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  1. I believe there was confusion in the inclusion of where the song should be. I'm sure she would have included where it needed it be if she knew it would win her an award.
  2. I'm not sure I buy that she "would not care" when it comes to an Oscar. I think she would love to win such. But I agree "achievement awards" isn't her thing!
  3. At this point, I feel an Oscar win is hardly possible, but as others said, she could get one for a written song if not producing, writing or directing. I think if she had any chance it would be song related. But I'm not holding my breath. She's had some stunning soundtrack songs that got snubbed throughout the years.
  4. Yes, the tracks from all those RSD end up online whether it's official or not. Like you, I prefer to have a physical copy of all her things. Digital/streaming is convenient, but I can do both and enjoy. I just don't need to get upset if every single edit or remix (especially promos) aren't uploaded to her digital and streaming platforms.
  5. They've yet to include Express Yourself as well which that was randomly upgraded without any mention at all.
  6. And this I get... just as we all want her to score another huge hit with a new song. We want it all. But it's just not realistic. I don't know any other artist who has provided all their mixes, edits, promotional mixes/edits, etc. to the public in the way some fans are expecting here of Madonna. I can't speak for most fans, but a lot of these mixes and edits don't sound much different to what is already provided. I know we have serious audiophiles who can pin point every little difference, addition, etc, but I'm just happy to have the original version and the mixes they provide. It's just weird how dramatic and upset some get over this when I feel we are pretty damn lucky to have her still releasing new music and doing her best getting her whole catalog out to the public. Some say it's not the "end of the world", yet they rant on and on about it consistently with every time something is released. It's like they are never happy!
  7. You're twisting what I said. I simply stated that there is no reason to feel we are owed all these different versions of her songs on the streaming platforms, especially the ones that didn't exist commercially in the first place. And it's just weird to see people like you have meltdowns or become dramatic over it, acting as if you are owed her complete unreleased and/or promotional catalog. Or even more, think some major 'f-up' is being made.
  8. I understand that, but some get too serious about it. Most of these edits are slight and I'm a hardcore fan and I don't care if all of them make it to streaming. As @wtg1987stated, I have every one of these mixes digitally. Most every one of these files have been ripped,existed for years and have been shared extensively. I don't believe for a second a casual fan or the general public cares to hear "Fever (edit two)" or some other edit. I do think a lot of fans unreasonably expect way too much here. This will never end if we keep complaining that every single promo or mix we know exists must be made available for us.
  9. My bottom erm... wallet hurts just thinking about it!
  10. Most hardcore fans would still have those mixes unofficially. No different to leaks and other promotional mixes that have made it online. In fact, I'm sure most of anything can be found at this forum alone in the download forums of this community.
  11. But of course, it's all subjective. I personally have no issue with 4 Minutes. It's a kick ass anthem. And it's up there with her classics. I don't expect everyone to agree, but it's one of her biggest and universal hits ever and it's also a hugely popular streaming track in her catalog.
  12. Meltdowns already? LOL! Seriously though, they have no obligation to fulfill our wishes with promo and unreleased mixes. No one else but some hardcore fans care if they get promotional or edits of the version. And you'd think most of those fans would have at least a digital library of their own with those mixes. I'm just grateful that they are releasing her mixes to the streaming world.
  13. Exactly. Among the top 50... 80's female acts she has the most songs. So yeah, some of the artists have songs that have more streams than her, but they only have a song or two among that list.
  14. I'd love it if it were true. I honestly don't believe she's been in the studio recording a lot of "new" music. I think a lot of what we've seen in the past are the updated mixes. Though, we do know Sickick claimed they worked on new and original music. But that was very short lived. But it's possible she's recorded a couple new songs to do what you hoped. Other than that, maybe an EP, so she may have a couple new songs to perform as well. With the tour going on, and people hear the new song, they may be more prone to search it out, stream it, buy it or what not. Who is "we"? Speak for yourself. Will she do a 3+ Hour concert. Not a chance, but don't assume just because you and few here don't care for something it applies to "we" the whole base. Remember, the fan base is quite diverse. But I do agree that with her doing back to back shows, it's probably not best for her to have shows that long. Her voice wouldn't by up for it. Taylor is doing a couple shows a week with time in between those shows.
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