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  1. Wild there was just an earthquake in NYC the whole office was shaking!

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    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      i must dig out that Prince 12'' single drawing I did

    3. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      the movie was in cinemas
      the videos on telly were v brief
      all 'ye had to look at for months was the single cover

    4. survivalartist


      Gonna rock this mother

  2. Wild I noticed the other day You'll See Instrumental has background vocals, now Everybody instrumental is playing on my Instrumental Playlist and also has background vocals!

  3. Bitch I'm not DickTracy anymore

  4. Listen to my Mashup DJ Mix bishes!

    Click here


  5. what if i changed my name on here to survivalartist and let the other dick tracy be dick tracy

    1. jross


      :heart: Could be a good move for you. It would be a good username as well imo.

  6. The new round of mashups sounds really exciting, especially Cherish. Will send soon still having fun with it. I’m gonna try to have a DJ mix ready by end of tour. 

  7. In my opinion, for the sake of community we need a RuPaul and Madonna sitdown interview style program, maybe on social media with no script/filter/etc, where they just chat about life and clear the air. I don't want to think RuPaul is using Madonna to sell books, I think the approach is genuine and almost a cry for attention, if he was so hurt by her and maybe she didn't even mean it what if they could just squash all the alleged shit from the 90s. 

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    2. Roland Barthes

      Roland Barthes

      Ru Paul is a garbage person. What i find most unappealing about him is that he plays that nice character pretending to be good and wise with his stupid Facebok meme quotes when he treats people like shit and there are tons and tons of testimonies. At least Madonna never pretended to be miss congeniality so Miss charles can fuck right off and clean before her own door. And RPDR is a toxic show (just like the RHO franchise) And Ru has been trying to ride M's coattail since the early 80's by pretending to be her friend to people at the Pyramid club when he only knew Martin who was a regular there and just like for Erica, Debi, Chris, Maripol etc...there were these village famewhore faking friendship with them because they were close to Madonna when she exploded in 1985. And Ru was a gossiping badmouther then already, people knew his shit. Ru is totally fake ass american showbiz;

    3. survivalartist


      @RUADJAIimagine carrying around a grudge like this for 40 years

    4. survivalartist
  8. Listening to You'll See Instrumental on my Instrumental Work Playlist, I love how this has the background vocals still in some parts like a dub version almost. 

  9. https://a.co/d/hmMd1w2
    it’s cute right? Looks to be a concert poster reproduction. This and the Prince Lovesexy Dortmund poster look nice in my apartment above the doors. 

    1. survivalartist


      It’s a glossy white too I had to wipe my prints vs Prince which is more of a matte.

  10. 2024 Beyonce wig game is very MDNA so far

    1. lmvc


      [URL=https://matchnow.info]Optimal Сasual Dating[/URL]
  11. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/a9jLUQH5RZL1RNoo/?mibextid=WC7FNe

    American Pie meets I Rise/Bitch I’m Madonna, cool history between these two 



    1. Andymad


      what in the JEEEESUS I love this

  13. Might go see DJ/remixer Junior Sanchez (Jump, Bitch I'm Madonna) this weekend if I'm not fucking dead from not sleeping today and tomorrow for the MSG shows

  14. Lol my tweet about buying a bag of chips bc I thought Madonna was going to be mad late has gotten a ton of likes

  15. Looks like the Madame X Merch has been marked down on madonna.com

    1. Adonna


      Which store?  The U.S. store still shows that merchandise still expensive as hell.

    2. survivalartist


      I thought the Madame X t-shirts were all 40-50 they seem to be down to 30 on US Store, they are definitely lower priced than FEL and TCT merch

  16. My credit card is not happy about buying a bunch of merch at Madison Square Garden, but I sure am

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    2. RUADJAI


      so answer my original question....

      Can I walk into MSG and buy merch right this second?

    3. survivalartist


      I don't think so, they would have put out the call if so like they did for MXT. I haven't read of any venues doing this but maybe I just wasnt paying attention. 

    4. RUADJAI


      oh ok. Good... I thought I was missing out. 

  17. TEN DAYS to Madison Square Garden

    party fainting GIF

  18. Come on and drown me in an ocean of love! 


    Nicki Minaj Madonna GIF by Nikos Kontovas

    1. mr00mister


      enjoy the show!!! it's her hometown <3 let us know who's opening, I've been updating the wikipedia on that 

  20. 48 hours. bitches!


    Mtv Dancing GIF by Ben Stillman


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