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  1. luckystar

    I saw that too. He isn't, he just copies stuff, which is confusing.
  2. luckystar

    I just read she is in London. If Brit Awards aren't the reason, what could be?
  3. luckystar

    How old are you? How Madonna's LFL video was a rehearsal for the tour or Grammy's? She recreate LFL video on stage, so what? Saying LFL video was a rehearsal for future projects is just stupid. Madonna has always RECREATING her videos on stage and there was nothing bad about it. I guess Madonna's Vogue video was a rehearsal for BAT and MTV VMAs judging by your logic.
  4. luckystar

    Exactly. Some fans are already upset about music that isn't even hers.
  5. luckystar

    Not really. It was just used later on the tour.
  6. luckystar

    There are three songs. The third one being Human Nature. The first one contains a vocal that reminds of Madonna's voice, but the singing is too good. Just compare vocals of that to Madonna singing Human Nature. I don't know... We will see.
  7. luckystar

    What delay? If you are talking about album being released in 2018, it was never set in stone. Netflix documentary was rumored in 2017.
  8. luckystar

    In the past most of her stuff were done before touring. Touring isn't the reason. It is a bad planning. Take LDLHA video for example. It was made during one day while she was making Evita. That's why Jump and TUTR were bad too, although LDLHA was decent. But it is possible to make a great video with low budget and for a day. You just need a good concept and everything well planned. She doesn't usually wait for two eras. She has always touring after a studio album. She didn't wait for anything. Just because some less important era came after the main era, doesn't mean she was waiting. It isn't a good idea to do something during touring, but like I said, she released most of the singles and videos before touring in the past. Her videos suffered, because Madonna herself stated that videos weren't important anymore and she didn't care for them like she did in the past. Her latest singles flopped. Hence less singles and less videos, which means she didn't have to spend money on a video for a song that would flop. Madonna is a business woman who doesn't like to waste money. She could spend her own money on a video, but she won't if a song will flop. It is her label who gives her money for videos. And since her singles flop, do you really think her label would release a lot singles with videos during one era? Her contract with Live Nation is about touring. Anyway, Madonna could have easily released a 4th single and a video before RH tour, but she didn't. She could have released more singles from HC, but she didn't. She had time. GMAYL video was good and expensive. Sure, it wasn't artistic like her classic videos, but it wasn't trash. LFL was good too. What do you mean it was a rehearsal for a tour? Madonna has always used some concepts and choreography from her videos on tours.
  9. luckystar

    Is that really a preview of her new music? Her Instagram clips contain music of other artists and her documentary might also show Portuguese singers who influenced her. Hence their music in her Instagram clips. I doubt she would do something that simple. It would be just copying Portuguese music style. She spent a year in a studio and Mirwais was involved, so I expect the album to be very creative.
  10. luckystar

    Imagine Madonna releasing new song and video on Friday and performing next week at Brit Awards.
  11. luckystar

    I don't get what that has to do with the things I said.
  12. luckystar

    I haven't been this excited about Madonna's new era for a long time. She is finally doing something that she has been always successful at - reinvention. A visual and musical reinvention. You do realize the music in that clip isn't Madonna's upcoming music?
  13. luckystar

    Not true. She released more singles in the past and she also toured. The reason why there are only three singles per era since 2008 is the success of her singles. The truth is she has nothing to lose if her singles are digitally released.
  14. luckystar

    I don't think African elements on Madonna's songs would be a problem to anyone. When it comes to cultural appropriation problems, they are usually about visuals. Many white artists used different world sounds and there was no controversy. That clip looked interesting. I don't get why fans are so worried about it. Who cares. She can do everything right and some people there will be offended in some way just to drag Madonna. In the end, general public might not even pay attention to the new video.
  15. In 100 years, it will be re-released on a blue vinyl. I don't get why some of you are excited about this. Madonna, the queen of pointless reissues. Meanwhile, albums by other artists are being re-released with additional stuff. Instead of buying those pointless reissues, maybe you should not buy it and express what you want. If fans continue buying those reissues, Madonna and her team won't even think about reissues with additional songs, because fans are pleased with (or care more for) a different color of vinyl.