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  1. Nothing Fais is such a good song, the choir is epic, the lyrics are pretty good. Just a perfect song that was forgotten unfortunatelly. It deserves the 1st place.
  2. Secret Nothing Last Forever or Two Steps Behind Me
  3. Did I miss any? 2 feats. and where 's the other? I need to get it lol
  4. Wow, loved this art. This song is magic. So good memories
  5. What's the problem with the poor Causing A Commotion? it was #1 ... a forgotten gem
  6. I'm sad but happy at the same time. Sad cause yeah, it wasn't good. Happy she's still working, alive and trying to keep the legacy. But she's different these last years, was her ex boyfriend the cause of it? Or friendship...manager...society...? Please Madonna, produce an acoustic show being Madonna. Brits Awards and the fall was a masterpiece cause she stood up and gave us a message that everyone that falls can stand up but what was her message few hours ago? I'm not a hater, I'm worried about her.
  7. Hey mr. dj, where's Madonna? She is driving me crazy
  8. I dont know his songs so this shows sounds a huge medley to me 🤪
  9. Morning , it's 01:30 in brazil, where's Madonna? I need to sleep lol
  10. So glad we have this place, thanks and Peace.
  11. Does anybody know who sings this "Madonna's demo", fake obviously but it´s cool. Who sings it?


    1. Drum Dub

      Drum Dub

      It sounds like Regina Richards

    2. diesel6888


      Yes it's Regina Richards. Stephen Bray worked with her on her 1986 Album, Regina: Curiosity. I remember at the time a lot of people were shocked at how similar her recording voice was to Madonna's True Blue sound. Steve produced and co-wrote Baby Love (rejected by Madonna at the time) & Love time for this album. It may well be that "Dance" this is one of his songs with her that didn't make the cut.

  12. Does anybody remember or have a video that leaked years ago: Madonna singing to a friend's bday? Thanks 

    1. danMfan
    2. Inco


      Thanks a lot 

    3. MartineX


      i think it was for her Kabalah friend

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