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  1. kesiak

    Sound on vinyl depends on a number of things - where it was pressed, by whom, what was the master source (analog/digital) so it's a perfectly reasonable question to ask .
  2. kesiak

    I don think so - it's out 🙂:
  3. kesiak

    Credits are the same for both releases as far as I can tell.
  4. kesiak

    Original Vinyl pressings of the 1983 album as well as the 1985 "The First Album" reissue have the 4:48 version while CD had the 3:48 mix. The 2012 vinyl re-issue has the 3:48 version (although it's mislabeled on the record label as 4:48).
  5. I've got the original vinyl pressing and all versions are the same as on other formats.
  6. kesiak

  7. kesiak

    My copy is perfect - not dents whatsoever.
  8. kesiak

    There was also a German pressing of it, gatefold and all: 🙂
  9. kesiak

    There was a clear edition of if for European market as well and both are really easy and relatively inexpensive to get (check Discogs).
  10. kesiak

    Which part of "for those who have seen the show" did you not understand?
  11. kesiak

    It's not applause for abortion but for woman's right to choose.
  12. kesiak

    The tour book looks beautiful. And it's great to read some more positive thoughts from someone who has actually attended the show.
  13. kesiak

    Interesting although Frozen and Give It 2 Me bits are wrong - those are NOT samples.
  14. kesiak

    Yes, it completely runs out of steam (and ideas) about halfway through second season, if not sooner. At least in Big Little Lies S2 we had Meryl Streep's performance to sink our teeth into .
  15. kesiak

    I honestly wish every gig had this policy. I'm so sick of watching concerts through other people's screens.