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  1. Kalabanshe

    The Principles of Luciferianism https://www.learnreligions.com/luciferian-principles-95784
  2. I know right ! It really was her eyes that got me hooked ❤️
  3. https://www.boredpanda.com/madonna-before-fame-photography-richard-corman/
  4. Never let you go , beautiful scars ,Queen
  5. Kalabanshe

    Madonna does not NEED TO DO ANYTHING . To claim that she does sounds pretentious to me ! An artist is not here to please you , as quoted by James Baldwin ‘ artists are here to disturb the peace. and it seems her intent has been working it’s magic 🌟
  6. Kalabanshe

    I love this version , allot ! Never heard of this demo .. thanx for shareing
  7. Kalabanshe

    I was rewatching this video the other day and had a thought ( not sure how posable it it Is, but I can dream since I can not attend the Madame X tour ) Wouldn’t it be great I’d she filmed the tour in this VR 360 degree manner ! That way we could see this show from all angles ,be able to see up close or from the balcony ... with each viewing you could be in a different seat ! This would be groundbreaking ... thoughts ? ( if your on a phone or tablet and you move the device around , you see different perspectives and move throughout the landscape in the video , not sure how/if this works on a desktop )
  8. https://www.redtube.com/647873
  9. Kalabanshe

    Frankie Grande
  10. Kalabanshe

  11. Kalabanshe

    Finally ! Enough Love .❤️
  12. Kalabanshe

    I , as an hiv positive transmutation of gender , born in 1971 , thank you M&M for that powerful piece of art , it’s magnitude moves me immensely ... Madonna always pulling me through , since I was a virgin ! Bless you Goddess!
  13. Kalabanshe

    love this ...
  14. In my humble opinion , It comes down to wisdom , which is really what I feel allot of us want from Madonna , her wisdom .. and she has plenty ! As i see it , when one is in youth ... you haven’t the wisdom .. so the drag , the effects , the vocal manipulations ... the spectacle ... give the spirit of wisdom a chance to shine through and be found .... when one has the wisdom , all of those things distract from the wisdom , and somehow it dilute’s it’s power ... I believe Pop music hasn’t figured this part of the equation.... and Madonna , being the Queen if Pop ... is boldly experimenting and on the path to figuring out how to do/be that and make the foundation for the future of pop .... just some thoughts to share , She s not over people ... will never be over ... She holds too much wisdom to ever be over ... It’s all just learning how to translate to the people’s . Anyway , I hope the day holds some enjoyment to be found . And the tiny bit of wisdom I may have Madonna fans , step away from this horrible news cycle today , at least for bit ... put on at least 3 of your favourite M songs ... and dance for life ! Positive Vibes ! Or even take a walk and feel the the ground beneath your feet .. how the sky fits heaven , and how Nothing really matters ... love is all we need . Positive Vibes