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  1. If somehow, you experts out there can erase this distortioned voice and put the original acapella ... at least this would be "listenable"... This is the "reductive" version of the Pet shop boys remix.... Any os us could do a better remix and YOU know it! I don't understand the purpose os releasing all this shitty remixes... To prove how low the quality bar can be lowered, and we still will be buying and streaming all this?? Don't start with the "new generation" and all that shit, please! The "new generation " aren't buying ticket concerts, WE are making the shows SOLD OUT.
  2. No home no! No em comparis aquesta merdota amb Borderline! No estic enfadat, estic decebut, res més.
  3. No. This looks and sounds CHEAP. I guess that's the way to connect with this dumb new generation; set the quality bar as low as possible... I hope It works and she gets what she wants.
  4. This video version is what I was making as a video, with her solo parts from the "remixes"... I think it still will be better without Sickdick, but at least the video is watchable, it contains new vocals from MADONNA (ok very few, but NEW) If we hadn't watch the previous two ones, we would have enjoyed this more, but this is definetely something I will be watching! The other two...I'll take that as a work in progress... And since this is called "FROZEN ON FIRE" I hope it gets to number one, as if it was a new single. WE CAN DO IT!! This way, yes MADONNA! ( I know she reads us sometimes)
  5. This is the best thing from her in YEARS!! LOOOOOVE
  6. I'm sad... Where's her manager? She really hasn't anyone who cares for her career around anymore... That was really hard to see. And Maluma is an asshole...omfg
  7. I don't know how to feel... I better wait if this is true ... I remember signing a petition against his misogynistic lyrics and behaviour before he worked with Madonna, and then one of my nightmares started to become true... It's seems it hasn't ended yet...
  8. She looks stunning!! However she is even less heard than in the other """remix""" This is not FROZEN....this is some random people laying random """vocals""" on a """"remix"""" (basic trap loop) SickDICK made... Why couldn't she made that effort for a song like "I DON'T SEARCH I FIND" which was her 50th number 1 dance track?? I love her, and I want to hear HER and nobody else, or at least she must be the lead, not the backup!!
  9. I'm going to be HONEST... Ricardo Gomes....the "director" of this video and responsible for most of her instagram, should be burn inmmediately What was the fucking concept??? An ad for weed??? It looks cheap. She looks good, but the disturbing/childish effects and the "male" part makes this a joke. I've seen this video two times: the first and the last 'll stream the original as hard as always. Do you really think this will make her gain "younger" generations??? Where's her manager????????????????????????????????????????? she must stop smoking weed, wake up, and ditch that fucker who's ruining her, aka her "boyfriend" I'm SAD
  10. noooo! I was talking about PATRICK LEONARD! OF COURSE!!!
  11. Frozen, Sky fits heaven, To have an not to hold, Nothing really matters... released in 1998. And the only reason why FROZEN is being rediscovered is because is a GOOD song, it was, and will always be. GOOD songs lasts. I talked to him via instagram, and he was kind enough to answer me, before the pandemic. He's so down to earth and humble! and he's the most talented musician Madonna has ever worked! And IT WOULD WORK NOW! I'm sure of it I'm talking about PATRICK LEONARD, of course!!!
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