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  1. kesiak

    The tour book looks beautiful. And it's great to read some more positive thoughts from someone who has actually attended the show.
  2. kesiak

    Interesting although Frozen and Give It 2 Me bits are wrong - those are NOT samples.
  3. kesiak

    Yes, it completely runs out of steam (and ideas) about halfway through second season, if not sooner. At least in Big Little Lies S2 we had Meryl Streep's performance to sink our teeth into .
  4. kesiak

    I honestly wish every gig had this policy. I'm so sick of watching concerts through other people's screens.
  5. kesiak

    My pre-order has been cancelled. I knew it was too good to be true!
  6. I actually get chills every time I get to the end part where she's just getting ready to go out precisely because you know what's going to happen to her. That's dark.
  7. That was my understanding on this too.
  8. She's released an epic music video about a super serious, controversial topic clearly with the intention to wake people up and spread the message she's passionate about yet some talk about FILTERS that could've made the video nicer?I Or that she looks pretty?! Or that her "acting" isn't up to scratch?! Seriously - why even bother? I cannot deal with this ignorance and blind consumerist BS anymore.
  9. Angela Davis (whose quote is at the end of the video by the way).
  10. Or it could be 7pm GMT. Or perhaps June 26th according to the Julian Calendar. Or was it Gregorian? But it also could be 7pm according to the sundial out in my garden. But that again depends on the weather - it's difficult to read when it's overcast.
  11. kesiak

    Uhm, and how is she supposed to reach new fans if the radio doesn't play her? Especially the type of radio stations who cater to you younger audiences who stream (i.e. BBC Radio 1)?
  12. She said in the iHeart radio interview that the video is going to slay so it looks like it's definitely coming.
  13. I've never seen Madonna as just singles artist - that implies to me that the artist's albums don't work as a whole and it's just the singles that are of quality. I don't think that's the case at all with Madonna, especially from Like A Prayer onwards - all of her albums post '89 work as complete bodies of work with amazing album cuts (well, apart from MDNA perhaps and Rebel Heart cause that one feels more like a Spotify playlist).