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  1. *mlvc*

    Exactly. The only issue with "best" as some have already pointed out is that we all have different opinions on what the best songs are. I know what you mean, though. She left some gems on the cutting room floor for RH and put sub-par songs, at least lyrically, on the album.
  2. *mlvc*

    Hmm, intersting. I think some of this "information" is obvious to any real M fan right now, however, it's still exciting to get these tidbits. This is one of my favorite parts of a new album release - the speculation when she is coming SOON.
  3. *mlvc*

    I LOVE this idea! But then again I always said that her second GH album should have been called, "The Immaculate Continuation." Instead we got a lackluster GHV2 when in fact there was never a GHV1 (yes, I am aware that TIC was a GH collection, but GHV2 when there was never one named GH is odd, to me).
  4. *mlvc*

    Well, you are correct, which as I said in the original post, "in my opinion." I think many of us agree on several things on most albums but we all have different points of view and tastes. I would never compare HC to LAP or ROL - those two albums are considered by the industry some of the greatest pieces of pop music ever released. I do think it's kinda sad though that M has to basically compete with herself, and that is very unfair.
  5. *mlvc*

    I wouldn't say great, but it's an overall solid album. I'll be overly critical to point out what I think kept it from being great. 1. "Candy Shop" This song could have been much better. Most people don't even know what Turkish Delight is 2. "4 Minutes" The lyrics are sort of all over the place. 3. "Give It 2 Me" One of the best tracks on the album until the "get stupid" breakdown 4. "Heartbeat" Classic Madonna album track 5. "Miles Away" Great track 6. "She's Not Me" Good, but WAY too long 7. "Incredible" See "She's Not Me" 8. "Beat Goes On" Trash 9. "Dance 2Night" Doesn't stand out as good or bad - forgettable 10. "Spanish Lesson" Trash 11. "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" Brilliant, but it's Joe Henry, so of course it is 12. "Voices" Great track
  6. *mlvc*

    This thread is about M's new album.
  7. *mlvc*

    The only way it would have really gotten hype is if M had actually released a studio version, even it just on YouTube for buzz.
  8. *mlvc*

    I think so. Although Beautiful Game was placed between LAP and Hallelujah and the performance in its entirety was praised, Beautiful Game itself didn't get a lot of praise on its own. I think the song was tossed or reworked.
  9. *mlvc*

    I still don't understand the freak out over this. We haven't heard a single thing. I feel like we should reserve judgement on the final product for when we hear it.
  10. *mlvc*

    Since we haven't heard it yet I don't think we should get too worked up. Perhaps this is for something for Anitta. Do we know if she has a project in the works?
  11. *mlvc*

    I did not see that here on the forum, I only saw the photo.
  12. *mlvc*

    Why is everyone having a meltdown over a picture?
  13. *mlvc*

    I wasn't really talking about writing credits. I was referring to another member saying that the HC songs didn't feel like M songs as much as other albums do. My response to that was that I feel like she was distant from the album because she had so much on her mind.
  14. *mlvc*

    I think it's fairly obvious. When someone reaches the height of fame that Madonna has reached the level of ass kissing goes through the roof. Granted I'm certain that Madonna has a great BS detector and will swiftly remove sycophants from her circle. It's also became clear that many of the people who work with her on her albums aren't speaking up. I mean, for the most part all of her songs on the albums are pretty great but when one is a bad it's pretty awful. That's what I'm talking about. If you go back and look at her work pre AMERICAN LIFE it's pretty difficult to find anything cringe-worthy however, moving past the point we started to get lyrics like, "other places, make me feel like a dork" etc. So, not a crystal ball just an observation.
  15. *mlvc*

    It's because she was hardly there. She was focused on her marriage falling apart. Anyway, that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about people being more honest with her about HER work. Just because she's Madonna doesn't mean that other people may not have better ideas. I love almost all of what she does, but she can also make huge mistakes like any human being.