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  1. It was re-relased in 1995, for "Something to remeber" compilation; with this artwork, so they KNEW they fuck up the first time
  2. what do you find funny?

    That I'm ill? that my family is ill???

    1. ScottyX


      What in the world are you talking about?

    2. Amlo
    3. ScottyX


      You read too deep into that. Asking for the whole show was the funny part.

  3. I think she will work on the MADAMEX TOUR DVD edition... we will have to wait a long time before we get a new album... You have to take into account that she will probably want to tour with a new release, but she have to heal before... and just two days ago we got I DON'T SEARCH I FIND, and not all the remixes available, she could even release the GOD CONTROL ones... so, I hope I'm wrong, but the only "new " music we will hear from her will be vocals on her boyfriend's "music".......................
  4. I think she must be writting some deep thoughts right now... that combined with PATRICK LEONARD music... =TIMELESS GREATEST MUSIC EVER!! No new trends needed for me....well except maybe one, only GOOD music, as before.
  5. MADONNA is still number 1 in Spain, with BEDTIME STORIES Now, let's go with AMERICAN LIFE
  6. correction! NOW SHE'S NUMBER 1 IN SPAIN!!! NOW PEOPLE... Can we get VOGUE 30th aniversari to the top? And then like a prayer?? and then BEG for the blond ambition to get fucked released?
  7. the thing is that she doesn't have many subscribers...3,85M this compared to Taylor Swift or Kate Perry... I don't know how but there's an obvious relationated number, if she had 36, 9M like Kate Perry or 37,7M like Taylor, it's easy to do the math 3 vies each subrscriber 100M views, and then,,, I wish these two' fans subcribe for Madonna...
  8. Actually is number 3 in Spain, and the price is 11,99E
  9. justice is nedded for; REBEL HEART!! Especially GHOSTTOWN, and LIVING FOR LOVE (not BIM...it's the Medellin of Rebel Heart) AMERICAN LIFE EROTICA MADAME X (especially GOD CONTROL!!!) (No Medellin needed...)
  10. I hope this is just a mistake... hopefully erased before tomorrow
  11. 1 GOD CONTROL 2 I DON'T SEARCH I FIND (with a video) 3 I RISE (with a better video) 4 CRAVE 5 CRAZY 6 COME ALIVE And erase Maluma and Anitta from the album
  12. I'm deeply worried about her, and I feel very sorry for the fans... I guess I won't be seeing her in London... I think she should cancel the tour, HEAL, and then do it, properly!
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