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  1. Thecutefox

    Made me so happy when I watched the first time. So great positive energy. The video have beautiful photography, nothing cliche or pretension. They look happy, Madonna looks happy. Maybe the fact that I lived there, I know the history and the ladies could influence too. I'm just happy and glad Madonna release this video.
  2. Thecutefox

    This documentary is so well done. I love every minute.
  3. I'm shock but the same time can't stop laugh with things I read it here.
  4. What the hell that cam angle from down? No one look nice in that angle, only in porn movie The tapy Madame X scene is the best, beautiful, I love every second. The disco Madame X look tired. And where is the bloody? Is just me that think the behind the scene look better then the video?
  5. Thecutefox

    about all these "reaction" videos
  6. Thecutefox

    For sure will be the same circle of people will get the tickets as aways
  7. Thecutefox

    Really? so will be film 13/6?
  8. Thecutefox

    Thank you for share the link. They have nice stuff but the delivery price is super expensive. I bought it on Amazon and better price.
  9. Thecutefox

    OMG I need more tickets now!
  10. Thecutefox

    Well done lucky guys! And special for @Fighter! Great present to everyone
  11. Thecutefox

    I can't wait I hope I am a Lucky star
  12. Thecutefox

  13. Thecutefox

    I don't have reputation to participate