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  1. Probably Ray of Light. Not because it's her best, but because it's the one Madonna album straight white men are allowed to like unashamedly.
  2. Nothing factual about that. Padam is great but don't get me started on Disco. That album is an insult to disco fans.
  3. I don't like it (love Madame X as a whole though). I think the verses are great and I like the production on it but the choruses are a wasted opportunity and drag on forever.
  4. This isn't an unpopular opinion. It's a non-existent one.
  5. Literally every version of Borderline is better than the album one for me.
  6. People not only want but clearly buy them, how's that pointless? Especially for something like Hard Candy LP which is hard to get these days.
  7. You're right, an opinion of a newbie with 20 posts to their name holds more gravitas than a Billboard article...
  8. "Everybody" didn't chart literally anywhere apart from the dance charts in US. I love the song and it has certainly grown in status over the years (as well as the rest of M's debut album, deservedly) but in late 80s/90s that whole early Madonna stuff was considered aerobics music (by M's own admission).
  9. I genuinely don't think Everybody was on ANYONE's radar in 1990, for real.
  10. No matter how many times you use "objectively", your point of view still remains very much subjective.
  11. Rebel Heart is the only album in M's career that doesn't feel like an album to me, it's just a VERY long random playlist. There's some truly fantastic song writing there which is sadly let down by hodgepodge production. But each to their own .
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