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  1. ... I kinda want it, but if another 'full' show (tour) won't be released -- I can't watch the doc and after that not wanting to watch the show too...
  2. Immaculate Collection .. idk, it doesn't feel like "I'm Breathless" type -- too Iconic for that...
  3. Thx .. and yeah, it's the best
  4. .. she doesn't actually care -- it showed once again with this so-called amazing release of "Finally Enough Love" what is (IMO) lazy celebration of her all 50 nr1's. (Think about it and you get what I'm talkin' about). + she has said it more than once: she doesn't like to look back in her life. So ... don't expect anything -- maybe an Instagram post/story or two and so on ...
  5. I can see it (the song) growing on me, but I'm not so fan of this style of a music or beat -- drunk nights will do
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