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  1. Let us talk the reality. People were robbed inside the venue at Sticky & Sweet and MDNA Tour in Rio de Janeiro. Imagine at FREE open place. Brazil 2023 - 40.000 violent murders. The "regular" murders are not included in this total. Rio de Janeiro it is the on the top the list with almost 4.000 violent murders 2023 and continues to increase. That is 10 murders a day. This Madonna Concert in Brazil it is so much wrong in so many levels that it is a shame see Madonna involve in this. The Itaú bank is so corrupt, openly, and directly involve with the organised crime (disguised as political party) that in Brazil called government, co-work with FARC. I cold going on and on. She is being paid with dirty and bloody money. She does not need this, and this is a big shame.
  2. That's a amazing interview. Make me happy see that she have good people (and talent)
  3. Well she definitely don't look like that. I understand why she make the video, but to me see Madonna doing "wannabe forget forgot woman look I'm pretty" get my nerves
  4. I don't remember see this at the time DJ Windows 98 (Arcade Fire's Win Butler) Brings Out Diplo and Madonna for Montreal DJ Set https://pitchfork.com/news/61155-dj-windows-98-arcade-fires-win-butler-brings-out-diplo-and-madonna-for-montreal-dj-set/
  5. Well today was great to have my first row ticket just give to some VIP bullshit celebrate and want give us a sit below value. That was sick and we didn't accepted. If was offer at least the PIT because they was put in OFFER because wasn't sell. I live in London but imagine you travel and face this? Look like have people with ticket that the sit number don't exist
  6. I don't have words to describe The open show, I just can't believe Nothing Really Matters, this music represent the way I see life and there was my Queen single and performance in way that I could never imagine. From Bob, that I'm not big fan, he was fantastic to the last music I was in state of joy and very emotion. She is the best and God bless her. Tomorrow have more
  7. The best version of Burning Up to me. Difficult describe but I can feel so much energy coming from her.
  8. Is she talking about herself?
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