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  1. People were simply disagreeing with each other, not insulting each other, it was just a discussion and I happened to agree with one part. And no, I don't consider blind stan an's an unpleasant nickname but it's not that serious, we're still on a music forum after all. Anyway, I'm sorry if I made a bad impression on you, what can I say, it was not my intention.
  2. Nobody was insulting members here, as far as I remember. People were just defending Madonna.
  3. I agree with many of your points @RayOfLight but If people think what she has done since 2008 is shit then let them be. I don't personally agree with them, her 50's have been memorable, if people can't see it and prefer to live in the past it's their choice (or their loss). I could open a topic about her 2008-2018 years and talk about all the wonderful things she's done but some people just don't like those years, simple as that....for example, I don't know what people see in her 2002-2007 years that makes them so amazing, they're my least favorite years of her career but if the majority loves them what can I do? What I don't like is people calling others blind stans just because they defend Madonna. I've never liked that behaviour, I don't think being positive about Madonna on a Madonna forum should cause problems. You can't call others blind stans just because they aren't as picky as you, just saying....some argue about things I don't even notice or care for, really. The last thing I wanted to do after watching that Met Gala video was to talk shit about it, for example. Whot Evah Let's move on, Madonna will give us news SOON and you will all wet your pants, get ready "Make love not war" we say
  4. LivingForLove94

    Baby goat And I've always liked this pic
  5. LivingForLove94

    Thanks! Yes, her voice isn't similar at all, that's my only complaint but as for the! It looks phenomenal, especially the interviews! and the actress looks identical Looking forward to this!
  6. LivingForLove94

    It looks good
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    VH1 did a Madonna special from 7:00 am to 19:30 pm. I spent the day watching it
  8. LivingForLove94

    She died on Madonna's birthday, just like Elvis....jeez. RIP Aretha
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    This is the best article to date. Spectacular.