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  1. even if she did have a mice issue is it really the end of the world? i mean come on lmfao.
  2. i would say she was more so slurring with the grillz than mumbling lol
  3. literally my thoughts like that is so 80's madonna.. her voice does NOT sound like that anymore
  4. yall so dumb obviously shes gonna drop the "hey you" sickick remix
  5. Fan since: Rebel Heart Favorite Album: Rebel Heart Favorite Single: Erotica Favorite Video: Bedtime Story Favorite Tour: Whos That Girl Tour Favorite Movie: Desperately Seeking Susan
  6. you sure? i think doing a vol 2 for it would give her a chance to release what she actually wanted for rebel heart, but couldnt do because of the leaks.
  7. Probably American Life. Some songs are good, but I couldn't care for the direction that was taken for that album.
  8. Honestly, I think the celebration tour setlist is crazy in the sense that it's everywhere, but I think it's nice shes recognized songs that she hasn't paid attention to in years.
  9. I think he bashes madonna as a way to stay relevant.
  10. mfw i saw the price for the BAT bomber jacket
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