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  1. *mlvc*

    There's so much confusion.....
  2. *mlvc*

    Secret.... Possibly, but it's reaching, and sounds more like a bisexual lover. 4 Minutes, absolutely not. PROVE ME WRONG. GMAYL? Uhm, it's about a man and woman. When M says, "girl" in a song, she doesn't mean, "guuuuurl!" As for LFL, Uh, unless you think she's talking about being a "qween" about putting her crown back on her head that song is not directly aimed at the gay community, although it works as an empowerment breakup song for any relationship. I am not the lyrics police, but I just see what I see and hear what I hear.
  3. *mlvc*

    Agreed, however, I have a couple of gripes with this song. Justin got the good lines The verses don't make sense with "We've only got 4 minutes to save the world..." mean, it's reaching, IMO. I think M wanted to do a much deeper song, and it evolved to this thumping beat with no real message.
  4. *mlvc*

    A Bedtime Stories cancellation would have been due to Evita, and THAT I can excuse.
  5. *mlvc*

    On some forums people get booted for saying they don’t like her outfit. I don’t think it’s healthy to think of M as a deity and she wouldn’t want you to.
  6. *mlvc*

    Well, yes, but some people other places seem to think so. Silly. I love the look.
  7. *mlvc*

    This is quite obviously not a song from the new album.
  8. Same here. My first M purchase was the Frozen CD single with Shanti/Ashtangi as the B side. I was about 12 years old at the time.
  9. *mlvc*

    I think arena. Madonna threw the idea out there of only doing small venues a couple of years ago... Won't happen. Her team will strongly advise against it, if they haven't already done so. Madonna is used to making millions of dollars while on tour and in order to maintain that sort of return tickets would be 3 grand and she would have to do 200 shows.
  10. *mlvc*

    How do you know that?
  11. *mlvc*

    Hmm... Eurovision was held in Lisbon last year and of course fado music was performed... makes sense that she will appear, but I still question that this will be the premiere of the new material.
  12. *mlvc*

    June seems like a long time to wait when the album is completed. I would guess something is coming this month but I doubt we will even get a snippet prior to release this time.
  13. *mlvc*

    I suppose you missed the sarcasm in the last sentence. I'll repeat it, "slow news day..." I don't want to continue having this discussion when I wasn't the one who took the topic off the rails in the first place when you said not to do so.
  14. *mlvc*

    I read somewhere that she actually had her cheeks reduced recently. Newer photos do give her a slimmer appearance in the face. Slow news day....
  15. *mlvc*

    Also, they could put the album, maybe with some bonus tracks, in with this visual version of the album and that means that fans would buy twice the amount. That would definitely aid sales numbers. We already know there is a good possibility that she will include a CD for each ticket purchased to the upcoming tour - maybe this is what's taking so long, you can't sell tickets until your venues are set.