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  1. https://www.discogs.com/Krisma-Nothing-To-Do-With-The-Dog/master/353776 probably this cover that has similar lighting and composition…
  2. She will do the Candy Shop tour… with Like A Prayer, Human Nature, La Isla Bonita, Holiday and Music. Because these have all been underperformed live ;-)
  3. Me too. There is an interview where she discusses being in Paris in 1979 and having the opportunity for a manufactured pop career with successful producers. She left that because she said she felt she needed to learn the craft and earn her way to being musical. She went back to poverty and living hand to mouth living in a synagogue free whilst learning drums. she was also a regular of the arts scene and has been clear about artistic expression and artistic integrity as both a performance artist and musician. I think that game was certainly a goal, but creative artistic drive was also a significant motivation.
  4. I think the artists milking their back catalogues have poorer current sales performance. She doesn’t need to flood the market with all that content when she’s making money from the currently available catalogue and upcoming new releases. when she releases a Christmas album you can be assured the unreleased stuff will quickly follow.
  5. Maybe one of the Mitsibishi Japan commercials. She danced around in a yellow studio to a bunch of songs in 1987 during her Japan tour
  6. The “here, kitty kitty” at the end of “Waiting”. I always thought it was just ad lib sounds until read about it. Once heard, it seems so obvious.
  7. From the track time I’d say yes. It’s the Calderone Radio Mix / Lite Radio Mix
  8. Hi, madonnadiscography list the Japan promo as released in May... what’s the source of info for it being issued earlier?
  9. Thanks!! Just need to find a way to convince Warner I am a business so I can get credentials ;-)
  10. What website do these screen grabs come from?
  11. What website do these screen grabs come from?
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