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  1. She quoted from "Rescue Me" without missing a beat in that interview, she remembers them alright .
  2. It's this Billboard interview (last minute):
  3. Really excited, especially having seen the new trailer. I feel genuinely privileged I was able to see that show in person.
  4. "Looks like" being the operative words here. There are plenty of behind the scenes videos from LaChapelle's shoots, where you can see sets being build, props, etc. Tim Walker is the same. Having said that, I never liked this MJ shoot of his, yuk.
  5. LaChaplle a digital composite artist? You realise that all the stuff you see in most of his photos are actual set pieces, often custom made and built specifically for that one shoot, not stuff that was photoshopped in after?
  6. There really is no need for this kind of language.
  7. To say that it "destroyed the art of photography" is a bit dramatic and, in my opinion, not true. There are tons of photographers out there who don't retouch their work at all, it's really down to personal preference, the type of photography you do, the intent of the photo and what client is expecting of you. I'm a full time photographer myself and I'm often asked by clients to alter images in a way that's too much for my taste, but in the end it's what the client wants so, like a good hooker, I grin, bear it and take the money . Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself, the only thing that's changed is technology. Yes, it was trickier to retouch before digital, a lot of the work was done on negatives (especially in the Old Hollywood days) but, as in modern times, there have been people who were better at it and others who went way overboard (apparently there are negatives of Mae West where she's so altered that her bracelets seem to be floating mid-air). It's also good to bear in mind that digital is far harsher on skin tones than film (and therefore might require more work in post). Some photographers want to capture bare reality without much interference in post (Nan Goldin is a great example) and there are others who are more interested in creating a new world with their work (Tim Walker, David LaChapelle, Mert & Marcus). There's no right or wrong, it's all art in the end.
  8. It was definitely a huge hit. Apart from radio play, I also remember numerous articles in European music press of the day (Bravo, Popcorn) with stills from the video about how Madonna was toning her image down because she knows she went too far with Justify My Love and Truth or Dare. Little did they know...
  9. Guess she's had that thyroid problem since the 90s...
  10. I think to me it's more about the intention behind the album. Would we get it had it not been attached to the movie? No, the sole existence of "I'm Breathless" is to accompany Dick Tracy. Therefore I've never seen it as one of Madonna's studio albums. I don't see why this distinction is that important really. Either way, it's flawless .
  11. Erotica is and has always been perfect, and yes, that means including Did You Do it? (the lyrics are hilarious and you just can't deny that groove). I see where you're coming from however. I do have a playlist where I added Goodbye To Innocence and This Used To Be My Playground, I feel these are the only officially released songs that can possibly be added to the track listing as they were recorded during the Erotica studio sessions. Rescue Me sticks out like a sore thumb here and Justify My Love has a completely different vibe. Like you say, it's sensual, there's warmth to it while the whole Erotica album has a much more detached and cool/cold vibe to me.
  12. Interesting. I don't have an issue with Madonna's vocal on Love Don't Live Here Anymore, perhaps I didn't express myself correctly. And I agree that emotion and rawness are often more important than technical perfection. It would be a very different vocal had she re-recorded it in 1995 indeed. I just don't care too much about her version of it overall. As for Don't Cry For Me Argentina, I love Sinead's take on it but I'll take Madonna's over Patti's, Elaine Page's or Judy Covington's. That's probably blasphemy for some but I find Madonna's version more emotional, perhaps due to the key being lower. Page is my favourite Evita overall though.
  13. Yup, 100% 1984 vocals on this. I love the original Rose Royce version and I don't mind the Soulpower Remix of Madonna's but what you can clearly hear in M's version is precisely the lack of vocal training at that point - she pretty much shouts throughout the end of the song. And, while enjoyable, there's literally nothing avant-garde about M's version. Also, Liz Smith (a journalist and gossip columnist who's never been M's assistant by the way) refers to "second single" and that was "One More Chance" .
  14. And no Mariah either - his remix of "Someday" was super popular and helped get the song to #1 on Billboard.
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