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  1. Cancel culture as a monolithic hive mind is not real. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. theREALmgo


      Cancel culture is NOT being kicked out of forums what...........

    3. xrayeyes


      My account was wiped without notice. That is cancellation.

      And no insults were made to anyone.

      I just had strong opinions about some things. Those stuck inside social media have their brains fried with nonsense and are thoroughly social justice zombies. 

      Should've known better than to expect nuance and complexity in a popstar forum.

      At least I had my front row centre Madame X experience to remind me that freedom of expression is why I love Madonna so much.

      Absolutely no regrets.


    4. Fighter


      Off the top of my head you were calling someone a faggot which is not civil discussion.

      Making a damaging public accusation leaving out context is exactly what cancel culture is but you don't see the irony in doing that here by calling me authoritarian and denying you did anything wrong, not even telling me who you are. I didn't even remember any of this. 😐

      I hope you can find a place where you can be happy. Going about things like this is not ideal tbh.