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  1. mickeyderon

    Still looking for tickets for any London date within the £69.00 or £140.70 range please. PM me.
  2. mickeyderon

    My experience has been the same both times trying to get tickets for London. I was there on the dot at 9.00 on both occasions on the date I wanted and had no luck within my price range :-(
  3. mickeyderon

    If anyone has a spare ticket for any London date for either £69.00 or £140.70 please PM me. Congratulations to anyone who has been lucky enough to get tickets. Unfortunately I haven't been successful (in my price range) again.
  4. mickeyderon

    I didn't get any tickets unfortunately. All I got was really expensive tickets coming up. If anyone has 2 tickets for ANY London date for either £69.00 or £140.00 tickets please PM me.
  5. mickeyderon

    Just got mine. Thank you though :-) Do we click the link and enter the code at 9.00 exactly or just before ?
  6. mickeyderon

    HELP! I had an email last night to say I'm a verified fan and I would receive a code this morning. I have received a text giving me the link to buy tickets. It says your code is: AND THERE IS NOTHING THERE! Checked my email and nothing in that either. What do I do? If someone can PM me a code for London that would be great please
  7. mickeyderon

    On a slight differently but similar note, if someone has a code but doesn't want to try and get tickets, can that code be passed on to someone else you use with their own ticketmaster login ?
  8. mickeyderon

    I missed her last time which is i'm hoping to see her this time. It will actually be my first time seeing her live ! I'm hoping they aren't smaller shows building up to a world tour as the last time she did that she was only on stage for an half an hour or so I think I don't want to buy tickets twice :-(
  9. mickeyderon

    I'm desperately hoping for some form of Manchester dates. I doubt I can get to London :-(
  10. mickeyderon

    What version will be in the giveaway ?
  11. Everyone is gonna have an opinion and she isn't going to please everyone. My opinion is that I like the track, I kinda wish there was a bit less Maluma and a bit less autotune. But I like it and I think it's gonna grow on me even more ! I think the album is gonna go much deeper though.
  12. mickeyderon

    PM me with some examples of your work and how long you've been doing it. Thanks
  13. mickeyderon

    What do you mean ?
  14. mickeyderon

    Can anyone do this professionally on here ? PM me if you can.
  15. I'm expecting an uptempo track but I don't want loads of autotune unless its used well creatively. The Music and American Life albums used autotune as an effect rather than just for the sake of it. No doubt I'll end up loving it anyways.