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  1. We know she probably slept with that 16 y/o when she was older than that and we don’t care. Can this topic be closed for good? It’s a troll/woke magnet. We don’t care about anybody’s moral compass. If it was consensual and they both enjoyed it, then GOOD FOR HER. Not that long ago I was 16 and I dated guys way older than 20 and I’m perfectly fine. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but I’m saying it happens. Sometimes it seems that times have changed for the worse with the wokes acting like the morality police. Whatever Madonna does in her personal life is her business not ours. An opinion will never be a fact. Just live and let live.
  2. Ok so if the rumors are true I’m guessing: Northamerica (July - August) South America (October) Europe (November - December) All the rumored dates in Latin America (north and south) are around October/November so it would make sense before Europe.
  3. Hopefully it’ll include Mexico in North America
  4. If her ticket prices are abusive again she’s in for a box office bomb. She can’t possibly be more expensive than in Madame X and that was an “intimate experience”. As of this, yes the prices are ridiculous.
  5. Same. I got mine in 2016 for like $350 (it’s the japanese one though) but $1500-$3000 is abusive for a fan. But well, it’s for “charity” again.
  6. At least you get to keep them. Mine arrived damaged. They’re not offering a replacement, just refund if I return it. I also ordered a Kylie Orange Impossible Princess Vinyl there and I’m scared it will be damaged too. It’s unbelievable that they won’t bother to pack things with care.
  7. Calm down. The tours were fine. They were great shows, no one’s saying otherwise, she’s the ultimate performer, but she did struggle to sell out especially during Madame X; and her touring reputation is in really bad shape since The MDNA Tour due to her excessive lateness (which for us, the fans, is ok and even enjoyable but not for the general public) and the cancellations on the Madame X Tour didn’t help at all. The lack of hits on previous tours was taken well by the general public because the albums were hugely successful but with an album like Madame X it just didn’t sit well for non Madonna die hard fans. A well handled greatest hits tour is the only plausible way for her to sell out stadium and regain her credibility as a live act (no grillz, no political stuff, no twerking, no cringy stuff). If she tours stadiums with demos and b-sides or even a new album it could potentially be a box office bomb especially with her prices which we know will be high. Also, she needs to make sure she can get through the shows with her current physical condition cause another Madame X Tour would tank her.
  8. With her current touring reputation the only show that would actually sell out stadiums is a Greatest Hits Tour. Nothing else will. A Madonna “Anti Tour” like Kylie’s would be amazing but not as a stadium tour
  9. Neither my Erotica order nor my Kylie orders have shipped yet :(. I ordered on Amazon US (orange IP vinyl and Erotica and the other IP variants on Kylie’s store)
  10. Has anyone received an estimated delivery date from Amazon US?
  11. Another thread about an upcoming tour that doesn’t exist?
  12. I ordered on Amazon US from Mexico. I didn’t get an estimated delivery date though. Did anyone get one? I also ordered Kylie’s Impossible Princess Vinyl there (with same release date) and I didn’t get a delivery date either and I’m not sure it’s normal. With Finally Enough Love it all went well and I eventually got one but with past releases I’ve had issues on Amazon US. I don’t trust her stores since Madame X.
  13. I just received my red vinyl from Townsend Music and the second vinyl is all stained on both sides. Anyone else had this issue?
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