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  1. gafuller

    I picked Hollywood out of loyalty and how often I get stuck on it. But there were a lot of close calls. Girl Gone Wild. American Life. Beautiful Stranger. BIM. Ghosttown. Get Together. Amazing. Runaway Lover. Give It 2 Me. Shes Not Me. Masterpiece.
  2. gafuller

    Took a crack at it. The first five are in a definite order. After them, I just started putting them in an order that would sound good transitioning. 1. Living for Love (it has flaws, beautiful ones) 2. Hung Up (Need I say more? I stumbled upon it when I was first exploring her catalog. When I fell in love through Pandora, I had no idea it was a single or had been popular. Or naivity.) 3. Vogue (I’m Breathless edit only ever. It’s my straight, momma’s boy childhood.) 4. Burning Up (She could’ve been that rock star! Of course, in my heart she is.) 5. Dress You Up (You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls in my head say😂) 6. Give Me All Your Luvin (Blasphemy but Super... Bowl. Haha, this song was a reintroduction after I put M down for a few years. It was me and my friends motto for two years.) 7. Music (I wear this song out.) 8. Ray of Light (It’s pure ecstasy screaming in the car to this.) 9. 4 Minutes (Is probably dance too if I only had 4 minutes to save the world. You would t have time to do anything else🤷🏻‍♂️) 10. Impressive Instant (Acid trip part one!) 11. Im Addicted (Avis trip continues!!! It just fits like a glove.) 12. Bedtime Story (I’ll never explain again why I love this song. It’s just atmospheric and full of splendor.) 13. Nothing Really Matters (Anyone else do this jerky dance in their bedrooms?) 14. Like A Prayer (It grew on me like moss. Now I hum it wandering my college hallways.) 15. Deeper and Deeper (I cant help falling in love... not the Elvis way either😉) 16. La Isla Bonita (Te dijo, te amo💙) 17. Miles Away (Perhaps my favorite ballad of hers.) 18. Hollywood (M would like to remind us all to not get into the Hollywood groove of the neighborhood.) 19. Human Nature (Absolutely no regrets about this list.) 20. Die Another Day (Mirwais serving Bond on a lead platter and free samples of American Life in Hollywood.)
  3. gafuller

    Trying to shove all of the top 20 onto a disk? Been there done that. Most of the songs I edited to be shorter were singles so unfortunately most of the songs on your list I wouldn’t be able to help with. I’m back in school too so I really couldn’t help make any edits.
  4. gafuller

    Just a tip: Don’t listen to an album just once or in the same atmosphere. A lot of M’s material either catches fire immediately or takes some patience or tarrying. I always expose my friends to Celebration, try and expose as many different eras of her music as possible, see what sticks and doesn’t. I recommend to my friends Rebel Heart, Confessions, and Ray of Light to dip their toes. Unless they’re 80s ethusiast, I don’t like to let stereotypical 80s M to turn them off until they realize how versatile and chameleon she is. Then I suggest the Immaculate Collection, to cover the early years. From there I suggest Madonna, Like a Virgin, and True Blue. These are shorter and very lean albums. Then Like a Prayer, Erotica, Music, and American Life. After that, if they don’t have enough ethusiasm to seek out the rest, then there’s no hope haha.
  5. gafuller

    Just listened to Rebel Heart in the car again today on the way to college. Wash All Over Me sounds excellent and very dynamic.
  6. gafuller

    I agree. Some just aren’t social sponges.
  7. gafuller

    Has harp or anything ever been used by her?
  8. gafuller

    Featuring never before heard Pharrell rap verse!!!
  9. gafuller

    Ok so LFL is back to her best form to me. But you do have to admit BIM did well considering the circumstances. And LFL was great. I think Ghosttown has aged the best. I put in playlists still with the newest songs on the charts and it never sticks out like a sore thumb. I also like placing Living for Love before High Hopes by Panic! and let them cross fade.
  10. gafuller

    Or Music is on the next tour, jk
  11. gafuller

    I get what you mean. But in America atleast, most of our top songs don't really have climaxes anymore. They sound pretty much the same all the way through. Ghosttown had a good bridge and then the chorus closed it out. Living for Love has a dramatic bridge too. BIM had Nicki to cover the bridge with a rap. Rebel Heart's song had variation than most songs that burn the top 40.
  12. gafuller

    GMAYL and LFL were great songs and maybe they didn’t burn up the charts for various reasons, they both reintroduced me to Madonna both times. In High School I didn’t actively seek her music but the singles were strong enough to reach my sphere influences. The Super Bowl obviously is how I heard GMAYL, and M’s Grammy’s performance was popular enough that I saw an article about it and then I heard the song and I was hooked. It’s my favorite song ever, despite all its beautiful scars.
  13. gafuller

    Express Yourself?
  14. gafuller

    I aspire for moves like that👏🏼
  15. gafuller

    Superstar isn’t a bad song. Production wise it’s great!