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  1. Candy Perfume Boy

  2. Please reupload William Orbit's 4-album .WAV set 

    Thank you

  3. Candy Perfume Boy

    The Graham Norton show on which she, and others are guests is on tonight. An audience with Madonna hosted by Graham Norton is a separate thing last night. It was filmed but no word on a broadcast yet.
  4. Candy Perfume Boy

    It was Great! She was chatting for an hour taking questions from the audience. She sang a few lines of miles away acapella to a guy on the balcony and talked about the tour; Madame X tour Definitely NOT acoustic or unplugged, she said she ”will be very much plugged!” And sounded disgusted at being unplugged. It’s not a staged musical It will be a full Madonna show in an intimate setting with chat Give it 2 me not in the set list (in reply to a girl who wanted info and kept saying Give it to me!) Some guy shouted “Get your tits out” “I already have!” She quipped The Bad Girl Book is part inspiration She gave a guy Butterfly dance lessons, signed a guys tattoos, inspected some Madame X tattoos, and was in really great form. I think it was about an hour, and I will never forget it. Truly one off, and even though I was literally in the back row!
  5. Candy Perfume Boy

    Yes, she couldn’t remember if the writer was Peruvian or Colombian... a quick google and he’s Peruvian
  6. Candy Perfume Boy

    I think that she may have different shows or set lists on different nights to represent the different personalities of Madame X. we’re so used to a four act type setlist. It would be a way to keep it interesting, and would be a natural progression of Rebel Heart when she changed the set list regularly. If she’s dancing less, surely she can have head space for more songs
  7. Candy Perfume Boy

    So it may be too late to chip in now but the Paris code is transferable with ticketmaster. I gave my unselected friend on the waiting list my ballot code that I didn’t need (got London and Lisbon tix already) and he used it on his ticketmaster account.
  8. Candy Perfume Boy

    I don’t think this is correct. The icon Group can: ” GROUP 1 ICON Legacy Fan Club Members Registration must be completed using your ICON email address. Eligible to receive 4 tickets for a single show in up to 2 cities. If you only want to be considered for one show, please only submit a request for a single city.”
  9. I love mixkylie for that feature with Kylie Minogue Releases. I wish I understood web design, I’d love a similar Madonna resource
  10. Candy Perfume Boy

    The F and H everybody mix doesn’t sound much different to the original version to me, and fits in well nonetheless. But im going off topic! the best remix from the LAV album is Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Hot Mix Edit. Whilst it came 11 years later, it’s an absolute banger
  11. Candy Perfume Boy

    Who’s that girl and Open your heart we’re remixed by Thomson and Bariero.....???? forest and heller remixed Everybody
  12. Candy Perfume Boy

    I got one on eBay last month, was in very nice condition but not too cheap. £38
  13. Candy Perfume Boy

    So the Bad Girl version on this cassette is the one with guitar (I think by paul Pesco). i think it’s been shared at some point. As for Erotica I’ve not heard that it’s a different mix... but it could be.
  14. Candy Perfume Boy

    The edit is also on the USA 1989 Promo CD. I have all 3 of the CDs and have never considered the edit to be any different on them, but have not done a side by side comparison of the wav either. i don’t think Bertrand has them listed as different on his site. And his is the mix officianado
  15. Candy Perfume Boy

    The Video uses the Edit that was on the 7” singles and is available on the Japan 40CD box set