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  1. So with you on that. I love Simian Mobile disco anyway but Ford's work on Jessie Ware's album is so so good. The whole record is brilliant - much more interesting sonically and lyrically than the other recent 80s/90s influenced albums (Lipa and Gaga).
  2. Interesting points although the 87-88 theory is a bit of a stretch. Who's That Girl, the movie, was a flop indeed, but the soundtrack and her singles from it were hits and the tour was a huge success.
  3. 100%. I was always hoping she'd do a whole album with him. "Where Life Begins" has always been one of my favourites.
  4. kesiak

    First of all, this was 30 years ago, if Steinberg can get over it so can you. There are just as many stories about her being nice and genuine. Regardless of all of that, what does BLM have to do with anything? How can anyone criticise her for trying to bring awareness to this issue is beyond me. Dancing David video aside, she's actually been extremely good and thorough and going way beyond the usual celebrity posts about this matter. What have you done to try and make the world a better place lately? Some people should look at themselves first indeed.
  5. kesiak

    It's great to see you've got your priorities straight...
  6. Huh? You really should start washing your fruit...
  7. You surely must realise how ridiculous this argument is?
  8. You mean before she released Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue... Literally nobody thinks Madonna peaked in 1987 .
  9. I think Madonna terminated her contact with Camille Barbone in 1982 so my guess it would be Barbone who was suing her around that time (the case would eventually get resolved in 1992).
  10. kesiak

    I think systemic racial injustice and deaths at the hands of law enforcement are more disgusting but hey, as long as you're happy . “For years now I have heard the word "Wait!" It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This "Wait" has almost always meant "Never." We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that "justice too long delayed is justice denied.” Martin Luther King Jr.
  11. Unfortunately, racism is alive and well across the UK and it also exists on an institutional level (recent example: Racially motivated attacks have also risen since Brexit ( It doesn't help that Boris Johnson, who's basically Trump with a thesaurus, has a long history of using racist language, calling Muslim women "letterboxes" etc (
  12. Oh please, London gave up any pretence of social distancing weeks ago. As did the UK government actually with people in positions of power who don't adhere to the very rules they imposed. If Cummings can go for a drive to "check if his eyesight is fine", M can go and do some protesting .
  13. Well they tried taking the knee and people had issue with that too. No wonder there are riots.
  14. kesiak

    Same. It's campy, fun, cheeky, flows brilliantly and her voice is awesome and really varied throughout.
  15. That's sort of the point - because people in his inner circle (among others) would look down on Madonna he felt he needed to assert his independence and act as if he was "above all this start bullshit", as Marty would say . She definitely played the obedient wife game and got out of her way to let him shine and I don't think that role was created in vacuum. She clearly grew to resent it too ("I Don't Give A" anyone?). I never questioned his talent - I think he is a great director, quite ground breaking and I loved his early films especially. As for the settlement, form what I understand - Ritchie came from a privileged background with a family linked to English aristocracy, he attended private boarding schools, etc. Not like he needed the money then, certainly not £70 million. Madonna worked for everything she got in her life and worked hard at it and that must've been a bitter pill to swallow. For someone who did his best to portray himself as this bad ass, independent macho man who didn't care about Madonna as the pop star, Ritchie sure didn't have a problem cashing in on the fruits of her pop career in the end. In my eyes, that makes him a hypocrite. And a whiny little bitch. But that's just me.