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  1. gafuller

    I think her new braids are a great change. She looks good in them and her face looks fine. I think the longer hair is youthful to her, maybe not to everyone else. I think it looks good right now. How it is in the MDNA ad where's she's doing the infomercial is very nice.
  2. Maybe it's an interlude. Short interludes are becoming common to find and M hasn't ever done that so, if it were something like that, maybe it would be ok. Never know though.
  3. Well I'm hoping that was just a test then. I would rather not have to hear specifically political stuff on the record. We have so much of that everywhere else.
  4. gafuller

    I could hear the Mirwais in it. The classical music with it is gorgeous.
  5. gafuller

    Ray of Light hasn't been done since S&S. Like a Virgin might get a break maybe. I'd love Hung Up to get a Latin mix.
  6. gafuller

    What she will produce will be amazing. Not many artists have such enduring presence in their music videos like M. To see an artist go from something like Burning Up to Ghosttown or BIM is amazing.
  7. gafuller

    I'd think it'd be more Like A Prayer and American Life.
  8. gafuller

    I'm not sure M really took all that into count, haha
  9. gafuller

    She isn't compared because she's so polarizing. You hate her or lover her or have no opinion. MJ and Prince in their posthumous states are beloved more than ever. The bad has been swept up. Its there but its like the elephant in the room thats been cleverly dressed to fit in without much question. M is alive and well and that means she's still game. There really is no one quite like her. As she keeps with trends we get the whole, "this was an okay song, but it could've been sung by Katy Perry or Rihanna". Thats the comparison she's getting nowadays. Kiss ups consider her legendary and on the scale of MJ or Prince, but everyone else pretty much hates her or does care enough think either way.
  10. gafuller

    Especially the tour version
  11. gafuller

    Lol, when the album drops, this place will still be a disastrous mess. Its human nature.
  12. gafuller

    I wouldn't think an album collab would be impressive, it'd mean pushing M back to House music since thats what Azealia raps to usually, but featuring Banks in a mix of Vogue or something on tour would be bomb.
  13. gafuller

    She will probably. She is powered by pop culture. Sure, she led the way a lot of the time, but whatever pop culture was doing, she adopted it and embodied it. Like a Virgin is a product of its time. Bedtime Story is a product of its time. The beat goes on... I mean the list goes on. Featuring rappers is part our current music culture in general. Featuring a Latin rapper is even more daring. Wish someone would reach out to Stromae.
  14. gafuller

    Autotune and vocoder are nothing new to M
  15. gafuller

    Probably the point