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  1. I always say, American Life was a killer video, just not released at the right time. Had it been released way ahead of the war (which wasn't predicted well apperantly) or a year after the war, then it would've been a bigger hit. Green Day succeeded only a year later with their political statement. Nobody Knows Me with a video would've been the perfect opener to the American Life era.
  2. The girl is a Madonna stan, lol. Gotta love her. Or don't... A lot don't here apparently, lol
  3. Had she done it all Justify My Love, it would have been, "oh that witch still breathing?" I never liked the twangy accent she does, but she must. And Ariana lipsyncing it in the video is even better.
  4. I think its supposed to be a parody of how we think God should sound. We want God to be powerful and direct. Here the concept is that God is a woman and she's taking a stab at a masculine leaning society. Plus, the Southern accent just nails it away further. Who knows God better than a southerner? (I'm a Christian and a Southerner, so don't shoot any arows at me, just know my region).
  5. It's better than the first two singles. I like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sound to it mixed with the trap vibes.
  6. I like its sound. If anything, it reminded me of the sound heard during Beautiful Game at the Met Gala.
  7. gafuller

    Lol, he notoriously hates BIM. And you may have noticed one missing Holy Water. Inside Out is always the song I leave off. It just never vibes with me. The production just doesn't work.
  8. gafuller

    Yes! I need Candy Shop and La Isla Bonita mash up!!! Lol
  9. gafuller

    It'd do her wonders on the charts. I don't mind Drake much, just don't listen to his back catalog. I've liked what he's done in the last year though. And I, personally, think she needs to release songs without a guest rapper and then make their raps part of the single version. The last decade has been nothing but album versions or maybe a radio edit for singles.
  10. Rap sections are just part of pop culture now. Not every single needs one, but if you look at M's single choices in the last decade, 1/3 are collabs. M should have pushed it a little more with Hard Candy. I mean Beyonce could have been a useful resource on a track. Lady Gaga was gonna do it eventually. We know M didn't the features for decades, but now they help usually. Anyways, 1/3 is not bad. 4 Minutes, GMAYL, (forgot Revolver, loved that collab) and BIM. The other singles from those eras were solos. All charted badly if at all.
  11. It's possible she just got close to them since the Oscars. And you're right, pop music has become... something that I don't really know to assign an actual description. It's this or that or a mix. Thank God we are pass the Chainsmokers take over. That's a style I wouldn't want her to touch.
  12. I would hope she makes good use of them if she does. I didn't mind them in Bon Appetit or Drip from Cardi B
  13. No, I'm quite okay. While Mirwais is great, Billboard helped work on one of Rebel Heart's most solid songs. Also, I was worried that having picked Mirwais, she'd given up on staying up to date musically. It's not hard to do nowadays, there's no one particular pop sound right now. It's either Zedd like, Trap like, or acoustic-y. I think Mirwais and Billboard will work well.
  14. Had there only been Instagram in the 80s, any post she made would've broke the app.
  15. gafuller

    I agree that she will top the Dance Charts as usual. Any song she has can be produced into some dance extravaganza, even ballads. It'll pop up in the US Bubbling Under Hot Chart in 1-10 range, but I could see some heavy promotion (payola just because its not like others don't) helping break it into the lower Top 100 in US. The UK has been much kinder to Madge, so I can see a top 40 there. I see the next two singles going no where unless they manage something different than the last three album's second and third singles.