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  1. OMG is that the room where it was filmed? I would have totally recreated the scene if I was there and if its wasn't closed off like it seems it is.
  2. IDK but I just found a new La Isla Bonita remix on a Jlo promo, and it seems Im going crazy because apparently I'm the only one that can hear it
  3. She's an alpha and bossy and yeah masculine personality like someone mentioned above.
  4. You can get excited and love something even when others don't. Don't take this too seriously. People are just reminiscing the Van Goghs and Picassos, because she got us used to them, and now we are getting Koons and Banksys.
  5. What a leftist commentary. Making it all about race and dressing it with a bit of ageism on the side.
  6. Great OP and great posts, wish there were more posts like this here. Thanks.
  7. If she's got butt plants she should have that looked by a doctor or a botanist ASAP.
  8. When its broadcasted professionally she looks like hell with no rehearsals, when its not broadcasted she goes out like this looking stunning and gives out a proper show
  9. Mod here says they dont want rightwing nor leftists yet they dont attack all the extreme leftist talking points spewed all over this thread. Hopefully we can have real mods that allow real discussions, that is after all the point of a discussion forum.
  10. Agreed, she need to work with real musicians, but she cares more about her "message" than the quality of her music nowadays. Ever since the "Secret Project" everything went downhill. Her message never even goes through anyone so its all just a big waste of time...
  11. So why have a forum if people that don't agree with you will get warned? Isn't this a place of discussion? You cant and wont be able to make everyone think like you. This is not a dictatorship.
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