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  1. I saw that. I also looked at other dates that have messages that are outdated talking about dates for 2023. I’m going to wait until I get an email from Ticketmaster before I am concerned if it is indeed true, it is what it is.
  2. I do not see Seattle canceled or postponed on the Ticketmaster website or app. I have also not received an email.
  3. I agree with the comments on the packaging, sequencing and inclusion of the GHV2 Megamix. Here’s my take on resequencing and adding a few extra songs to the collection: After trying to find the right mix, I completely understand why they left off this used to be my playground and I’ll remember. Not only because they’re ballads, but also to make something to remember more viable from a sales perspective. if they made a deluxe version with a second disc, i would have added the songs above, plus: * Goodbye To Innocence * Let Down Your Guard * Freedom * Your Honesty * I’d Rather Be Your Lover (w/Tupac) * Guilty By Association * Has To Be * Cyber-Raga Throw in a handful of promo-only remixes and/or ROL outtakes to round it out.
  4. This may have been covered in an earlier post, but I don’t feel like going through 30 pages of comments… Anyone else noticed that there are bootleg versions of back that up to the beat on streaming and iTunes? They are under different band names that have been there for at least a week if not more depending on the version that is there.
  5. I see your logic. I just want to help manage expectations :-)
  6. I’m guessing it’s only 3: * original * extended dance remix * instrumental remix
  7. I wouldn’t expect Madonna customer service to know who gets them. They can only look up individual orders. Someone will run a report of the items ordered with a date/time stamp to make that determination. For a single item, I would expect them to create a separate item that would stste it’s with a promo CD but since there are multiple versions, it wouldn’t be viable to do it this way. i know it’s frustrating. I am setting my expectations to zero and if I get one, great. If not, oh well. :-)
  8. Today I contacted: 1. Sire Records Instagram 2. Spotify customer support 3. Apple customer support I addressed both the 2001 edition and the anniversary edition issues for “Where’s The Party” and “Love Makes…” I would encourage those who bought or use other platforms like Tidal or Qobuz to send them messages addressing these errors. It’s the only way they will fix them.
  9. Would love to get “Each Time You Break My Heart” charting on iTunes. Thoughts?
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