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  1. For me Mirwais is special, some call him a genius of electronic music and I somehow agree.

    I love every track he has done with M, the American Life album is a timeless masterpiece and they created one of the best, most significant and outstanding Bond Themes ever. Many of my all time favorite M songs were done with him, especially album tracks. Paradise (Not For Me) still gives me such an indescribable, chilling and cozy feeling as it has back in 2000, when I listened to it for the 1st time, I love what they have come up with on Madame X and I really hope they will work together again. I also like most of Mirwais' solo stuff and what he has done with/for other artists such as YAS.

  2. 1 hour ago, TonyMontana said:

    As much as i would love love love for her to perform her classic hits closer to their original versions, i highly doubt this will happen. I explain ; it's no secret she is bored to death when she has to perform her older songs, she never kept it secret. She adds a few in her shows to please the fans but she rework them to minimise her boredom, then she has her new tracks to perform and that's where she has gets the excitment. This time around, she has no new music and she's about to engage in a world tour with only her older hits !  Mariah Carey would have no problem doing it, bit Madonna is another story. I cannot believe she will peform night after night for months her older hits in their original form. The only way for her to accept to do it is to reinvent them, or at least most of them. I bet for her the nostalgia card is played by performing her older hits, but re-invented. 

    Exactly… sounds VERY M 😎

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