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  1. Amlo


    I guess you are right...
  2. Ballroom bitch for VOGUE? OBVIOUSLY = Shep Pettibone!!!!!
  3. NEVER liked the grills! thankfully she didn't wear those here in Barcelona... She's wearing them in Paris... I hope they don't stay at all. The grills make her sound drunk and makes her look ugly. Seriously, with that AMAZING show and the way she looks now, why does she wear this? I guess nobody near her has THE BALLS to tell her the effect she causes wearing them.
  4. BEST COMMENT IN THE WORLD!!! I just hope, if it's done, it's all RETROSPECTIVE photos done by PROFESSIONALS , Herb ritts, etc etc
  5. Not a fan of Sickdick, but don't you remember she did SEVERAL songs with him? Maybe they weren't good enough...most likely then the song with Max Martin... Then the offer from the Weekend to make a whole new album, and maybe all of the above ended up in nothing because maybe she wants to do a FULL new album with the Weekend? Seeing the good result from Popular, even with 0 promotion, no video, etc... Anyway, my guess is that she will do a full album with the Weekend, maybe including the Max Martin song, and the sickdick material...who knows... I still pray she will work with Patrick Leonard again, I know this would be really good, timeless songs she could be remembered as they are LIVE TO TELL, LIKE A PRAYER, FROZEN... well you know all of them... NOTHING REALLY MATTERS! Also by him...
  6. The reason for not including all the singles is because she NEVER releases anything that cancels her previous work. Explanation; not all the singles from MADONNA not all the singles from LIKE A VIRGIN not all the singles from TRUE BLUE WHO'S THAT GIRL is not included que she isn't proud of the movie. not all the singles from LIKE A PRAYER definately not all the singles from I'M BREATHLESS (which I consider an studio album , having learned the lesson from WHO'S THAT GIRL) and the two new singles JUSTIFY MY LOVE and RESCUE ME, which were then required to be played on the radio (new singles) apart from re-releasing Holiday (with the holiday collection) where TRUE BLUE, WHO'S THAT GIRL and CAUSING A COMMOTION found their redemption.... also re-releasing CRAZY FOR YOU , which for europeans was new. and included KEEP IT TOGETHER as well as INTO THE GROOVE. Even years after, releasing GHV2 and later CELEBRATION neither included all the singles...
  7. I just want her to fully recover!!! HEALTH FIRST!! I still remember her pain face when I saw the MADAME X TOUR in London... When she was singing LIKE A PRAYER , while climbing the stairs,she skipped "it's like a dream" part, she couldn't sing because of the pain, I was close enough to tell. I hope her family convince her that health is always FIRST. We will wait, and suport her no matter what. Love MADONNA!!!!
  8. I hope she performs this. It is a great song. And I hope Stewart is really the musical director of the tour so ALL will sound so much better! And I mean, musical arrangements, well done transitions, all voices on point....especially MADONNA!!
  9. If somehow, you experts out there can erase this distortioned voice and put the original acapella ... at least this would be "listenable"... This is the "reductive" version of the Pet shop boys remix.... Any os us could do a better remix and YOU know it! I don't understand the purpose os releasing all this shitty remixes... To prove how low the quality bar can be lowered, and we still will be buying and streaming all this?? Don't start with the "new generation" and all that shit, please! The "new generation " aren't buying ticket concerts, WE are making the shows SOLD OUT.
  10. No home no! No em comparis aquesta merdota amb Borderline! No estic enfadat, estic decebut, res més.
  11. No. This looks and sounds CHEAP. I guess that's the way to connect with this dumb new generation; set the quality bar as low as possible... I hope It works and she gets what she wants.
  12. This video version is what I was making as a video, with her solo parts from the "remixes"... I think it still will be better without Sickdick, but at least the video is watchable, it contains new vocals from MADONNA (ok very few, but NEW) If we hadn't watch the previous two ones, we would have enjoyed this more, but this is definetely something I will be watching! The other two...I'll take that as a work in progress... And since this is called "FROZEN ON FIRE" I hope it gets to number one, as if it was a new single. WE CAN DO IT!! This way, yes MADONNA! ( I know she reads us sometimes)
  13. This is the best thing from her in YEARS!! LOOOOOVE
  14. I'm sad... Where's her manager? She really hasn't anyone who cares for her career around anymore... That was really hard to see. And Maluma is an asshole...omfg
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