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  1. If you can't see how truly shallow and inappropriate it is to spend this amount of time on a woman's behind then I can't help you, you do you, but don't run around crying when you get called out on it babes.
  2. Don't Cry For Me Argentina is about her becoming a freedom fighter - thus the images projected on screens, the rainbow flag being put on her, the lyrics ("so I chose freedom"), the "not fear" messaging. Rain to me is the post-rave comedown, the song has always had a slightly new agey feel to it, it's a chill out track after the partying. And Crazy For You is definitely about her embracing her past self from that period.
  3. Saw the show twice in London (Tue & Wed) and I'm still processing it. It's fun, beautiful, poignant and unlike anything else. I'm still haunted by the transition from Holiday to Live To Tell and will be for some time to come. She's giving fans so many little Easter eggs - she's clearly been listening and doing this show with us in mind. I don't know how anyone can be anything but in awe after experiencing this. Everyone in the crowd leaving on both nights had only good things to say too, people were smiling and singing on the underground. I'm quite speechless we got a tour like this from her to be honest. A living legend. A fucking icon. Amen.
  4. It's actually a truly beautiful and touching moment in the show and fits well in telling her life story.
  5. I also got the impression there's a sample of this interpolated in Mother & Father?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtOL_2e0004
  6. Also, let's not forget, even Blond Ambition, that Northern Star of Madonna's touring, had a whole section of songs that were neither hits nor singles (Hanky Panky was released 2 months after the tour started).
  7. Ah, I love that book and read it like 3 times but completely forgot about that bit! Thank you. Still find that story odd .
  8. Or perhaps cause Dear Father isn't that strong of a track? What's the source of this stolen bass line theory anyway? It makes little sense really. Bass lines are replaceable - I doubt M would ditch a song she thought was good enough because of something as insignificant as that.
  9. EVITA was the only reason she didn't tour Bedtime Stories - she mentioned in interviews that she was dying to tour that album.
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