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  1. I had always a feeling that M is just captivated by the new age engines ... and what one or another can do and produce. Some of course have good impact and well .. some don't. She wants to explore and she's allowed to do so -- but like we know it doesn't work on live shows very much but end result still for me (personally) is enough (it is what it is) --- at least we get official release (what makes less urge for getting official release). But yeah ... when I always watch DWT, I always wonder why she changed all of that for what we get now --- IMO that "DVD" has a great "vocal use" not so heavy auto-tune/dubbed re-recorded vocals feel.... and YES more alive band, than what we see and hear now This is just my POV ...
  2. I don't care .. and others should try it too (IMO). So ... let me put my grills in before I vote!
  3. Well I get the technology part and so on ... @Prayeralready shortly told it -- but still, that wasn't my point -- but all good
  4. .. still --- technology or not, that's what's makes me laugh about this all
  5. Do a whole shoot B&W and then color it ... to be full color version?? WHY ...weird as F to even ---
  6. I always knew it's for Rocco .. and in my case -- it's my luv to my baby boy what WE just can't always put in the words.
  7. ... I kinda want it, but if another 'full' show (tour) won't be released -- I can't watch the doc and after that not wanting to watch the show too...
  8. Immaculate Collection .. idk, it doesn't feel like "I'm Breathless" type -- too Iconic for that...
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