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  1. gafuller

    I’m loving the covers to the playlists.
  2. gafuller

    Getting excited
  3. gafuller

    It’s a good sign perhaps then. If she doesn’t steer away from danger like she did with American Life.
  4. gafuller

    Things I did like about Celebration were inclusions like Burning Up, Who’s That Girl, Hollywood, Dress You Up and Miles Away. But ofcourse, there are some pretty jarring omissions like Deeper and Deeper, Give It 2 Me, American Life, and WIFLFAG.
  5. gafuller

    Love Hard Candy, will love the next album. Thank u, next.
  6. gafuller

    It was released on CD mixed and so I suppose that would be the original. However, if you’re like me and began really exploring M during our digital age on iTunes, then the unmixed is likely what you first heard. But outside cd in my car, it’s often the unmixed for playlist purposes. Wish American Life had similar going.
  7. Hoping there’s more picture of M. She looks amazing. I especially want one without her hand reaching out. Her hand on either side her head is iconic in my opinion
  8. gafuller

    Omg y’all. Let her have her behind and new prodigy.
  9. Gaga looked a bit cooked in the first anyway. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. gafuller

    I suspect Maluma has a great deal of respect for M. And let’s not forget, that some artists don’t have the kind of career control M has either. Maluma is popular for some reason and if it’s mysonistic reasons and that’s selling down south, then that’s what his record label will push. A lot people do what they must or get on top. It will pay off or create a monster. Maluma doesn’t seem like an artistic threat.
  11. gafuller

    It’s perfectly healthy to gain some weight and lose some muscle as one gets older. It’s subjective, but I found— and the public usually does— that M looked toned during Sticky and Sweet but not always healthy. She will be beautiful during her promo. No doubt.
  12. gafuller

    Got me through my Spanish classes
  13. gafuller

    I think the producing credits may have been from the fact that she ended with the stems and messed around with them on her computer herself. Maybe someone did care enough to have their name on it.
  14. gafuller

    Ariana is “the flavor of the moment” just like Mariah or The Black Eye Peas had been.