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  1. I'm kinda new in this "world" .. I started reading like maybe spring 2019 (like actually searching and reading reviews about that to read or so) but for me it has to have a good art work (I'm really into art). Back when I was younger my mom bought me tonns of "Mickey Mouse" and "Tom & Jerry" comics + Garfield - 'cause that was all we had here (what were all fine too - at that time) and later on there was also some "The Simpsons" releases .... but mostly in my country this comics thing isn't really a very huge thing esp. when you're older or so --- no one really talks about it (at least not that I know) -- but yea .... would love to know some good horror comics with awesome art works --- so if anybody knows any .. let me know
  2. My very first MADONNA cd that my mom bought me after I decided that she'll be my ICON forever!!
  3. I hope she's gonna sticks to the hairstyle she has right now. Maybe A BIT darker pink and longer hair -- but other than that ...
  4. If you have money to spent af: https://phonicmind.com/
  5. And that's why you have been given a very nice thing called "the free will" .. but you're right
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