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  1. Really sad to hear. Had a few nice chats with him about his Goldfrapp and Madonna mixes. R.I.P
  2. Well if the rumours are true about her recording new music it would be so amazing to have that. Give us the Max Martin track, the much rumoured collaborations with Stuart Price, Honey Dijon and Sickick. A Collab with The Weeknd would be a good move as well. Basically a new dance/house album. The reissues would be welcome too and would be a good opportunity to rest whilst still giving fans the things they've been waiting for. Definitely get the tour onto streaming, physical CD, vinyl maybe DVD or Blu-ray. She needs to rest from performing, she's just done so many shows. I think she deserves it. but needs to stay in the public eye. Just no complete radio silence ultimately.
  3. Can any of the moderators confirm if this will be allowed please? I won't be able to watch the live broadcast :-(
  4. Will this be ripped and uploaded on the forum ? I'm not sure if this will be allowed ?
  5. This was epic! It won't surprise me if they now (finally) do a proper duet in the studio. My guess is Stuart Price would produce it as he's produced albums for both of them.
  6. Love this idea! But you know Honey Dijon and Sickick will be in the mix somewhere too.
  7. I am convinced that although the show is 'fixed' according to Stuart the encore section is the one part of the show that can be changed. And new songs could easily go there. I reckon there is a very uptempo album/EP on the way, just not sure whe she is gonna drop it.
  8. The section we were seated in had the sound/mixing desk behind the seats. I saw him there , went up and told him how much of a fan I was and had a chat. He was happy to have selfie too as I got one with him and I know other fans have.
  9. I think getting Stuart back was a great idea. It's quite clear they are working on new music and he can't say. I managed to meet him at one of the London shows this week and he was an absolute gent, genuinely lovely.
  10. Anyone know how much the red sweatshirt is?
  11. I still won't be surprised if Madonna drops a new album or EP purely because it seems like the absolute opposite of what we expect. I'd imagine it might be a collection of uptempo tracks with Honey Dijon, Sickick and Stuart Price. I'm sure Mike Dean would be in the mix too. And obviously the Max Martin track.
  12. All that matters is M's health. Get well soon.
  13. I was just thinking that Vulgar needs some remixes. Getting Honey Dijon to remix this seems like a no brainer.
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