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  1. I don’t think people need to look much further than their own shelves or hard drives ;-) I bet there’s a wealth of stuff between us that’s not in the open that could sprinkle some extra magic into this Crowd Fund effort ;-) come on gang!
  2. Hi, I’m in and also very conscious that we often rely on @bertrand ‘s generosity with these crowdfund projects. I felt very inspired by the last one to dig out a rare unavailable mix and contribute it to the pot. Maybe some of you have something you could contribute that isn’t “out there yet” so that is not all about Bertrand having to source and share? The last efffort with ROL did bring much unreleased lossless music to the forum from other users and it was great to see.
  3. this thread is worth a look with regards to Spanish Blu-Rays. Many are without question unlicensed releases by their original studio owners, but that doesn’t mean the picture and sound quality will be automatically bad. for example; True Lies comes from the original digital theatre masters, and is still to have an international official release. Others do come from HD TV broadcasts... So we will have to wait and see what this one looks like. https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=299201
  4. Thanks. I’ve ordered one too! I was happy with my Spanish copy of Shanghai Surprise on Blu-ray, which also hasn’t appeared anywhere else to my knowledge
  5. A UK based friend got theirs today, and shred pix on a Facebook group. Wish I’d bought it now 😂
  6. One remix by BT and Sasha commissioned by Warner US and then edited for Warner UK for local promo purposes. Therefore, that’s two official versions of the BT remix.
  7. This is a fully official very scarce promo CD commissioned by Warner UK. Paul Holmes is a UK based DJ who was paid by Warner UK to create the edit.
  8. I’m amazed there’s not been an I house CD with this anywhere. They must have made one during the 2001 or 2007 back ups
  9. Lossless rip of the original file burned to the CD but Bertrand suspects the source for the CD may have come from minidisc
  10. Hi everyone, Bertrand let me know the final stretch goal was met! STRETCH GOAL #7 ($2550 TOTAL - $1750 raised for The Trevor Project) Thanks to everyone for contributing! Drowned World/Substitute For Love (BT & Sasha Bucklodge Ashram Remix Edit) EDITED BY PAUL HOLMES Another one for the completists, this obscenely rare UK CDR from Masterpiece mastering with a unique edit of this remix. It looks like Paul must have recorded his edit on MiniDisc - I recognize the specific compression MiniDisc uses on the spek. So the sound quality isn't perfect... but your collection won't be complete without this [Hidden Content]
  11. Really happy to contribute to this! Bertrand, your generosity and energy in doing this is much appreciated and will help a great cause close to many of us.
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