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  1. Highly doubt it. She’s into Kaballah and says she believes in god and prays her own way. And even she didn’t know she was going to make it in or last after the few years or go on to have a long career. She had to work for all that coupled with the fact she was doing things people never did before that got her to the top.
  2. Evita. Boring snoozefest songs, boring music. Closely followed by the horrible Music album (the 3 single were the only ones saving it).
  3. Well Michael Jackson did. Even with Madge DWT, she still didn't sell out 50 shows in one location after years of not touring.
  4. Well, if he's going to be leaking anything then let it be something we've desired for years like Warning Signs, DSS, CYSMM etc. rather than damaging her upcoming albums.
  5. It'll be harder because her streaming numbers aren't high enough to justify another hit.
  6. Doubt it. Her streaming figures aren't high enough to justify another hit.
  7. First time Hung Up and Sorry were massive, I never liked the tracks. However, it wasn't until Get Together came out that I started to love Madonna and I ended buying the cd single for $4.95 from Trax. Then afterwards, I remember Jump coming out and watching the music video on Rage top 50 countdown and completely falling in love with the single and music video which made me want to go out to buy the album.
  8. It's possible if she has the right tricks up her sleeve e.g payola but she won't until she has a proper record company to back her up.
  9. Get Together Australian CD Single. I remember hearing it on top 40 countdown shows on the radio and watching the music video on MTV and Rage while completing falling in love with the song and Madonna. Hung Up and Sorry had never drawn me in but she won me over with Get Together and Jump. I lost the CD single as it was way before I started collecting Madonna.
  10. So what is the bonus Tears Of A Clown footage? What songs is she performing or is it just a short 15 minute documentary?
  11. Bahaahahaahahaahajahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaaahahahhaahahahahaahaahahahhahaaahaaahahahahahhahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhahahahahhahaaaaahahahahahahaahahahhahahaaaahhahaahahahaahahahahahhaahaahaaahaaahhahaahahahahaahahaahhahaahahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahah
  12. Never liked the track. It was nice on the RHT but that's it.
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