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  1. I’ve read that she had singing lessons as far back as 1979 when she spent six months in Paris. Camille Barbone paid for further lessons in 1980-81. and she again had vocal training for the Virgin tour to sustain multiple performances. vical traisning is totally normal in her profession, and training covers many vocal styles and techniques. i think the Sondheim songs in late 1989 were the earliest theatrical and technical sounding style we heard. Agree with a post above that this technical style feels a little more detached and less emotive. I still love it though
  2. I thought it became very formulaic by the end and I was willing it to finish. it was nice to read about the contemporary artistic and political context and value of Madonna’s cultural contribution, but the narrative style and structuring got boring by halfway. I only kept going because I’d started.
  3. Except Madonna didn’t really write this song. She took a demo, and changed a word to claim a third. it’s an example of how Madonna as a producer can rework something and elevate it, which is a talent itself.
  4. It’s beautiful but definitely dated. what are the chances of a decent scan of the cover?
  5. I’ve made a brand new rip and posted it here for you all. they’re nearly all album versions
  6. I’ve got this cassette. It’s an oddity, in that it uses the video version of Crazy For You complete with intro alarm clock. I don’t think we ever got that particular version used anywhere else for an audio only release
  7. So we have two versions again. Qobuz has the Edit, juno / beatport have the extended
  8. this thread is worth a look with regards to Spanish Blu-Rays. Many are without question unlicensed releases by their original studio owners, but that doesn’t mean the picture and sound quality will be automatically bad. for example; True Lies comes from the original digital theatre masters, and is still to have an international official release. Others do come from HD TV broadcasts... So we will have to wait and see what this one looks like. https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=299201
  9. Thanks. I’ve ordered one too! I was happy with my Spanish copy of Shanghai Surprise on Blu-ray, which also hasn’t appeared anywhere else to my knowledge
  10. A UK based friend got theirs today, and shred pix on a Facebook group. Wish I’d bought it now 😂
  11. I’m amazed there’s not been an I house CD with this anywhere. They must have made one during the 2001 or 2007 back ups
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