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  1. Candy Perfume Boy

    The edit is also on the USA 1989 Promo CD. I have all 3 of the CDs and have never considered the edit to be any different on them, but have not done a side by side comparison of the wav either. i don’t think Bertrand has them listed as different on his site. And his is the mix officianado
  2. Candy Perfume Boy

    The Video uses the Edit that was on the 7” singles and is available on the Japan 40CD box set
  3. They’re not different edits. There are 3 sources I own hard copies of for the “Remix” or “Edit of Remix”, the U.K. vinyl and USA vinyl indeed sound a bit different but are the same mix, and the cassette of Its that’s girl also has the inherent issues that all cassettes have; it sounds ‘bright’. Again same mix though
  4. Candy Perfume Boy

    Just because we have session singers singing alternate versions doesn’t mean m didn’t contribute to writing the song. William Orbit discussed this when mDNA was recorded, because M had limited studio time she would write and session singers did demo vocals, also in terms Of Falling Free the other writer was clear that Madonna co-wrote. how do we know that this method of working hasn’t been used on other demos?? i don’t doubt that for some songs she perhaps doesn’t add a lit, but melodies etc can earn credit
  5. Candy Perfume Boy

    Is this her new uberkinky store? Note that they’ve dropped the “I” in stories to “store”
  6. Candy Perfume Boy

    If you listen to Ain’t No Big deal from either the Japan Dress You Up CD, or 40CD box set you wouldn’t agree! the one on the 1995 German CD sounds muddy and the speed is off...
  7. Candy Perfume Boy

    Also worth noting that on the 1995 German CD the Dub Version actually clips the first beat, for this mix look for the True Blue Club Mix EP from Japan, no errors on that one.
  8. Candy Perfume Boy

    Always found it funny that some people call the sound at the start of the Local Mix, and Celebration album version a “zipper” sound. To me it’s more of a digital fart! Not a desirable noise in any case
  9. I love TIC too. Totally agree that LAP and EY haven’t aged well, but it is the definitive version of vogue
  10. Candy Perfume Boy this article explains everything
  11. I’m gonna have to go check my rips now...! Never noticed hear as different edits, but never compared side by side either. Have always considered them to be the same version
  12. There is only one. its on most European 7” singles labelled as “remix”, and “Its That Girl”, and is on the USA 7” promo called “Edit of Extended remix”
  13. Breathless Mahoney for I’m Breathless...
  14. Candy Perfume Boy
  15. Candy Perfume Boy

    a seller on eBay is selling WAV rips from this site shared in good faith for the fans. This isnt isolated and leaves me feeling really disallusioned that there are lurkers here seeking to greedily profit from the generosity of others. as a sharer of rare promo rips and long out of print rarities im really saddened by this type of selfish behaviour. Whilst some may argue im infringing on Madonna's potential profits, id argue that my shares have been to promote and ive never sought personal gain. if its okay with admin i'm gonna name the culprits ebay names here and those who want to help can also report the items to ebay, as i have done. heres the names; Muscleguy unmixed115