram. She didn't know how to do it six years ago and she hasn't learnt yet. However, people blaming and "cancelling" the girl of the original pic for actually telling what happened should get a grip ;)

  12. I'm not a big fan of Funko Pops but now I suddenly need all the ones you just mentioned.
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