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  1. I tend to listen to vinyl and streaming. Digital is great for playlists and stuff you simply can't get in physical format or when you're on the go (obviously) but vinyl is a different experience altogether. Some M albums just shine on vinyl (Erotica, Ray of Light) while with some others I don't see much difference. I also love the ritual of playing a record, handling the physical object, sleeve, etc. My Like A Prayer copy still smells of patchouli for example and it's a lovely thing taking it out and dropping the needle. Set up does matter but you can easily get a decent turntable without breaking bank these days. I alternate between listening on headphones or through speakers. I would just buy your favourite M album on vinyl (find a decent pressing ideally) and see how you feel and whether you enjoy going back to it, or are happy with the streaming version. Be warned though, collecting records can be addictive and can turn out to be a never-ending hunt.
  2. I'm sorry, but to the people who thought we were getting 50 new remixes - what have you been smoking? Anyway, love this release, the black and white cover is the one for me but I don't mind the box design at all. Can't wait to spin it.
  3. Got a copy today (£22) and I'm actually really impressed by how good the pressing sounds.
  4. And let's not forget about this beautiful session:
  5. Hmm... Erotica is definitely a top's song though - "I'll hit you like a truck"? :-)
  6. This forum makes me wanna drink sometimes. Heavily.
  7. I know he is. I just don't care much about him .
  8. Why does anyone care what Andy Cohen thinks about anything is beyond me .
  9. Putting aside the fact that SEX is a work of fiction, what exactly is your point here?
  10. Are we seriously still telling women to lose weight? In 2022?!
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