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  1. Hmmm but the compilation only came out in mid 1994, a year well after Fever. Perhaps it was done in 1993 with the intention of it being earmarked as a b-side? I doubt she would have known and and decided more than a year early that it would end up on the compilation.
  2. Was the Just Say Roe version remixed for that compilation purposely? It doesn’t make sense to have Donna backup vocals if it was done during Erotica sessions
  3. So number 5 was remixed and re-recorded specifically for the Just Say Roe compilation?
  4. Oh I get that esp from Warner. What I don’t get is why Madonna herself would care about how her singles chart in Australia, or even Warner Music USA themselves. Once you take budget out of it from Warner, I don’t think Madonna herself could care less how her singles chart here despite it being one of her biggest markets.
  5. Why would Warner Music USA care about Australia though or even UK. I doubt Madonna herself cares how well her singles chart here.
  6. Your ass alone would make all the amazonians want to snu snu you
  7. So you wouldn’t like to see live performances of waiting, words etc back in 1993?
  8. Yeah I heard that rumour to about Bad Girl being rehearsed and was swapped with In This Life because she wanted to sing about AIDS. It definitely is the tour that leaves you wanting more. I’m still gutted it didn’t include more Erotica tracks. For instance, I’m Going Bananas could have been replaced with Thief of Hearts as a tongue in cheek live performance, Waiting could have gone nicely with Rain or even as an interlude in place of the Singing rain interlude, Words could of had a performance similar to Vogue with the western? Asian style choreography, perhaps done and a mash up.
  9. Oh I see. I think that Waiting remix would have made a great interlude or live performance on The Girlie Show.
  10. The Girlie Show was the perfect chance to do it. Perhaps mixed with Rain, or in place of In This Life.
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