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  1. So you wouldn’t like to see live performances of waiting, words etc back in 1993?
  2. Yeah I heard that rumour to about Bad Girl being rehearsed and was swapped with In This Life because she wanted to sing about AIDS. It definitely is the tour that leaves you wanting more. I’m still gutted it didn’t include more Erotica tracks. For instance, I’m Going Bananas could have been replaced with Thief of Hearts as a tongue in cheek live performance, Waiting could have gone nicely with Rain or even as an interlude in place of the Singing rain interlude, Words could of had a performance similar to Vogue with the western? Asian style choreography, perhaps done and a mash up.
  3. Oh I see. I think that Waiting remix would have made a great interlude or live performance on The Girlie Show.
  4. The Girlie Show was the perfect chance to do it. Perhaps mixed with Rain, or in place of In This Life.
  5. Do you know the purpose in commission the Waiting Remix? Made no sense to commission a remix just for b-side purpose. Must have been considered a single or done for live arrangement at one point.
  6. Having a scroll through her Spotify and it can really use a little bit of tidying up. We don’t need 2 different Celebrations deluxe, nor we do need 2 different Confessions Live (keep the 15 track one on), we don’t need Sticky and Sweet Live standard for instance.
  7. It’a a shame this and Playground have never once been performed live anywhere.
  8. There was also the gorgeous 7” picture disc in the UK.
  9. Really hoping it’s true that we get this as a Christmas gift.
  10. - Rebel Heart - Madame X was a mixed bag, half good half bad - Evita (never been a fan tbh, bit of a snooze fest for me)
  11. Reckon we could of had one of those songs already if they had at least released a bonus track on the Japanese AL or as a b-side.
  12. Highly doubt it. She’s into Kaballah and says she believes in god and prays her own way. And even she didn’t know she was going to make it in or last after the few years or go on to have a long career. She had to work for all that coupled with the fact she was doing things people never did before that got her to the top.
  13. Dvds are an outdated format nowadays. I’d say just chuck it on iTunes. And perhaps a Blu-Ray to please the collectors and those that want physical formats.
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