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  1. I do agree in regards to availability. Perhaps, with time, it will become less expensive. I don't see it being a household name. M views herself as a business woman but she never truly sticks to her side projects. Hard Candy could have been an extraordinary gym chain, but with lack of direction, its crumbled. MDNA Skin is using her image but its run by others. Which may be its strongest chance at surviving. M will move on to other projects. Music alone requires a ton of her attention (touring especially) and of course family (which keeps growing) and of course Malawi (which has been one of her most stable and successful side projects/passions).
  2. She didn't choose something simple like lip gloss either. I enjoy the MDNA skin stuff. She looks good in them, makes me hopeful.
  3. gafuller

    I think Steven Klein has done it for her. In between everything else, he pulled out a photo from the Confessions era. Could mean nothing though
  4. gafuller

    The app still has Rebel Heart as the app pic. The recent vogue pics are there on the dying page though. Where is this blue background picture?
  5. gafuller

    "I am coming soon..."
  6. gafuller

    I read that in a very snappy manner! Esther took a fall when the divorce occurred. Dita is a strong personality, let her be.
  7. gafuller

    Have mercy on my soul... I need that Rose Mist Spray now! And a preorder of whatever she's got cookin'!
  8. gafuller

    I think they're just showing that M could still be fit if she wanted to. The only thing none of us have really talked about is joints. I always wonder if she has any physical problems like her knees. She walks just fine but excercise may get harder to do if any of those things pop up.
  9. gafuller

    Over the last two years I've lost 60lbs and I can attest that you can get fit and still have some fat. Honestly, it looks worse sometimes because you won't have much fat in some areas like arms or legs or chest and still have it in other areas and can look lumpy as your skin is adjusting. I'm 21. M is not, lol. So her body isn't gonna handle getting big and loosing it. I'm afraid it is what is. But wouldn't it be funny if that pic wasn't recent? That it was from months ago before she got back to training and working? Regardless, she will look amazing. Everything from the recent Vogue shoot can't all be that photoshopped because her hips looked great there in some of the more revealing photos.
  10. gafuller

    Yeah, somehow, don't get that one. Wherever that file was, they should have all been
  11. gafuller

    Interesting read. I don't personally like the original arrangement although I believe it was well produced. The orchestral version on Something to Remember is the version I most prefer. I thought it fit better on that compilation while the Massive Attack style sounded much better before or after something like Human Nature on Bedtime Stories.
  12. gafuller

    I feel yah! Usually I group the first four albums together in a playlist since they're all so short and similar in sound. Otherwise I'll pluck one to listen to on my phone or if I have the CD ill throw it in the radio for an interstate ride. The album I listen to the least is probably Bedtime Stories. Not always in the mood for that one. Likely, I'll play this new album coming into the ground and everyone that rides anywhere with me will know the whole album in no time because I'm that person.
  13. I voted for Nobody Knows Me but there's so many good songs here. Yeah, American Life gets flack but I love it's harsh sound and silly lyrics. I mean, I vibe to that rap on the interstate. Hollywood is a good carefree song with subtle darkness sewn into it. Nothing Fails and Love Profusion are beautiful and so fun to try out singing M on. Die Another Day is one of my all time favorite songs (in my top 20 atleast). I'm So Stupid was one of the first songs I heard from the album on YouTube and I always enjoyed the intro. X-Static Process carries such a powerful message and Interventions last half is so moving, makes me want to pray some times. Mother and Father is also condemned sometimes and while it is quirky and similar to American Life's bleeps and boops, I never minded it. Easy Ride is similar to the other outro songs of the other 2000s albums and they all wrap up their respective albums quite well. The songs not included are also some of my fav M songs like Set to the Right and I'm in Love with Love.
  14. gafuller

    I think she is trying to avoid what destroyed other pop artists, losing themselves. After Rocco, maybe she wants them all tucked away in school so when she does start promoting and tour (after next summer perhaps) then they won't be caught in the middle too bad.
  15. gafuller

    Clearly someone involved was confused. Because now she isn't involved.